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Bastard son of 100 Pokémaniacs. Raised on the mean streets playing MegaDrive for money. It is his ambition to one day have watched every episode of every sitcom ever.

Horizon Chase Turbo Review

There are few as recognizable, diverse and long-standing video game genres as the racing sim, since the first pixelated blobs started eating your disposable income, developers have been pitting players against each other in races across the finish line. Over the years a few distinct sub-genres have emerged, and Horizon Chase Turbo is without a doubt another arcade-style racer rather than any kind of full-on racing simulator.

Windjammers (NS) Review

Ham and pineapple, Bugs Bunny and basketball, nicotine and post-coital glow, somethings were never intended to be combined but are ultimately far superior afterwards. What happens when you merged the visual stylings and worn out world warrior stereotypes of Street Fighter 2 and the hyper-linear gameplay of Pong? Windjammers, that's what.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima (Switch) Review

World of Final Fantasy: Maxima is the latest Final Fantasy title to land on the Nintendo Switch, but is it a worthy addition, or should we just wait for Square Enix to port the originals?

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Switchward Bound?

According to a stream of tweets this weekend The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is apparently coming to Nintendo Switch...

Jump Force Cell and Piccolo Screenshots Unleashed

Jump Force is back in the limelight with new screenshots for Cell and Piccolo. Thankfully we'll be getting something other than Saiyan representation with the Dragon...

Full Metal Furies (NS) Review

The Nintendo Switch is no stranger to 2D Brawlers and retro styled beat 'em ups, what does Full Metal Furies do to stand out...

‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ Releases New Trailers!

The team behind Dragon Ball Super: Broly has released their final Japanese trailer. This dramatic teaser shows Super Saiyan God level Vegeta, a manic...

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Characters Decided, Native American Depiction Removed

With less than one month to go until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hits shelves (also known as the Smashpocalypse) and the torrent of news and new information won't stop coming in.

Brie Larson Wants To Make A Metroid Movie

After dressing as Metroid's Zero Suit Samus for Halloween, Brie Larson has announced to the world at large that she'd like to star in a Hollywood production of the Nintendo classic Metroid (coming to Nintendo Switch Online next week).

Power Rangers All-Stars Worldwide Release Date Announced

Nexon has announced that their upcoming RPG, Power Rangers All-Stars will be launching on Google Play and the App Store tomorrow (November 7, 2018).

Sega Wants To Bring More Classic Arcade Action To The Switch

Exciting news for fans of vintage arcade archives. M2’s CEO Naoki Horii, Sega producer Kagasei Shimomura and director Rieko Kodama, the fantastic team behind the ever-expanding, critically acclaimed SEGA AGES archive series recently confirmed that they can now confidently emulate two classic SEGA arcade motherboards, both M1 and Naomi, with hopefully more to come down the line.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Roster Is Complete!

Today's final Nintendo Direct opened on the familiar Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Boxing Ring. From way off in the distance, we see the vicious battle taking place. Just like every time I have attempted to play Punch Out, Little Mac getting his arse handed to him. Only this time it's by the original echo fighter, Ken Masters! Boom! Fighter 73!

Joggernauts Review

Joggernauts is a simple game. You have two possible things to do, jump and swap place with your partner. With a maximum of three...

Talking Animals in Film and TV: The Good and The Bad

I love films. I love animals. I love movies with animals. So why not have a little ‘best of the animal films’ session. Watching...

Pokemon GO Community Event, Special Raid, and Adventure Sync Detailed

November should get a little warmer as the team behind Pokémon GO have announced a Wailord's worth of information on upcoming features and events! Firstly...


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