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Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer Review

One Christmas, I was pratting about on World of Warcraft wondering what I was doing with my life. I knew there was no future...

“F*ck You Keyboard!” and Other Things Angry Brits Say as they...

We've all been there. The Mage not pulling their weight. The Medic unfit for purpose. The Marine that loses the flag. We've all been...

Alien: Covenant Review

It's hard to ignore the task Alien: Covenant has on it's hands. After 2012's much anticipated yet utterly atrocious Prometheus, the prospect of another...

Save Every Breath – Dunkirk Goes VR

Three "pulse-pounding, 360 degree short film" experiences have been launched in anticipation of Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan's forthcoming WW2 action drama about 400,000 allied soldiers stranded on the beaches of Dunkirk with nowhere to run and the enemy closing in.

Wet Moon, Book 3: Further Realms of Fright Review

I came to Sophie Campbell's Wet Moon series retrospectively. Actually to be perfectly blunt, I discovered Wet Moon this week, about 13 years after the first...

Learning To Code: ‘Zombie Roller’ by Devslopes

A few weeks ago I began my journey into coding. I signed up to Udemy, bought a few courses (at a discount) and made a...

Evolutionary: A Chat With Writer and Filmmaker Oliver Crawford

The new indie series 'Evolutionary' hit London stores recently and represents the culmination of years of work for filmmaker Oliver Crawford. The concept, which first spawned...

Has Been Heroes Review

Frozenbyte's Has Been Heroes is a lane-switching, turn-based action platformer which sees you rotate between three ageing heroes. Too over-the-hill for the exciting, interesting,...
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The Matrix Prequel: Who is Morpheus?

2019 will herald the 20th anniversary of the release of The Matrix. 20 years (or more) can mean only one thing. Sequel. Or prequel. Or pointless comic-book adaptation.

Jay and Silent Bob to Return in ‘Bluntman v Chronic’

Move over Morpheus, the only sequel/reboot worth talking about is Bluntman v Chronic. In his most recent Smodcast, Kevin Smith sits down with Jason...

Will ‘Alien: Convenant’ Right the Wrongs of ‘Prometheus’?

2012 was supposed to be our year. The year that the Mayan prophecies would come true and Ridley Scott would return to science-fiction and the...

Hasbro and Harmonix Announce Music Mixing Card Game DropMix

The developers of Rock Band and Transformers have created The DropMix Music Gaming System, a sort of Magic the Gathering meets, well, Rock Band.

AtGames Mega Drive Classic vs. Original Mega Drive

While Nintendo have been picking their noses the fine people over at AtGames have been doing something magical.

BT Signs FIFA eSports Deal

BT Sport have just signed a contract with EA to broadcast their global gaming competitions which will see the best FIFA 17 players from all over the world compete.
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Learning to Code: Making a Start

If like me you have day dreamed about making your own game but have absolutely no idea how to make it happen, rejoice for there is a way. Getting started is actually quite simple and doesn’t have to involve thousands of pounds on accredited courses or forking out for expensive hardware and software.

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