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Dan is a Graphic Designer who dabbles with Web Design and Animation. When he's not busy making kick-ass designs for people, he likes to rant about the world around him, whether or not it's related to technology.

Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorials – Ep1 – User Interface & Document...

So I've decided to go to video with the these Photoshop tutorials. In truth it's so much quicker to record than to type, though encoding the video can be a bitch. My first attempt ultimately ended up in a reformat.

The n3rdabl3 Guide to Photoshop CS6 – Document Setup

Welcome to the n3rdabl3 Photoshop Guide. In the following posts I'll take you from start to finish of creating a Photoshop document. Photoshop by Adobe has firmly established itself as the market leader for photo editing and designing for web application and as such has become the byword for digital design. Don't let common knowledge fool you though, as people often use Photoshop incorrectly. One such pitfall is using Photoshop for graphic design in print production, for that you should use Adobe Illustrator.
28 Days Later

Just F*ck Off with the Zombies Already!

Games developers, movie producers, and the general public need to get a grip…NOW. Zombies have been overdone in the last 10 years to the...

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