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James is a journalism graduate who is a lover of technology and strangely praises Apple Computers, Google laptops and Windows Phones in their own right. James is also prone to dedicating many hours to games he will never finish, he remains in denial of this fact, as he’s promised himself he’ll polish off Dino Crisis this weekend for the last seven years.

Democracy 3: Electioneering – Become The King Of The Spin

Most people will likely fall into two categories, they're either glued to their TV screens every Wednesday to analyse the to and fro of Prime Minister's Questions or (and this is probably the more likely of the two) they believe that all politicians are the same and think that they could do a better job if they were in charge...

OnePlus Two to Ship with Snapdragon 810

The much anticipated successor to the popular OnePlus One smartphone is nearing release, meaning the expected rumour mill is in full motion - the latest surrounds the chipset that is set to feature in the OnePlus Two...

Google’s Utopic HQ Plans Fall Flat

The idyllic utopia that Google laid out in its HQ plans in Mountain View have been derailed after the city's council ruled in favour of giving a majority of development space to LinkedIn, ahead of the web giant...
Final Fantasy IV: The After Yearsvideo

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Set for PC port

Square Enix have already ported Final Fantasy IV: The After Years across a number of platforms and the pending Steam release means that the title now features on eight different platforms, ranging from the WiiWare, the PSP, iOS and Android devices, and now Windows PCs.

Google Unveil Project Fi

Following on from the excitement and popularity that surrounded Google Fibre the internet giants have unveiled plans to run a mobile network in the US, named Project Fi...

LG Patents an Intriguing Wearable Smartphone

If there's one word on everybody's lips at the moment it's smartwatches and while the consumers are still making up their mind if a wearable smartphone is good value for money LG have gone one step further and patented a design for an actual smartphone that you can wear on your wrist...

Jawbone Reveal Two New Fitness Bands

There are two new competitors in the increasingly crowded market of fitness bands, with giants Jawbone releasing both a low-cost and a high-cost fitness bands...

Ronin Preview: An Intriguing Take on Turn Based Combat

Ronin is an intriguing side scrolling, turn based, combat game created by Indie developer Tomasz Wacławek, it borrows a lot from the art style of Gunpoint, the developer himself even recognised these similarities, but a unique combat system makes this an Indie title that might become a classic...
LG G4 Teaser

LG Reveals 16MP Camera Tech for G4 Smartphone

LG has been revealing small pieces of the specification sheet for their upcoming flagship smartphone, the G4, for a while now - this week they have unveiled the camera optics that can be expected on the highly anticipated handset.

First Jurassic World Clip Hints at the Story behind Chris Pratt’s...

One of the most hotly anticipated movie releases of 2015 is Jurassic World, which is the fourth instalment of the classic Jurassic Park series. Hot on the heels of a trailer that sent the web into meltdown the first full clip from the movie has been released online, and it gives some of the base details away about Chris Pratt's character, one Owen Grady.
Google Logo

Top Google Terms Highlight Electorate Queries in Election Runup

With the dissolution of Parliament at the beginning of last week the 2015 General Election is officially underway, so we can expect the political parties that make up the race for power this year to dominate the headlines. While the political heavyweights have been slogging it out in leader debates members of the electorate have been busy putting in their own research about the parties, and thanks to the latest search statistics from Google we can see just what the British electorate are asking about each political party.

Insidious Chapter 3 Gets an International Trailer

Some might see the trilogy as another case of a production house flogging a dead horse horror movie, especially when Insidious Chapter 2 received a less than favourable 38% on review site Rotten Tomatoes.

Rumours Suggest a Microsoft Could Release a new Affordable Surface

Microsoft's range of tablet devices, the Surface family, is one of the interesting anomalies in technology that receive rave reviews from experts and those within the industry but have failed to be picked up in large numbers by consumers - rumours are suggesting that Microsoft are looking to change that by releasing a more affordable Surface 3 to replace the current Surface 2.
nexus player 1

Nexus Player Releases in UK

Following the popularity of Google's Chromecast streaming stick the web giant has officially made its comparative streaming box, the Nexus Player, available in the...

Microsoft announce their own PC-on-a-stick

Turn any monitor or TV into a Windows 10 PC with PC on a stick One of the most intriguing tech releases of the past...

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