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Bastard son of 100 Pokémaniacs. Raised on the mean streets playing MegaDrive for money. It is his ambition to one day have watched every episode of every sitcom ever.

LEGO DC Super-Villains Launch Trailer

Warner Bros. has released the launch trailer for LEGO DC Super-Villains featuring an all-star cast of... well... villains.

Netflix To Release 3 Worldwide Versions Of The Circle

The Circle is the freshest reality show in town, this time that contestants never meet each other and only able to interact through a fictional social platform the titular Circle.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Blog Introduces Mimikyu, Fox, Dr Mario &...

Another week and another load of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate info from our friends over at the Smash blog.

Nintendo Online Subscribers get Three New Titles

As promised Nintendo Online subscribers got a few new titles in their digital libraries; NES™ Open Tournament Golf (highly detailed Mario Sports originator, Solomon's Key (puzzle platformer) and Super Dodge Ball (surprisingly part of the River City Ransom series).

Onimusha: Warlords Shows Off Swordplay In New Trailer

Samurai VS Demons is a shockingly under-represented genre. After missing out on the initial 2001 PlayStation 2 release, I am hotly anticipating the high-definition upgrade of the historical survival horror Onimusha: Warlords.

Pokémon GO Generation 4 Teased By Niantic

In what seems to be shaping up to be a Pokemon Go Halloween tradition Niantic has finally released an actual teaser for the highly anticipated Generation 4.

Super Mario Party Review

Mario has been partying hard since 1998, so hard, in fact, when the first title was released for the N64 gamers needed gloves to protect themselves from blisters! Since last year's divisive Mario Party: The Top 100, fans of the series have been worried if Super Mario Party would be a return to greatness or just another gimmick filled wiggle-fest. Spoiler Alert: Super Mario Party is Awesome!

Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown Releases

What a world we live in! Once upon a time, the only shared thread between Power Ranger and Street Fighter was Brian Cranston had done voice work for American television adaptations of both. Now it seems Ryu and his other World Warrior chums have crossed into the Power Rangers cannon.

Harley Quinn Animated Series Announces Cast

Arkham Asylum's most charismatic homicide inmate, Harley Quinn, is finally getting her very own show starring 8 Simple Rules and The Big Bang Theory's star Kaley Cuoco.

Armello – Basic Version Review (NS)

Armello is a four-player role-playing digital board game set in an anthropomorphic fantasy kingdom. The titular land of Armello is tyrannically ruled by the once noble King Tau who is perilously ill, infected with a supernatural disease, called the Rot, that plagues the people and their land, corrupting all it touches. The King has eight days left to live, and it is up to the four tribes of Armello to assemble their champions and claim the throne by any way they can.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Highlights Stages

Nintendo has revealed some more info for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate over on the Smash Blog, with the focus on this week being on the game's many stages.

Pokémon The Movie: The Power Of Us Set for Limited UK...

In the twentieth Pokémon feature, we will once again be following Ash Ketchum on his never-ending quest to catch 'em all. Pokémon The Movie: The Power Of Us is a sequel to last years semi-reboot Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! and follows the formula of treading familiar ground while introducing new elements.

Netflix Secures International Rights to DC’s TITANS

The long-awaited TITANS will be the next live-action DC project to Bam, Zap, Kapow on to our screens and mobile devices. Outside the U.S, TITANS will be coming October 12 via Netflix.

Birdo joins Mario Tennis Aces in October

While some fans are still pinning for Pauline to become playable in Mario Tennis Aces, Nintendo has just announced the inclusion of another frequently, fan-requested favorite, Birdo! She is an All-Arounder play type joining Mario, Lugui, and Daisy.

The Good Place Season 3 Features The Return of Eleanor’s Mother

Devilishly funny sitcom The Good Place has come again for a third blessed season.


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