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As one of the resident board gamers at n3rdabl3, Alex rolls several tonnes of dice each year. In the remaining six hours of the day Alex reads enough comics to wallpaper a small hotel and plays several miniature war games quite badly.
buffy the vampire slayer board game

Interview: Thomas M. Gofton On Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Board...

A few weeks ago we first saw the news that Lynnvander and Jasco Games will be bringing us a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game in October. The Internet hype train started to pull out of the cyberstation without any juicy details apart from the fact it'll be co-op.

n3rdabl3’s Top Five Board Games: Video Games Begging to be a...

With the tidal wave on interest behind it, it's fair to say that Dark Souls The Board Game is going to be huge. And with success like this, we might be seeing a few more video games make the leap from our screens to our tables.

n3rdabl3’s Top Five Board Games: Gateway Games

In the first of our new regular feature, n3rdabl3's Top Five Board Games, we're looking at our top five gateway games. They're all really accessible, with simple rules and mechanics to help you start your new venture into this hobby.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault Review

The two rebel heroes are nearing the cell where I have a rebel spy incarcerated. It's a long corridor and it's covered by a tripod laser machine gun. Three Stromtroopers are guarding the corner between the cell and the Rebel's escape route and they're backed up by two Royal Guards. For the first time in eight missions I think that I'm finally going to get a win under my belt. But no, one of the guys sitting opposite me rifles through his inventory and throws a Thermal Detonator or something - whatever, it's a space grenade. There's a one in six chance this dice roll will make the rest of this mission a walk over.

So You Want to Try Board Games?

So you've heard of this new thing called 'board games' and want to give them a try. The first hurdle however, is you don't know where to start, fortunately we're here to help you out.

Odin’s Ravens (Second Edition) Review

Every morning Odin the Allfather sends his two ravens Huginn and Muninn around the world to bring back news on how things are going on Earth. After thousands of years of circumnavigating the globe every morning the two ravens have gotten a little competitive and turned it into a race.

Burgle Bros Review

Three safes, three floors, three guards and four robbers. In Burgle Bros you and up to three friends will team up to get the loot and get out. Don’t get caught. Well, don’t get caught so many times you run out of stealth tokens.

Marvel’s All-New, All-Different Line-up Revealed

Since we first heard that the end of Secret War will bring us Marvel's All-New, All-Different series we've been waiting to hear what the full line up will be. And now it's here.

Big Stories are in the Future for Marvel’s All-New All-Different Avengers

Eisner Award-winning writer Mark Waid has spoken to Comic Book Resources about the All-New All-Different Avengers and what we can expect in October.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic Book Coming Back

BOOM! Studios will be the publishers taking on the Rangers and they have experience taking IPs from screens to pages, with Planet of the Apes, Big Trouble In Little China, Escape from New York, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Robocop and 28 Days Later.

Rupert Wyatt directing Gambit Movie

Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Escapist) has been named by Fox as the man behind the camera for next year's spin-off.

Plot Details Revealed for Ghostbusters Reboot

The Boston Herald has revealed a few plot points of the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters. The Herald got the story as a lot of shooting is taking place on the streets of Boston - beware, here be spoilers.

Tarantino’s Hateful Eight to open Christmas Day

Tarantino's 9th film, The Hateful Eight will be screened on the 25th of December this year. Distributors of the film, The Weinstein Company, announced the Christmas release date.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt says Sandman will be a “spectacular action film”

Director Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Don Jon) has said that his upcoming Sandman film won't rely on action cliches

Chris Hemsworth Cast in Ghostbusters Reboot

Paul Feig (Spy, The Heat, Bridesmaids), director of the reboot, took to Twitter to make the casting announcement.

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