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James is a journalism graduate who is a lover of technology and strangely praises Apple Computers, Google laptops and Windows Phones in their own right. James is also prone to dedicating many hours to games he will never finish, he remains in denial of this fact, as he’s promised himself he’ll polish off Dino Crisis this weekend for the last seven years.

Microsoft Remain in the Budget Market with New Lumia 430

The new Lumia 430 is affordable, but nothing special Microsoft have a clear strategy with Windows Phone device since their purchase of Nokia last year,...
Trapped-Dead-Lockdown-Zombies (1)

Trapped Dead: Lockdown Review

Trapped Dead: Lockdown is a top-down hack 'n slash from indie developers Headup Games, the title is set in a small American town that is under siege from the undead, with the player receiving the ultimate objective of finding the source of the zombie outbreak. Despite a decent levelling system and a decent range of weapons and abilities Trapped Dead is ultimately its own worst enemy, with an unpolished feel and a very low replay value this third person shooter is unlikely to set the world alight.

Google Hint That USB Type-C Could Ship with Android Devices Soon

One of the most intriguing additions to Google's new Chromebook Pixel 2 was the inclusion of the new shiny USB Type-C port for charging the device, and it seems that Google aren't finished there when it comes to the revolutionary charging model...

VAIO’s first Smartphone to Release in Japan

Sony sold the VAIO branch of their business just over a year ago and it seems that in that time the spin off company has been busy preparing a smartphone for sale, as they have announced that VAIO Phone will release in Japan on the 20th March.

Windows Phone gets Bluetooth Keyboard Support

With Windows 10 on the horizon it's easy to forget that Microsoft are still releasing devices and software updates to the tainted 8.1 variant of their Operating System, well at MWC Microsoft revealed two new Lumia devices, both of which come packaged with the next flavour of Windows Phone 8.1...

MWC 2015: Acer Adds Muscle to the Chromebox

When we talk about Chromeboxes, and any other device that runs Chrome OS for that matter, we normally talk about how low priced, low spec pieces of hardware are able to deliver a lightening fast browsing experience thanks to the striped back OS - well Acer have rocked that preconceived notion by announcing a Chromebox that can safely be considered a 'powerhouse'...

Rumours suggest Microsoft will Invest in Cyanogen

Cyanogen, one of the most successful and popular customised Android operating system, has become the focus of Microsoft; rumours are suggesting that the Redmond...

Cameron Plea to Obama: Join my Internet Crusade

Now we've seen previously that David Cameron really doesn't seem to understand the internet - remember the time he wanted to go to war with ISPs over pornography?

Hotline Miami 2 Banned in Australia

The sequel to Dennaton Games' gleefully violent Hotline Miami will not be released in Australia, after it was revealed that Hotline Miami 2 has been denied a rating by the Australian classification board.

Office Preview for Android Tablets Rolled Out to Play Store

If you're a user of an Android tablet that has been eagerly awaiting a suite of Microsoft Office apps on your slate then you're...

OnePlus Working on Two New Smartphones

Little known Chinese manufacturer OnePlus gained some notoriety last year with the successful launch of their 'iPhone 6 Plus killer' the OnePlus One, at the start of 2015 they seem keen to build on that notoriety by releasing two new smartphones in the near future.

CES 2015: Busy Day for Dell – Launch New Laptops and...

In what was a busy day for Dell at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the Texas based company launched a range of new devices, ranging from laptops, monitors and a new tablet.

Best Apps for Windows Phone

So you've received a brand new shiny Windows Phone this Christmas eh? Congratulations, you're now part of an elite (and surprisingly small) group of...
OK Google Chromebooks

‘OK Google’ Voice Commands Coming to Chromebooks

Since the invention of Siri we have seen voice activated tech take off in a big way, with firms looking to push their virtual...

Microsoft to Reveal Consumer side of Windows 10

We've seen a lot from Windows 10 in a pretty short space of time, ever since Microsoft "jumped the shark" and decided to drop Windows 9 altogether we've found out quite a lot about Microsoft's next big OS, with Windows 10 looking to take the best bits from Windows 7 and combine that with the modern UI of Windows 8...

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