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EA Access

EA Access to Sell Out Season Tickets

Currently EA Access is in its Beta stages and is preparing for full launch very soon but EA have announced it is time to retire the older model of Season Tickets. The Season Ticket was introduced in 2011 as a £20 one-off fee where gamers who enjoyed the sports games such as FIFA and Madden could gain early access to specific titles and even discounts for Ultimate Team packs and DLC.

Free Play Day with Gold Seemed Like a Great Idea, Sadly...

Last week it looked like Microsoft were currently testing a new feature on the Xbox One that would make digital games free to access for 24 hours. US Participants in the Xbox One console beta managed to spot that indie hit, Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood was a free download and was available to play for an entire day.. The game was listed in the Games with Gold section under a new label “Free Play Day with Gold."

Evolve Receives 5 More Awards at Gamescom

Evolve, developed by Turtle Rock Studios has scooped up 5 out of 13 awards at this years Gamescom adding to their already long list of accolades from previous events including Best of Show, and Best Console Game at E3 this year.
bill gates icevideo

Bill Gates ‘Chilling out’ with the Ice Bucket Challenge

Now as we all know the Ice Bucket challenge is quite popular and has been trending on social media recently, especially with tech big-wigs such as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg getting cold in aid of charity. The latter of the two, Zuckerberg challenged Microsoft founder Bill Gates to either tip a bucket of Ice water or donate to fighting ALS, which he did. Most of the wealthy people taking part in this are donating money as well getting soaked.
transformers rise of the dark spark

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark DLC

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is a game based on the hugely popular Transformers franchise and was released earlier this summer. Activision have announced some new content to be released for the game in the hopes to keep you coming back to the games Escalation mode.
killzone: shadow fall

Man Suing Sony for over $5million for Killzone’s Multiplayer

Douglas Ladore, a man residing in California is suing Sony for over $5 million for allegedly falsely advertising Killzone’s multiplayer mode when Sony marketed...
f1 2014video

Codemasters Announce F1 2014, Coming to PC and Last-Gen Consoles This...

This week Codemasters announced the launch of F1 2014, and just like with Grid: Autosport, it's not coming to the latest-gen console family.. It was announced that that F1 2014 will arrive October 17 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For those disappointed by the choice of consoles, Codemasters has also announced there will be an F1 game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2015, but has not been confirmed to be F1 2015.
GTA Online

GTA Online Rumour hints at Casinos and Zombies Mode..

If there is one thing I like as much as video games, it’s gambling - responsibly of course. However this is why the latest news about GTA Online is very exciting. Rumours have been circling about a big update that may be coming to the extremely popular online game. If this update were to take place it would add casinos into the Grand Theft Auto universe with also a little pinch of zombies.

Titanfall – Frontier’s Edge DLC released July 31st

The second instalment of DLC of the critically acclaimed Titanfall will be coming to Xbox One consoles and PC’s on July 31st. This was...
Xbox One white

Microsoft shipped 1.1 million Xbox consoles last quarter

Last week we saw Microsoft announce that they had seen the sale of the Xbox One double since reducing the price.  The exact figures...
Guacamelee STCE

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Xbox One) Review – Grab Your...

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition or Guacamelee! for short is a 2D platformer, beat em up, wit a heavy Mexican influence. Or, at least that...

Get the Crisp White Nokia Lumia 930 Exclusively at Phones4u

Today, Phones4u have announced the sale of the new Nokia Lumia 930, the crisp white version of this handset is available exclusively to Phones4u customers.

Destiny Beta on Xbox One Will Not be 1080p, But the...

We start off with some bad news regarding Destiny today, according the the unofficial Destiny Blog, who are reporting from an IGN Live segment. the Xbox One version of the beta for Destiny will not run in 1080p.
Ubisoft Logo

Movies Based on Video Games Could be at a Turning Point

With the increasing popularity of video games over the past 20 years or so, the curiosity surrounding the story behind the games has also become just as popular. Now, I know movies based on video games is a bit of a sore subject amongst you fellow gamers as there is a lot of evidence to support the discontinuation of movies based on video games. But in recent years it does appear that there have been a few glimmers of hope and some unexpected surprises with such content. The main example I have for this is Forward Unto Dawn, the Halo based live action series. It wasn’t a movie as such, but it did show a very popular universe brought to us in a different way.
Assassin’s Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed: Unity has Amazing Visuals, “People are amazed”

If you were wondering why Ubisoft have decided to create a separate game in the Assassin’s Creed franchise for the newer consoles, the reasons are rolling in.

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