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As one of the resident board gamers at n3rdabl3, Alex rolls several tonnes of dice each year. In the remaining six hours of the day Alex reads enough comics to wallpaper a small hotel and plays several miniature war games quite badly.

Talking Tabletop: What’s a Deck-building Game?

One of this month's featured tabletop games is Marvel Legendary. It's a really good Deck Building card game but a lot of people hear Deck Building and think of Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. So this week we're looking to clear up any confusion on what exactly the Deck Building genre is.

Quarantine Preview

As a gamer who is slowly moving from video games to board games, it's always nice to find a game that is bridging the gap.
Pandemic Review Board Overview

PSA: Tabletop Content on n3rdabl3

We're going to be running a lot more tabletop content as of now. Want to know how?

Game of Thrones RISK: Skirmish Edition Tabletop Review

If you've searched for this review, you probably want to know if you should buy Game of Thrones RISK or not.

Penny Arcade Announce New Tabletop PAX

PAX Unplugged will take place in Philadelphia this November and will be completely tabletop centered.
tabletop games

n3 Gift Guide: Emergency Christmas Presents for a Tabletop Gamer

Don't panic! There's still time for the perfect gift. You don't even need to wait for delivery on these gems.
Dream Home

Jaipur Tabletop Review

A game of two traders trying to out-do each other for a job. Jaipur is central London internship battles taken to Rajasthan.
Dream Home

Dream Home Tabletop Review

With countless games out there about adventuring in a medieval fantasy land or shooting space men with space guns, it's a nice change of pace to play interior designer. Even if you're awful at it.

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5. What is it? Why Should you care?

Currently sitting at a tasty 12,267 backers pledging $5,643,130 - a cheeky 5643% - Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 isn't going to break records, it's going to shatter them and grind the fragments into powder.

Why Hitman’s Episodic Release was Perfect

We've seen episodic releases before with games like The Walking Dead or Life is Strange, but Hitman is the first time we've seen a...
The Walking Dead All Out War

Interview: Rob Burman on The Walking Dead: All Out War Part...

We caught up with Mantic Games about The Walking Dead: All Out War.
all out war

Interview: Rob Burman on The Walking Dead: All Out War Part...

Sometimes when we speak to a PR rep or a Community Manager you wonder how much they actually care about the game they're talking about. Sometimes you wonder how much they actually care about games in general.

Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space Ultimate Edition Review

Scurrying footsteps echo in the sector ahead. A smile full of pointed teeth spreads across an alien face and I blast into the room shredding the puny human apart. Well, I meant to. It turns out that one of the guys playing was bluffing so well that I thought he was a human. Instead of infecting a human I've actually just killed a fellow alien. Looking up from my map I see an unimpressed face looking back at me. My bad.
all out war

Interview: Adam Levine on The Walking Dead: All Out War

Since it was first announced, there has been a huge buzz around The Walking Dead: All Out War. Mantic Games, the guys behind Kings of War and Deadball - among others, are bringing The Walking Dead to the tabletop in a new way, and it looks incredible.

The Ravens of Thri Sahashri Review

The Ravens of Thri Sahashri is a beautiful co-op card game for two players. It's about a boy Feth trying to help the girl he loves wake from a coma. Ren is a young girl who lost her entire family to a plague and was sold as a courtesan apprentice, she met the son of a merchant, Feth, and they fell in love. The two escaped their lives to be together with the help of an elder courtesan who was killed as the two escaped. Wracked with guilt, Ren fell into a coma and now you have to take the role of the young lovers as Feth uses his ability to read the hearts of others to reach into her mind and try to wake Ren. Her mind is a wasteland of sad memories where Ren's song of poetry is being drowned out by the cawing of ravens.

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