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A soon to be student of English & Creative Writing with a strong passion for video games. Is also a closet Otaku.
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The Walking Dead Game of the Year Edition Spotted on ESRB...

Good news Walking Dead fans and I mean the game not the TV series, The Game of the Year Ddition has been given a ESRB rating, at least the rating has been spotted on the rating boards website, that means it is closer to coming out soon. Walking Dead GOTY has been rumoured to be released on Xbox, PS3 PC and Mac, unfortunately, no official date or price has been announced just yet.

4 Million Songs on Spotify Have Never Been Touched.

Spotify has now turned five years old, last week mind, but Spotify have recently released some data to celebrate this event. Despite the impressive amount there is just one thing that slightly ruins that hard work. It turns out that 20% of all the music on Spotify has never been streamed, once.

Knights of Pen and Paper Review

There are a lot of things in the world that makes you a nerd; your love of video games, the comic book collection you started at age nine and still re-read with enthusiasm, and those television series you watch over and over, by yourself or with a friend because you love it that much.

Despite these actions that will title you a “Nerd”, by society or oneself, it should be said, by my opinion alone, that there is nothing nerdier (if that can be considered a word) than rolling a natural D20 in a game of Dungeons and Dragons and getting that critical hit.

CryENGINE powered SNOW Launches on Steam’s Early Access.

Good news sports fans; open world winter sports game, SNOW, has been made available in Alpha on Steam's Early Access giving you a chance to play the game before it's official realease. Also have a little look at the trailer as it shows off the amazingly detailed quality of mt.Sialia.
the witcher

GOG.com Gives The Witcher Away For Free With Any Purchase.

Do you like The Witcher? I love The Witcher. What’s that? You don’t own The Witcher? Well don’t you worry fellow PC gamers GOG, the ever wonderful good old gaming site, is giving The Witcher away for free with every purchase, which is normally sold at $9.99 or £6.26 for us top hat wearers.

Universum: Warfront. Made by one person.

I think the most impressive piece of trivia I found about gaming was that Silent Hill 3 was made by eight people alone. I was impressed as I was in love with the game and kudos to the people for making such a great game. Nowadays we have indie games, made by a small team or one person alone, these normally range from two dimensional platformers or slightly detailed first person shooters that are quite frankly nothing to write home about. But one man has taken it upon himself to create a game all by himself. Yes, it's indie, but it goes beyond that of platformers or First person shooters.

Konami says sorry to Xbox PES Multiplayer users

For players have that have had difficulty with playing Mulitplayer on Pro Evolution Soccer you must have been pretty miffed about it. After your polite complaints Konami have looked into the problem to find out it is something much bigger than they expected, forcing them to apologies to thousands of users.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Heritage Collection will be available November...

Collection is one of the greatest things about being a gamer, but sometimes finding the entire collection for a reasonable price can be tricky,...
Xbox One cover

Xbox One Reserves Power for Better and Powerful Games.

According to Andrews Goossen, Xbox One engineer, who spoke with Eurogamer earlier this week, The Xbox One has been made to reserve at least ten percent of it's GPU power to help run multitasking programs such as the Kinect and Snap Mode options.

Kirby is back for the 3DS in an all new platformer.

We all love that pink ball of happiness and entertainment. Now were going to love him more as Kirby has been announced for the 3DS. Nintendo announced Kirby's new game, although untitled, through Nintendo Direct earlier this week.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Reveals Vehicles.

Marvel fans must be on the edge of their seat waiting for Lego Marvel Superheroes especially with that giant roster of one hundred and fifteen characters. But it doesn’t just pack your favourite characters it has some of their favourite vehicles to boot. With a little description from Arthur Parsons, the games director.

Dead Rising 3: ‘No two zombies will be the same’ says...

Remember that Zombie you smashed with a sledgehammer? His twin brother watched on as you splattered his brother’s brains out, but don’t worry he’s also a zombie so you do the same. Did I forget to mention their living undead cousin saw that? Who also happens to look like the brothers you cut down?

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is Setting Sail to PC on...

Welp, the seas of the internet are sailing with the assassins once again and come bringing good news to all us PC gamers. That’s right, after months of no words from Ubisoft they have finally brought Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag to PC, ready to be shipped with its next gen brethren on November 19th.

Nintendo Direct will be Airing Later Today.

Today, October 1st for those without a calendar, Nintendo will be holding another global Nintendo Direct which will be, and we quote; “Focused on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games launching this year”

Monster Hunter 4 is number one sold game in Japan, with...

Saying that Monster hunter is a bit popular in Japan is a bit of an understatement. With Capcom also announcing that over 2 million copies of Monster Hunter 4 have been sold overseas...

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