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Despite being told regularly during her MFA program that she needed to calm down about commas, Angela shows no signs of calming down about them, ever.

Freaker Sneaks Reveals New Game Boy-Themed Air Jordans

Who wouldn't love a pair of sneakers honoring the seminal handheld Game Boy system? Freaker Sneaks, a company that specializes in customized and limited...

‘Pet Sematary’ Trailer, Official Poster Released

Hot on the heels of the release of new stills from the film, both the official poster and first trailer for Pet Sematary have been released.

Halloween Hit List: Movies From the Eighties and Nineties

Every October, horror movie buffs--and even some who don't usually care for the genre--really get to indulge in their favorite genre. Many television channels...

Yeehaw: Cowboy Hat Weapon Announced for ‘Devil May Cry 5’

In Devil May Cry 5, you'll be able to make your favorite demon spawn have their own yippee ki yay moments with a new cowboy hat weapon.

Pet Sematary Remake First Looks

Just under a year ago, a Pet Sematary remake was confirmed. Now, Entertainment Weekly has given us the first look at the upcoming remake. The images include the sign...

Halloween Hit List: Movies From the Sixties and Seventies

Who doesn't love bingeing on horror movies in October? Last year, we took a look at some great classic horror films that should be...

Netflix Announces ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Series

Yesterday, Netflix announced that it would be developing a new series and film projects based on C.S. Lewis' beloved Chronicles of Narnia series. The series will presumably...

Nintendo Switch Online Will Allow Users to Recover Cloud Saves Up...

Less than a month ago, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch Online service. Although many fans were excited about the new system, there were some...

Lock City Anime and Comic Con Announces ‘Ready Player One’ Contest

Lock City Anime and Comic Convention has recently announced its own "hunt for the keys," à la Ready Player One. Three Easter eggs will be hidden around...

Part of ‘Little Dragons Café’ Sales to go to Charity

Little Dragons Café came out just over a month ago in the US and Asia and seems to have hit fans and critics well. It's a game that emphasizes teamwork and supporting each other, and Aksys Games is taking that into the real world by donating $10,000 of the profits from the game to the charity Extra Life.

Nintendo NY Announces “Spooktacular” ‘Luigi’s Mansion’ Event

Luigi's Mansion for the 3DS is due out on October 12. The day after, Nintendo NY, New York City's flagship Nintendo store, will be hosting...

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Receives a Premiere Date For Season 12

Mystery Science Theater 3000 has received a totally fitting premiere date for its upcoming season. Perhaps in honor of all the turkeys Joel Robinson (Joel Hodgson), Crow, and Tom Servo have suffered through, the twelfth season of the popular show will be out on November 22, Thanksgiving in the US.
PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic has Left Some Gamers Unhappy About the Price

Taking a page out of Nintendo's book, Sony just announced their PlayStation Classic, a fits-in-your-hand PlayStation One lookalike that will come with twenty of...

‘No More Heroes’ Series Could Be Coming to Nintendo Switch

Everyone was hyped when they heard that the next entry in the No More Heroes series, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, would be hitting the Switch, and it seems they have more to be excited about: the first two games in the series might be ported onto Nintendo's newest console.

Nintendo Switch Online Requires Weekly Check-ins to Play NES Games

Nintendo excited fans with their announcement of Nintendo Switch Online, which will give subscribers access to cloud saving for certain games, continued support for...


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