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Jamie Lee Curtis to Return to Halloween Franchise

Yesterday, actress Jamie Lee Curtis sent Twitter into a frenzy after she tweeted about the film franchise she’s most associated with: Halloween. Her tweet read: "Same...

Switching Over to the Antique Plates: Putt-Putt Turns 25

Earlier this month, on September 9, Putt-Putt the car and his game series turned 25. Although the friendly little purple car doesn’t actually wear...

The Next Wave of LEGO Dimension Packs are Here

Warner Bros have announced that five more expansion packs will be added to LEGO Dimension’s ever-growing lineup.

The Official Trailer for The Man Who Invented Christmas is Here!

The official trailer for the upcoming Charles Dickens' take, The Man Who Invented Christmas is here, and it's pretty feel-good. If you ever had to...

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