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Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Review

Well, this sure was a strange one. Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is a royal rumble style brawler featuring some (definitely only some) of our favourite characters from the FF series. It’s a sequel to the PSP game of the same name, and whilst it does add some new features and improves on the aesthetic, it most definitely feels like more or less the same package.

Attack of the Earthlings Preview

If you've ever wondered what it's like being on the receiving end of one of those pesky XCOM squads then I think Junkfish's newest endeavour might be up your alley.

CD Projekt Red Clarifies Cyberpunk 2077 ‘Service’ Concerns

CD Projekt Red - the esteemed Witcher developer - recently announced that their upcoming release, Cyberpunk 2077, will be based on the ‘games-as-a-service’ model.

FIFA 18 Review

I don’t envy the creatives at EA Sports. Each year they have to come up with some new tag line and a new hook...

Total War: Warhammer 2 Review

What archers I have left I position along the south side of the wall; their numbers are low but I’m hoping that the height...

Changes Coming to PUBG; New Cars! Competitive Play!

During a recent reddit AMA, the PlayUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) creative director Brendan Greene took on a bunch of questions from the community. A lot...

Gearbox Pulls Plug on Battleborn

Gearbox have announced that they will no longer be supporting the rather ill-fated Battleborn come this August.

Halo Collection Delayed; Unknown Release Date Lengthens

The backwards compatible release of all those lovely Halo games (CE Anniversary, 3, ODST and 4) should have been due for release some time this year, but after an update to Halo Waypoint it seems like this might not be the case.

Call of Duty Endowment Launches in UK

The Call of Duty Endowment scheme is coming to the UK. The charity set up by the Call of Duty creators set it's goal on getting veterans steady, decent paying, long term jobs for when they leave the service.

Sudden Strike 4 (PC) Review

Sudden Strike 4 is a real-time strategy game (or real-time tactics game to some) that comes almost 10 years after the third entry in...

Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition Review

I have fond memories of playing the Worms franchise back in my formative years, the skill involved in arcing a grenade throw over the...

Nintendo World Championships to Return in October

This October, Best Buy stores will be hosting the 3rd Nintendo World Championships, trying to find the best of the best of.. various Mario...

NBA 2K18 Career Mode Demo – The Prelude – Arrives September...

2K Games have really been at the tip of the spear in terms of fully fledged story modes for their sports games, and now...

Valve Announce Artifact, a Card Game That’s Definitely Not a MOBA

During the International Dota 2 Championships, Valve have announced that they're going to completely take over the world. By take over the world I of course mean that Valve are going to release a card game based on the DOTA 2 universe.

Gearbox Software Has a New IP – Card Game/First Person Shooter?

News is spreading across the interwebs that Gearbox Software are ready to spill the beans on their newest IP - allegedly a first person...

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