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James is a journalism graduate who is a lover of technology and strangely praises Apple Computers, Google laptops and Windows Phones in their own right. James is also prone to dedicating many hours to games he will never finish, he remains in denial of this fact, as he’s promised himself he’ll polish off Dino Crisis this weekend for the last seven years.
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Jagex’s Block N Load Enters Closed Beta

If you've been following the progression of Jagex's intriguing multiplayer shooter, Block N Load, via our fateful site then you'll know that we're pretty excited about what the game holds and how the game may progress before it's final release next year...
VOYO A1 Mini

An Alternative Christmas Gift Guide for that Gaming & Tech Enthusiast

So Christmas has done its usual trick of sneaking up on us all and now we're all in panic buying mode. If you have...
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Mac OS X Yosemite Review

Apple's latest operating system update is here and it's a must have for those that have a multitude of Apple devices around the house,...

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Review

Before the last gen, that is when PS2 was the King of consoles, there was a debate as old as gaming itself - what's...

Netflix Confirm First UK Original Series ‘The Crown’

Netflix have always been keen to push original dramas, normally with great success (you only have to look at House of Cards and Orange is the New Black as testament to this), but across the pond we've been left waining for an original British drama produced by the streaming giants...
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All Lumia Devices Could Receive Windows 10 Upgrades

A Microsoft Twitter account has hinted that all Lumia devices currently running Windows Phone 8 could be upgraded to Windows 10 when the new OS rolls out next year.

In Space We Brawl Review

Party games have always been a successful venture for many large production studios, with the likes of Super Smash Bros, Singstar and Wii Sports all selling ridiculously well and causing hours of endless fun when friends and family gather around their console of choice. This has been a genre of gaming that has not had many notable additions from independent studios, until recently. The release of delightful local multiplayers like Sportsfriends and Gang Beasts have boosted the reputation of indie local multiplayer games this year...

OnePlus Have Sold 500,000 One Units

The OnePlus One smartphone is one of the most intriguing handsets on the market at the moment, it boasts high end specs at a super lowcost pricepoint, it's manufactured by a small Chinese manufacturer and an exclusive "invite only" system to purchase the phone means the attractive device is in high demand but remains pretty inaccessible...

WhatsApp Now Lets You Know When Friends Have Read Your Messages

In a subtle, but significant, update users of popular mobile messaging app, WhatsApp, will now be able to see when their contacts have read their messages...

Xiaomi Become Third Biggest Phone Manufacturer in the World

Chinese smartphone giants Xiaomi have had an incredibly good year, mainly boosted by their expansion from their birthplace of China into the emerging economy of India; this move has resulted in some somewhat surprising news, Xiaomi are now the third largest smartphone manufacturers in the world...

Sales of High End Samsung Handsets Slump

Samsung predicted at the start of this month that their Q3 profits for this year may not be as high as their record breaking...
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Microsoft Garage Releases ‘Next Lock Screen’ for Android Phones

Microsoft's excellent 'Garage' project has given birth to a number of useful and enjoyable apps for Windows Phone, shining a refreshing light on an often lacklustre app store, and it now seems that Microsoft wish to push the brilliant work of their developers to the Google Play Store for Android users to enjoy...

Project Ara Will Receive Its Own Marketplace

Project Ara might just be one of the most anticipated technological advancements since the invention of the humble radio and the constant stream of news and rumours (as well as exceptional concept drawings) is keeping the ambitious project on the tip of consumer's tongues...

Sony’s SmartWatch 3 Appears on US Google Play Store

Sony's latest Smartwatch, the Sony SmartWatch 3, appeared on the US Google Play Store, suggesting that the latest addition to the fledgeling wearable tech market will be available to consumers very soon.

Rumours Suggest 5K iMacs Cannot Be Used As Standalone Display

There was always going to be one question that followed Apple's announcement of its 5K display iMacs (after "what's 5K?" that is), that question...

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