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Hi! I'm Ben, an aspiring video game journalist and general beast when it comes to video games (PC and Xbox). Video games are my life, and I'm studying Journalism at the University of Lincoln. I also do a bit of blogging and YouTube commentating on the side, hopefully developing these soon in the future. Contact me if you want to play, record some play through's or anything in general to do with games. Twitter: @oXSTAFFYXo Xbox Live Gamertag: oX STAFFY Xo Steam Profile: oXSTAFFYXo
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More Xbox One News: Kinect no longer necessary

Microsoft recently announced that the Kinect will not be necessary for the Xbox One to function. This change to the console came about after a large number of people expressed anger towards the idea that the Kinect had to be plugged in for the console to work. Is this a deliberate change or a PR mishap?

Artist’s LinkedIn profile hints at new Forza

Microsoft may be hiding more than we originally new when it came to the Forza franchise, after an artist advertised that they were working on a 'next-gen Forza project' on their LinkedIn page.

Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly- A whole new take on adventure games!

Pigasus Games have recently published a press release of their game Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly, and they boast some pretty interesting ideas when it comes to overhauling the adventure video game as we know it.

Humble Deep Silver Bundle!

The Humble Deep Silver Bundle, which was released no more than a few days ago, offers PC gamers a series of deals that they really can't miss. The Humble Bundle itself is famous for presenting gamers with a host of games at a minuscule price. This new collection is no different.

Steam Summer Sale Encore Day (Final)!

The end's here people. The spending spree is pretty much up, and now's the time where we begin to truly appreciate what we've bought over the past 10 days. On this final day, Valve have presented us with what they've dubbed 'Encore Day', where they've put all of their best deals from the entirety of the sales onto one final day. Now really is the final chance to pick up some good games for a fraction of the price. For the last time, here's my top 5 bargains

Steam Summer Sales Day 9

Day 9 of the Steam Summer Sales (19/07/13) and I'm still here! We're getting close to the end of the sales, but we'll keep on trucking forward with 5 more bargains that I feel are particularly good from the selection

Steam Summer Sale Day 8

We all know the deal by now, we've been through this 7 times now! I'll just cut to the case, here's today's top 5 bargains from the Steam Summer Sales

Steam Summer Sale Day 7

One entire week of sales to indulge in and Valve, to me, have given us the best selection so far. For the 7th time, here's my top 5 bargains from today's sale:

Steam Summer Sale Day 6

Day 6 of the Steam Summer Sales have continued to grace us with Valve's generosity in the form of cheap video games for PC gamers. Here's my top 5 bargains featured within this lovely gift (thanks Valve)

Steam Summer Sale Day 5

Day 5 of the Steam Summer Getaway introduced a new, and in my opinion, rather lacking batch of discounts for us to throw our hard earned cash at. Despite the negativity however, here's my top 5 bargains from today's sales

Steam Summer Sale Day 4

Day 4 of the sales has burnt further holes in the wallets of PC gamers as games continue to become available for minimal prices. Here's my top 5 for today:

Steam Summer Sale Day 3

Day 3 of the sales has given us PC gamers even more reason to spend our hard earn pennies on video games as a new batch of tasty treats has been handed in our direction. Here's my top 5 bargains for today:

Steam Summer Sale Day 2

Today saw the introduction of even more sales for our wallets to empty money on to, and continuing our coverage of the sales here at n3rdabl3, I'll reel off my top 5 bargains offered by Valve on the second day of the sales we know and love.

Steam Summer Sale is here!

Ladies and gentlemen, PC gamers of the world! It brings me joy to be able to tell you that the esteemed Steam Summer Sales are now on! For those of you looking to buy some new games, now is definitely the time to add them to the shopping basket, because it's likely that this is the best price that you'll ever be able to grab them for.

New Dark Souls 2 details revealed!

The highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed hack and slash phenomenon Darks Souls has had even more details announced since it's cinematic trailer and gameplay footage that was shown off on Monday at the start of E3.

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