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Freelance Environment Artist. This n3rd tells you what you want to hear ;)

Destiny 2 Gambit Mode Free This Weekend

One of the greatest new additions of Destiny 2's newest expansion, Gambit, is going to be free this weekend for ALL players! This PvP/PvE hybrid...

Immortal Unchained (PS4) Review

Immortal Unchained takes the Soul-like genre and attempts to make it it's own with a focus on automatic weapons instead of the usual hand to hand combat we've grown used to seeing in the genre. While it is absolutely something Soul-like fans have been wanting to see, Immortal Unchained stumbles in its execution. What we get instead is an action RPG that struggles to find it's identity among the ever-growing roster of Souls-like games.

Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House Trailer is Terrifying

The Haunting of Hill House is set to launch on Netflix in October, and the new trailer released ahead of it's launch is truly...

The Gardens Between Review

The Gardens Between is a rather unique puzzle/adventure game. On one end it's simple, elegant design makes the game extremely accessible, even for those...

Venom Will Be PG-13, Not R Like Director Had Teased

Since the announcement of Venom, fans were being promised that director Ruben Fleischer would be pushing Sony for a "Hard R" rating.

The World Ends With You: Final Remix Trailer Shows off Switch...

Nintendo's newest trailer for The World Ends With You: Final Remix shows what players can expect in the Switch version of this re-released re-release.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

The tale of Destiny has been a long, arduous one full of memorable highs and lows. The Forsaken expansion looks to reinvigorate the series,...

Henry Cavill Hanging Up the Cape… For Now

DC's latest set back happened yesterday when it was announced that Henry Cavill, known for his long-standing role as Superman, is apparently hanging up...

SoulCalibur 6 Trailer Introduces Cervantes

As SoulCalibur 6 approaches the character roster continues to grow, with the newest addition being the pirate Cervantes, one of the most iconic fighters from the series.

Flipping Death Review

From the creators that brought you Stick it to the Man, comes Flipping Death, a hilarious, twisted tale that feels like you've been dropped into...

TGS 2018: Check out Yakuza Dev’s Newest Title “Judge Eyes”

The team behind the Yakuza series has been on quite the hot streak recently, and it doesn't look like they're slowing down anytime soon. Today during Sony's Line Up Tour, before the start of the Tokyo Game Show, the Yakuza devs announced their newest title, Judge Eyes.

TGS 2018: Project Awakening Announcement Trailer

Sony's Pre-Tokyo Game Show showcase brought a ton of new announcements. Among them is the incredible-looking new Action-RPG from Cygames, Project Awakening.

Marvel Movies Are Raking In People’s Choice Awards 2018 Nominations

After over a decade, Marvel will, hopefully, be winning some awards for their films. The 2018 People's Choice Awards has seen a huge influx...

Hitman 2’s Latest Trailer Shows You “How to Hitman”

A new trailer has dropped for the upcoming Hitman 2, showcasing the unique, stealthy ways that players will be able to get in and out...

Halloween Gets an Intense New Trailer

The best part about re-imagined horror movie sequels is the lack of fucks they sometimes give to already existing installments. The latest Halloween movie...


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