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A guy with a penchant for unnecessarily verbose words and a slightly overactive imagination, Robert tends to spend his time gaming, desperately attempting to sing and compose, binging on Netflix, writing and drawing.
Pacman x Rubik's Collaboration

Bandai Namco Announces Rubik’s and Pac-Man Merchandise Collaboration

Grab some of that Hi-C Ecto Cooler, keep hold of your Back To The Future cinema ticket and slap some Duran Duran on the...
Ghost Recon Wildlands Fallen Ghosts Announcement

Ghost Recon: Wildlands “Fallen Ghosts” Expansion Coming May 30th

If you're gunning for a bit more of Ghost Recon: Wildlands' explosively tactical action you're in luck - Ubisoft have announced that the latest expansion for the open-world third-person shooter, titled "Fallen Ghosts", will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC simultaneously on May 30 for Season Pass holders before going on sale separately a week later on June 6.
Final Fantasy XV April Update

Final Fantasy XV April Update Adds New PS4 Pro Features, Sword...

I really need to get back to Final Fantasy XV, especially now there's a new route through the much maligned Chapter 13. Plus, Square Enix...
Saints Row GOG Sale

Get Saints Row 2 Free and Saints Row IV Cheap &...

Do you fancy playing the Saints Row games offline at any time anywhere in the world without spending a lot of money?
Yooka-Laylee Vinyl Soundtrack

Yooka-Laylee Soundtrack Comes To Vinyl, CD and Digital Download

If you've been looking forward to hopping, skipping and jumping all over the colourful world of Playtonic Games' long-awaited Yooka-Laylee, you may very well have looked up some of the game's music, which echoes the likes of Banjo-Kazooie and countless other Rareware classics.
Warframe User Record Octavia

Warframe Hits Record Concurrent Player Count During Four-Year Anniversary

Warframe developer Digital Extremes have announced that the game broke Steam Concurrent User records during its four-year anniversary on the weekend of the 25th-26th of March

SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell Gets “Season III” Content Update, 50% Off...

Do you like going fast, clearing incredible jumps using a range of tools and dodging all sorts of demonic obstacles, all to a pumping metal soundtrack? Well you're in luck, because SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell, a fast-paced action parkour game from developer Pine Studio, has just gotten a new content update simply titled "Season III".
Episode Gladiolus Release

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus & March Patch Burst Onto The...

Get set to return to the world of Eos because the hotly anticipated first story DLC for Final Fantasy XV titled Episode Gladiolus has just been released.
IAM8BIT Warframe Vinyl #1

IAm8Bit and Digital Extremes Team Up To Bring Warframe Soundtrack to...

Tenno, prepare your ears for sublime auditory synthesis because IAm8Bit and Warframe developer Digital Extremes have teamed up to produce a limited quantity of...
Killing Floor 2 Descent Update

Killing Floor 2 Conjures Up Fresh Horrors With Free “Descent” Content...

Looks like veteran Zed hunters and newbies alike are about to get some brand new ways to slaughter Horzine's twisted creations because Tripwire Interactive have announced the release of a free content update for Killing Floor 2 titled the Descent Content Pack.
LIF Orchestra Gaming

Leeds International Festival to Perform “An Evening of Videogame Music”

Do you like videogame music? Do you like orchestras playing video game music? Can you make it to the Leeds International Festival on the 25th of April?
LEGO Worlds Review 2017 #1

LEGO Worlds Review – A Minifig’s Guide to the Galaxy

Now that the big one-point-oh has finally dropped, can the game overcome this particular hurdle and provide the ultimate LEGO sandbox experience? Let’s take a look.
Mirage Tinker Class Trailer

New Mirage: Arcane Warfare Trailer Shows Off “Tinker” Class

Wizards, mages and warlocks pay heed! Hot on the heels of some fresh new gameplay footage of Torn Banner Studios' Mirage: Arcane Warfare from PAX East comes a new trailer getting up close and personal with the "Tinker" class.
Steam Review Changes Free Keys

Steam is Changing up the Reviews System

I've gotten a lot of use out of the Steam User Reviews system - I often find it's a great way to get a...

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