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Aussie gamer lady who loves fantasy RPGs, board games, sci-fi TV, unicorns, cats and shoes. Fave gaming franchises are Zelda and Final Fantasy. I also sing a little bit, do a spot of cross stitching, and wax lyrical on my chosen topics. I enjoy theorising about foreshadowing in TV shows.
Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park is the Spiritual Successor to Maniac Mansion

If you haven't heard of Ron Gilbert, you need to go back to gaming school! Ron Gilbert is the founder of the point and click adventure genre and was integral in launching it to cult status with classics such as Maniac Mansion, Zack McKracken, and the Monkey Island series (well, essentially anything that came out of LucasArts). I had the absolute pleasure of attending Ron's keynote panel at last year's PAX Australia, and the man was not only a comedy genius, but an absolute inspiration in a normally hardened industry.
Far Cry Deal

Save 75% on the Far Cry Franchise Pack During Far Cry...

All games from the Far Cry franchise (except the newest addition, of course!) are available during a special Far Cry Weekend special on Steam this weekend.
Tabletop Season 3video

Season 3 of Tabletop Starts This Week!

After a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign, Wil Wheaton is back for a third season of his fun-filled, star-studded web series, Tabletop. The show premieres...
Pokemon Diancie

Pokemon Distribution Event Introduces Diancie

A new Pokemon distribution event is happening right now, where you can snag the new Mythical Pokemon, Diancie.  Diancie is a level 50 Rock/Fairy...
Nintendo Network Premium

Nintendo Network Premium Promotion Ending Soon

If you're anything like me, you'd have probably forgotten about the Nintendo Network Premium promotion, a reward program for premium Wii U owners who register a Nintendo Network ID. I bought my premium edition Wii U at launch nearly two years ago, and then promptly forgot that I'd be earning points on digital downloads - points which convert to valuable Nintendo eShop credit!

Next Line-up of amiibo Figures Announced in Japan

The fervour surrounding Nintendo’s amiibo figures is about to reach fever pitch with a new announcement for the third wave of amiibo figures, scheduled...

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