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Spellspire (PS4) Review

Imagine if you will, that all those years you spent learning all those fancy long words would finally come in useful. Imagine that those...

Tom Brady to Grace the Cover of Madden NFL 18

EA have revealed that the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be the cover athlete for their upcoming Madden NFL 18 release. It's no surprise really...

UFC 3 Announced by EA Sports

EA have announced that the third entry in to their UFC franchise will be winging its way to consoles early 2018. UFC 3 will hopefully...

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds To get Xbox One & PS4 Release

The Battle Royale genre has had quite a sharp uptake recently; with the ArmA mod DayZ blazing the trail for this new style of...

Destiny Reveal Event Will Showcase PC Version

There's around two weeks left until Bungie's Destiny 2 reveal event in LA, and we recently found a little bit more about what to expect from the kind of strange launch-party-but-not-really.

Valhalla Hills: Definitive Edition Review

Valhalla Hills, the Settlers-esque build ‘em up from has found itself a Definitive Edition on consoles, and I got my hands on a copy...

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switches up Battle Mode

With the release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe just around the corner, it's about time we got a deeper look at the new and improved Battle Mode.

Namco Museum Gets Nostalgic on Switch this Summer

If you can't wait to play some classic games on your Switch, and are annoyed that the Virtual Console is taking so long, I have some great news! Namco have announced that they're going to be releasing a collection of their arcade classics for Nintendo's newest console.

Nintendo to Discontinue the NES Classic Edition

Recently we learned that Nintendo would stop production on the excellent, but elusive NES Classic Edition. The miniaturised console was released last year and...
Xbox One

Microsoft to Start Offering Refunds?

Microsoft are currently testing a new refund procedure for Xbox One and Windows 10 according to this Reddit user. It seems to still in...

New Overwatch Update Makes Losing (Slightly) Less Painful

I think we've all been there; losing game after game, watching your SR plummet and feeling the heat of your hopes and dreams bursting...

Mass Effect Andromeda Review

A 600 year journey to a new galaxy can leave you with such a crick in the neck. Our intrepid explorers have given up everything...

Hearthstone Pack Prices Rise, Players Aren’t Happy

Blizzard have announced that they are raising the price of packs in Hearthstone and fans are pissed. A statement was issued that read: “We regularly look...

Overwatch Season 4 Starts Today

After a short recess, we're getting competitive play back today! I hope you're well rested, have all the skins you need and are nursing that newly purchased golden gun because it's back to the grind.

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