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Aussie gamer lady who loves fantasy RPGs, board games, sci-fi TV, unicorns, cats and shoes. Fave gaming franchises are Zelda and Final Fantasy. I also sing a little bit, do a spot of cross stitching, and wax lyrical on my chosen topics. I enjoy theorising about foreshadowing in TV shows.

Bit.Trip LP soundtrack in glorious vinyl

Since its initial release in 2009, there have been seven games in the Bit.Trip series, ranging across the whole gaming platform spectrum. The games...

Xenoblade Chronicles X dated for December release

Xenoblade Chronicles X has been on the minds of fans for a while now, with the massive title being released in Japan earlier in the year, and the rest of the world has been waiting to find out when we'll get our grubby mitts on it.

Here’s your PlayStation Plus titles for September

Sony has confirmed the PlayStation Plus titles for September, which also coincides with the first round of the new Vote to Play program. The results...

Will Smith is working on a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot

News like this both sends my nostalgia gland into overdrive, and shrivels what hope I have for the creativity and originality left in the...

New Predator movie is definitely happening

Apparently this news isn't brand new but I didn't know about it until now, so I'm excited. A new Predator movie by Shane Black...

Uncharted movie gets a release date?

In somewhat mystifying news, Sony Pictures has dated its currently-in-development Uncharted movie, with the official release date now being 30 June 2017. The project has...

Mewtwo Amiibo arrives on October 23

Amiibo collectors get your wallets ready, because Nintendo has announced that the Mewtwo amiibo is on the way! Yes, the awesome psychic Pokemon, genetically-engineered by...

Season Two of Sense8 has been ordered

It's official, a second season of the Wachowskis' hive-mind-super-hero-ish show, Sense8, has been ordered by Netflix. In case you aren't aware, the premise of the...

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie on the way

I'm sure there are some Pony fans amongst our readers, so this news will no doubt be very welcome! Hasbro and Lionsgate are reportedly teaming...

Playstation Plus gets Vote to Play feature

In a post on the Playstation Blog, Vice President of Platforms Marketing, John Koller, announced that a new feature would be introduced to the...

Nvidia Shield tablet recalled over fire hazard risk

Last year, Nvidia released its Shield tablet, badged as the ultimate gaming tablet.  However, in a press release from Nvidia this week, a recall...

Facebook will employ drones to deliver high speed internet

A little while back, Facebook announced plans to connect the entire world to high speed internet, through its Internet.org program.  In a move that...

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir to hit the US in 2016

You may have heard about the HD remake of the original Odin Sphere.  A little bit of history: the original game came out on...

Back to the Future returning to cinemas

To celebrate its 30th (30th!!!) anniversary, Universal has announced it will be re-releasing the Back to the Future trilogy as DVD and Blu-ray boxsets. ...
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Xbox One owners get game streaming with Windows 10

Microsoft have announced that new game streaming features revealed last month will now be available to any Xbox One owners who have a Windows...

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