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Octopath Traveler: When H’aanit Opens Her Mouth, People Get Confused

It's no new news that Square Enix's latest JRPG is a smash hit. So much so that they recently had to apologize for not having enough physical copies for game retailers! However, there is one character out of the 8 that is giving fans a bit of a hard time...

Get To Know We Happy Few’s New Protagonists

We Happy Few's newest trailer showcases the games 3 main protagonists and the different ways they allow players to play.

Shadow of War Finally Ends Monetized Loot Boxes With New Update

Fulfilling their promise made back in April, Monolith has finally removed their questionable real-money micro-transactions from Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Along with this free update, comes a number of other improvements to the gameplay as well.

Hulu Begins Development of Anne Rice’s ‘Vampire Chronicles’

Deadline has confirmed that Anne Rice's renowned Vampire Chronicles has begun development at Hulu.

Dwayne Johnson Claims Black Adam Will Begin Filming Late 2019… Maybe?

The Skyscraper star, Dwayne Johnson, thinks the 'Black Adam' movie will begin filming in late 2019. Insisting the DC villain movie will be coming soon, Dwayne...

Batgirl may not Appear in Costume in ‘Birds of Prey’

While little is known about the upcoming Harley Quinn x bad-chicks team-up movie, Birds of Prey, we can at least lay one rumor to rest.

Darksiders 3: 11 Minutes of Spiffy New Gameplay!

With the exciting release date announcement for the long-anticipated sequel to Darksiders 3, developer Gunfire Games has released 11 minutes of never before seen gameplay!
Dead Cells Title Banner

Dead Cells Drops Surprise Release Date Announcement

Seemingly out of nowhere Motion Twin has announced that their Steam indie-hit Dead Cells will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux,...

God of War Isn’t Coming to Netflix… Yet?

God of War isn't coming to Netflix later this month it's been revealed, however, the game's director is quite keen for it to happen. By...

Ghoul is a New Horror Series from Netflix and Blumhouse

Ghoul is a new horror series coming to Netflix on August 24. The new series is a creation between Netflix and Blumhouse, because when...

Darksiders 3 Finally Has a Release Date!

Darksiders 3 is set to launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 27, 2018, publisher THQ Nordic announced today. This news comes after...

Check out 20 minutes of Anthem Gameplay!

After Bioware's E3 2018 deep dive into the world of Anthem, it's hard to not start getting excited for what this game could be. Like Destiny before it, Anthem is an ambitious MMO-Action RPG that looks to blur the lines between the two genres.

Talim Returns in SoulCalibur 6

With SoulCalibur 6's roster constantly growing, it's nice to see another old fan favorite return to the ring.

Castlevania Season 2 Coming to Netflix in October

I don't think a lot of people expected Netflix's Castlevania series to be received as well as it was. Thankfully, it was a surprise hit and as such will be getting a second season which fans can expect late this October.

Agony Review

At first glance Agony seems like the type of horror experience hard core fans of the genre have been clamoring for. Sadly, after an...

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