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Toxic Avenger to be Rebooted by Legendary

Legendary Entertainment, the studio behind the latest Godzilla and King Kong films, and the upcoming Detective Pikachu is revamping a cult-classic, Troma Films’ The Toxic Avenger.

Godzilla Trailer Delivers Plenty of Monster Conflict

Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the sequel to 2014’s Godzilla, from Legendary Entertainment, released its trailer earlier this week. And by the looks of things, it seems as if this upcoming film isn’t holding back on the monster battles.

Tom Cruise is the Latest Celebrity to Take a Stand Against...

Tom Cruise took a break from regularly promoting his upcoming and current projects (Like Mission: Impossible Fallout, by starting a new crusade (Cruisade), addressing the ills of the industry.

Star Wars Episode IX Will Reportedly Include Knights of Ren

Perhaps one of the most mysterious aspects of the latest Star Wars trilogy, aside from wasting the opportunity to have Snoke as Darth Plagueis, is the mention of the Knights of Ren, the organization associated with Kylo/Ben, and introduced during a flashback sequence in The Force Awakens.

Project Fi Renamed Google Fi, set to Work with iPhones and...

Google Fi is the new name of Project Fi, making the service available on more devices. Google is busy at work taking over the world,...

Sony Patent Hints at New Game Cartridges

Sony seems to be taking a leaf out of Nintendo's book, with a new patent for a gaming cartridge surfacing. Video game and technological giant,...

Black Mirror to Release Board Game Based off of Social Media...

Black Mirror, the BBC program-turned Netflix series, is getting its own board game in the near future. Based on the social media episode of the series’ third season, “Nosedive,” the game, also called Nosedive.

Amazon and Blumhouse Team Up for Original Content

Amazon Studios, the branch of the online retailer that deals with providing digital video content for Amazon Prime users, is partnering with Blumhouse Television...

Detective Pikachu Poster Welcomes Fans to Ryme City

Ryme City, where the upcoming Detective Pikachu will take place, was the focus of a new poster for the film, following the release of the first trailer.

Marvel Brings Wolverine Back to the World of Podcasts with The...

Wolverine may have met an unfortunate fate at the end of Logan, not to mention that Hugh Jackman’s retirement from the role deepened the wound, but everyone’s favorite Canadian mutant (sorry, Deadpool) has made a new home in the medium of podcasting.

Upcoming Willy Wonka Project Confirmed as Prequel

Willy Wonka still happens to be one of 1970’s cinema’s most interesting characters, being referenced in memes, subjected to remakes, and now upcoming projects.

Netflix to Release Dog Documentary

Media giant Netflix has singlehandedly revitalized the genre of documentaries. The once glossed over genre of cinema and TV has not only found a home...

Bojack Horseman Will Return for a Sixth Season

Bojack Horseman—yes, The Horse from Horsin’ Around—will grace TV’s, computers, and smart devices again in the near future, when he returns to Netflix with a sixth season.

Nintendo Testing Out Labo Kits for Elementary Schools

Nintendo has recently unveiled a new plan to introduce their line of Labo Kits to elementary schools across the nation, in a partnership with the Institute of Play.

Patreon and Reddit Team Up to Give Creators More Exposure

Two internet giants, Reddit and Patreon, are joining forces to enable creators to garner more exposure for their content.

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