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A soon to be student of English & Creative Writing with a strong passion for video games. Is also a closet Otaku.

Retailer Sales Drop in the UK.

British retailer’s sales have hit hard times due to a large sales drop in March because of late timing of Easter according to British Retail Consortium. According to reports from Reuters 1.7 percent has dropped from like-for-like sales in March for terms of value with a 0.7 rise in January.

Hearthstone to Arrive on iPad Soon.

Everyone has been happily eating away from Hearthstones hands since its debut and following the news of its arrival onto iPad most of us can’t wait to take it to the streets and get good or die. Unfortunately for North Americans and Tea Dunkers like ourselves we won’t be getting our hands on it just yet. The only regions and countries getting their Hearthstone goodness are Australia, Canada and New Zealand with other regions soon to be announced.

Gary Busey, the face of Amazon FireTV

The latest streaming box, The Amazon FireTV, has been given a unique celebrity face to help draw in the customers and it is none other than Gary Busey. The Roku and Apple TV competitor had announced earlier that this advertisement would be a hit for them to win the streaming box wars that's currently raging. It is questionable as to why, Gary Busey, of all people to be the face for Amazon Fire TV.
princess peach cosplay feature

Princess Peach is Geared Up and Ready to Kick Ass.

Cosplaying is one of the many hobbies that allow people to delve into the imagination and produce something incredibly from their mind to a reality.

Hello Kitty & Playboy Become Mascot for new Leica Camera.

Leica have thrown out a new limited camera to the public that will likely cause some controversial thoughts on it. The Leica C, which is more or less a rebranded LF1, is emblazoned with a combination of two famous and widely renowned brands: Hello Kitty and Playboy. The image is Hello Kitty wearing a pair of playboy ears winking to her audience while holding a camera.

Grinding in World of Warcraft is a Thing of the Past,...

The father of World of Warcraft, Blizzard, has now given its players of Wow an optional choice to buy their way to lv 90. Blizzard made this move for players who don’t wish to waste their game time slaying monsters and levelling up or “Grinding” as it is referred to. This move was made to make it more convenient for players by paying a total of $60 (£35 for us tea sippers) to advance to the new level cap in seconds.

It Isn’t All Doom and Gloom in this New Trailer for...

Namco Bandai have released a new trailer for awaited Dark Souls II, giving some hope to players reassuring them that “this isn’t about death”. Not only that, they've also revealed the Black Armour edition, details of which are below!

Fifty Games are Given the ‘Greenlight’ on Steam.

Steam Greenlight is Steam's way of giving smaller games a chance to appear on Steam by way of a user vote. Fans of titles and even gaming enthusiasts take their turn giving the thumbs up to games which, if enough noise had been made, will end up on the Steam Greenlight shelves, metaphorically speaking, for eveyone to enjoy via Steam. Each month Steam release a handful of games into the wild and this month is a fairly hefty list.

Forced Review.

There are many RPGs that take the top down route for gaming, namely the Diablo series, there are also others that like to integrate puzzles into it's cocktail of meaningless violence to keep it fresh, that way it doesn't go stale and get repetitive. Which brings me to the game called Forced; I never really gave the name much thought as it could have been named “Macho Men Beat the Snot Out of Zombies” and I still would have been intrigued by the trailer that I saw. When it came to around to me actually playing the game I honestly did not know what to expect, other than the fact this game was about violence and a glowing anomaly that follows you around everywhere, so that’s something to look forward to.

Ryse: Son of Rome, Now a Live Action Series.

I'm sure most of you remember the trailer we had for the game Ryse: Son of Rome, The third person Roman action adventure game filled with quick time events, you remember that right? Well for those that DID like it and are looking forward to it I have some good news for you. Ryse: Son of Rome is going to be made into a live action series.

APB: Reloaded is Getting a Graphical Face Lift, Could Launch on...

Now we all remember when APB was first announced; the character creation that blew our minds with creativity, the very design of online cops and robbers and then when the game was fully released it was a major disappointment to most of us. Well to me anyway. But to those that kept the faith and the company that still kept its heart beating there is some good news.

Mega Evolve Your Pokémon in the Pokemon Trading Card Game: XY...

On October 15th Pokémon X and Y were released and with it came an evolution of how the game is played. I’m talking about Mega Evolution of course one of the brand new features for Pokémon X and Y which have now made their way into the Pokémon trading card collection.

Fable Legends Will Launch as “Season One” Says Game Director.

Fable legends game director David Eckleberry has given a little information about how the game will be structured. Apparently the game is going to “evolve” over a variety of years and due to the games main focusing on multiplayer it will be treated in episodic content so that the story won’t be overlooked, like most games.

Attack on Titan Review.

It isn't very often I find enjoyment in fan made games of a certain type of game, show or comic book. They always seem to be poorly made, badly thought out and horrendously copied clones. But such is life another one is made and comes across my path; however, this one is surprisingly well thought out and well made.

Defend or Break The Undertakers Streak in WWE2K14.

I think it’s time I should be honest with you readers, I love wrestling. I’m not talking about the actual Olympic sport I mean pro wrestling and after finding out about this new piece of news about my favourite wrestler, The Undertaker, I just had to come clean about it.

In WWE 2K14 has now added a new feature for players to defend The Undertakers winning streak or make attempts to destroy it. For those that don’t know back in WrestleMania, The Undertaker managed to rack an impressive winning streak of twenty one victories, yes I am aware that the matches are all scripted with pre-determined winners but I don’t care.

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