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A 21 year old gamer that loves to write and hang out with friends. Currently studying to become a Game Developer and leave his mark on the industry.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be a Subscription Based MMO

For most, a dark day has come over the heads of heroes. Something that they hold near and dear to their hearts is now going to tax them for their adventures in the land that they have defended many times over the years. For others, it is a good way to keep those that would ruin their adventures out, and keep the guilds tight-knit with those devoted to the Aedra or the Daedra, respectfully. For this human spirit in an Argonian hero of old, I have no qualms with either.

Dark Souls 2 Teaser Trailer: Forging a Hero

I was a bit late on this band wagon, only playing the first bit of the original Dark Souls just last month when a friend brought it over when I was watching a family friend's dog for a few days, but that game made me sit on the edge of my seat for the meagre three hours I played it. It was unforgiving in some respects, making you loose all the well gained experience if you died, forcing you to hunt down your old body to regain that lost experience. I made a few wrong turns, which resulted in many a death. Even one that I had no idea was even going to happen. Well, let's just say that the new trailer from Namco Bandai and From Software has me a little intrigued in the sequel to this game.
GRiD 2

GRID 2 Will Recieve Mod Support on PC

For those of you that enjoy the racing game known as GRID 2, and have the PC version of the game, then modders have been given access to the game as of the next Community Patch!

Candadians Rejoice! Kickstarter is Coming North!

Finally, our maple syrup chugging brethren! We have a way to fund our plans for global domination!
HTC One Blue

The HTC One Has Become Blue

When it comes to phones, I am not excited about them all that much, as I only see them as a communication device. Phones were designed for people to communicate with each other over large distances, linking us with one another before the times of the internet...

Microsoft Offers Beta Sign-Ups!

As of July 5th, Major Nelson has let the Xbox 360 community know, via his blog, that Microsoft is letting Xbox Live members sign up for the 2013 update beta. The post was put up at 2:00 AM PDT and says that users that get into the beta will be able to try out a new commerce system that phases out Microsoft Points in favor of actual currency. The update will even improve overall performance to existing Xbox 360 features. What those features are are left out of the original post, which leaves a little mystery here.

First Impressions: Ragnarok Online 2

When it comes to a new game, whether retail or free-to-play, I always go into it with a clear mind, and looking for any fun that can be had. Ragnarok Online was one of those games, and one that I played when I was a small Canadian, it was also was my first foray into the MMO world.

It was a 2D, top-down game that incorporated a lot of mechanics that my young mind was amazed at, and the inclusion of one of my all time favourite mythologies in history (It's in the games name, if you haven't guessed). Everyone started equal in the game, as in they were the same class. At level ten, you were allowed to choose the first class you wanted, and there were plenty to choose from. Combat was easy and fluid, and there were plenty of things to keep you entertained for hours. Now, we arrive at the sequel to the game I loved so much as a child, and it has definitely delivered on the fun I used to have as a child.
X Phone Side-by-Side

Motorola Phone Sketch Bares A Striking Resemblance To The Previously Leaked...

For you mobile fans that come to n3rdabl3, you are going to love this tidbit of news that I have to bring you. According to an article at TechCrunch, it looks like Motorola Mobility left behind some documents at the FCC, which are open to view here. What is interesting is that the documents, which have the model number of XT1058, contain the provided picture in this article, which looks a lot like the leaked images of Motorola's X Phone that were leaked back in March.

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