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A soon to be student of English & Creative Writing with a strong passion for video games. Is also a closet Otaku.

Criterion reduced to sixteen staff members, Ghost Games born from the...

The creators of the Burnout series, Criteron games, staff team has now been watered down to only sixteen employees, those who are not part of Criteron games have now formed a new studio that is now known as Ghost Games U.K. Today, through Tweets, Alexander Ward has explained the situation to fans...

Pokémon Teases a “Surprise” for Tomorrow.

Yesterday the Pokemon twitter account baited all its followers with a special announcement for September 16, tomorrow, which they have stated is going to be a surprise.

The Chaos Engine Review

Have you ever sat down with a nice cup of tea in your hand, popped the telly on and watched one of your favourite shows only to spot an actor on screen for three minutes before that nagging question “Where have I seen him before” starts forming in your mind. Now replace “Telly” with “PC” and “Actor” with “Chaos Engine” where you will understand the first impact it had on me. Unfortunately, that was the only comical and slightly enjoyable aspect I received from this game.
ku-xlarge (3)

Child of Light, Ubisoft’s new JRPG?

Ubisoft, the publishers behind the likes of Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag have surprised the gaming world by announcing their new title Child of Light, their very first JRPG.

Monster Hunter 4: Electrified weapons and Cameo costumes.

With Monster Hunter 4 coming right around the corner for Japan on September 14, a lot of sneak peeks have been shown of gameplay but the most special announcements have been the themed costumes and special weapons, here is what has been announced so far.

Dead Rising 3 to feature more endings and Overtime mode

During an interview with OXM Dead Rising 3 producer, Mike Jones, has been announced to have multiple endings just like the previous titles, this is what he had to say, "I think typically we've always had about somewhere between six and ten, something like that. There's a handful of branching points that make a significant difference, and whether you're able to play beyond the normal timeline or not.".

Evoland Review

We’ve come a long way in gaming. When the first video game consoles to hit our television screens and gave us the like of Pong we were glued to the screen for hours watching two bars smack a little dot for points. As time progressed so did our technology and we were presented with newer and more powerful consoles, ever expanding the human imagination that we put into video games. From 8-bit pixels to rendered polygons you’d think it was a student’s amateur film, it truly is fascinating how the graphical and fun side to games have evolved. Evoland is one such game that presents the very growth of it and it does it very well.

#ThrowbackThursday: Resident Evil

Before Capcom decided to do what every company does and go about the actions of “Change” I would like to point out to the new generation of Gamers that Resident Evil was never an over the shoulder 3rd person action shooter. It began as a survival horror filled with puzzles, eerie atmosphere and a hell of a lot of zombies. As well as a lot of locked camera angles to make the game far more intense.

Divinity: Dragon Commander Review

For those of you that are Fans of the RTS genre I’m sure you get the greatest of pleasures creating a bunch of troops/cannon fodder, building your base, and raining great destruction on your foes as you conquer them. That’s war in one perspective. Other perspectives would show you from the meat shields point of view, the leader of a squadron sending his men into war and, of course, the ever overlooked diplomatic and political side. But what if you had you had them all together, in one game? Well, add all that to the cauldron throw in some fantasy and steampunk into it and I'll present to you, Divinity: Dragon Commander.

#ThrowbackThursday: The Firemen.

Now there have been a lot of genres throughout the gaming industry, knights saving princesses, aliens invade earth, and the old classic "you are the only one that can stop that evil guy", to name but a few. Now when it’s comes to terms of originality for games, The Firemen, just might have been given a ribbon and a pat on the back. The Firemen? With a name like that surely you play as a couple of guys with the power of flames, right? Well reader, you’re wrong. You just play as a fire fighter, fighting fires.

#Throwback Thursday – Zombies ate my Neighbors.

After seeing so many titles for zombie games it made me think about all the old titles prior to this generation of the Zombie genre in video games. It has made me think about the change between the staggering, limping zombies to the sprinting, punching infected as were calling them now, you know, because they have feelings too. So I thought I’d go back into the past and play “Zombies ate my neighbors".

BioShock Infininite Burial at Sea DLC revealed.

For those of you that were holding your breath or waiting impatiently for Bioshock Infinite DLC can now take a breath with a sigh of relief as 2K Irrational games have not only revealed and released DLC yesterday but announced details of DLC that's currently in development.
Saints Row IV

Australia refuses to classify Saints Row IV again.

Fans of Saints Row V in Australia again be receiving some bad news. The Classification Review board have made a unanimous decision and have once again “Refused Classification” for Saints Row IV.

Capcom announced Street Fighter IV is going “Ultra”

It’s been three years since the release of Super Street fighter 4 and Capcom have once again reared its many hydra head to whisper its name into our ears once more, but this time they say “Ultra”.

Naruto Shippuden, getting a makeover for PC

Naruto fans tie your headbands together and prepare to become a ninja because Namco Bandai has just announced that Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst will be released on PC. This enhanced edition will also be available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and those that already own the game will be able to download all this as DLC content, so there is no need to worry.

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