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Yorkshire-born, 22, freelance guy, writer & editor @n3rdabl3. Journalism & PR Student. Total nerd for JRPGs and retro platformers. Two speed runners clip into a bar...

Sadame Review – The eShop’s Finest

The 3DS eShop has a lot of simple, thoughtless games, and a lot of what I consider to be "filler games" - quickly churned out indie-like games that are designed more to sell than to be good. Harsh, but it's no different to half of the games on Steam. So enter the unfortunately-named Sadame, a simple hack 'n slash RPG title published by Rising Star Games that sounds an awful lot like the forbidden love between a man and a beast. Yikes

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Review – Gotta Scan ‘Em All!

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is the latest Digimon game, and we sure had to fight for it. This game only managed to get localisation thanks to rabid fans in the west pushing for it, and I couldn’t thank them more.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Review

The latest instalment in the Ultimate Ninja series of Naruto games is huge. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is the biggest of the series yet with tons of characters, lengthy story and adventure modes and thousands of unlockables.

Final Fantasy Explorers Review – Eidolon Hunter 4 Ultimate

It was only a matter of time until Square Enix made a spin-off of their most famous franchise, Final Fantasy in the style of the Monster Hunter niche - creating Final Fantasy Explorers. The trailers for the game got me excited to play, with it’s unique ability system, monster collection and training, and the classic job system making a return. But… Squenix, baby, why’d it have to be so simplistic?
Shovel Knight Amiibo

Shovel Knight Amiibo – Hands-on Review

It's time to dish out some Shovel Justice once again. The newly released Shovel Knight Amiibo recently hit shelves after a slight delay over the winter period, but they're finally here. I got my Amiibo early last week and have had a play with it, so I think I can give a mini-review for what you can expect from it.
Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog gets a New Logo and Hints at New...

2016 is the bearer of plenty for the gaming community, but I can feel something much greater brewing. Something a bit spiky and blue. Could this be the year Sonic The Hedgehog bursts onto the current gen consoles?

Xenoblade Chronicles X Review

It’s not often I find a game too big to finish, in fact I’m not even going to try to pretend that I’ve played...

Sonic The Wasted Potential – How Sega Could Save Sonic

The downfall of Sonic is one of the most widely discussed topics in gaming, and as a shamefully huge Sonic fan myself it’s something I’m pretty well versed in. That said, the story of how a heroic console-selling mascot was reduced to weird spin-offs and mobile games has been retold so many times that I’m not going to weigh you down with another run through; it’s time to think positively, or at least constructively critical. Here’s some of my thoughts on the future of our beloved blue blur.
zelda tri force heroes

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Review – Link Up...

Did you ever get the chance to play Four Swords Adventures on the Gamecube? It was a four-player romp through Hyrule featuring Link, Link, Link and… Link! Back then the game had to played either solo with a gamepad or with up to three others by everyone plugging in their gameboys and using that as a controller. Alas, gone are the days of Gameboy link cables!

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Review – Bloody Cute

Another day, another obscure and niche PS Vita title for the three people who own the console. Corpse Party: Blood Drive is a survival...
“Error” On Official Overwatch Website Mentions a Console Versionvideo

“Error” On Official Overwatch Website Mentions a Console Version

There's been a long period of radio silence when it comes to the idea of Overwatch on consoles. Jeff Kaplan is on record as...
Don’t Expect Any EA HD Remakes Says COO Peter Moore

Don’t Expect Any EA HD Remakes Says COO Peter Moore

In a market absolutely plastered with HD Remakes, it feels odd that the one company swearing off HD Remakes is EA. COO Peter Moore recently spoke to IGN and discussed the remake market, stating that “It feels like pushing stuff out because you’ve run out of ideas.”

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Review

Nintendo are fantastic at making games that people don’t know they want. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer fits comfortably into that category, being another...

Disney Retires a Bunch of Mobile Games Including Monkey Island

It's sad times. Disney Interactive has retired a plethora of its iOS, Android and Windows Phone games. They'll still be playable, but there'll be...

Blood Bowl II Review – Touchdown or Tackled to the Ground?

I’d love to say that this game is amazing. It's the most literal version of fantasy football I’ve ever seen - basically Rugby with...

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