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Google Play

Google Play Hackers Allegedly Rack up Thousands of Dollars on Woman’s...

Another day another lawsuit, Google are one of many companies in the industry that are getting pretty familiar with the inside of a court room. Susan Harvey a resident in California is suing Google after she claims hackers used her Google Play account to empty her back account of thousands of dollars between March 2013 and August 2014.
Disney Infinity Cover

Disney Infinity 3.0 Leak?

Uh-oh, it looks like a whole load of new figures have been revealed, suspected to be part of the yet to be announced Disney Infinity 3.0.
Wii U Black

Nintendo Announce New Indie Titles Set For Release This Summer

During Nintendo's Direct broadcast last night the company announced a handful of indie titles set to land on the Wii U later this year.

Mario Kart 8 is Getting a 200cc Class Plus a Whole...

It's happening it's finally happening, Nintendo are adding a 200cc racing class to Mario Kart 8.
Straight Outta Comptonvideo

Straight Outta Compton Second Trailer

The second trailer for the much anticipated biopic Straight Outta Compton is here! The first trailer introduced us to the world of Compton, this trailer showcases a lot more of that NWA experienced when they shot to fame - cars, money, shows and girls.

Swifty, Making iOS Apps on Your iDevice

At the 2014 WWDC, Apple introduced a new programming language called Swift and it got everyone at the conference and at home rather excited.
fuzzy banter

What the Hell is Fuzzy Banter

When this pops up on my Twitter feed I already hate it purely because of the name. Any use of the word 'banter' makes me physically cringe and, well, the use of the world in a dating app. No, please, no.

Paper Towns Trailer Doesn’t Disappoint

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! And it really doesn't disappoint. We finally get a glimpse into how John Green's best selling novel has been adapted, and the trailer looks like the film might just do the book justice.

Rakuten acquire OverDrive for $410 million

The Rakuten roster is growing now the Japanese e-commerce giant has announced the acquisition of eBook and Audiobook marketplace, OverDrive, for a cool $410 million.
dying light

Dying Light Infographic – Look at These Crazy Numbers

The official Dying Light Twitter account tweeted out a infographic that is chocked full of zombie stats. We already know that in the fourty-five days since the title was launched Dying Light has accumulated 3.2 million players, that is such an unimaginable number.
apple computer

Awesome GIF of the Apple Website in 1998

This GIF is a pretty awesome throwback to Apple's past Perfectly preserved in the internet archives is this GIF of Apple's website exactly how it...
SPY feature

Spy Movie Poster is Here and it Says Everything We Need...

Twentieth Century Fox's Spy poster sneaked up and looks great! The UK poster for Spy is finally here featuring Jason Statham, Melissa McCarthy and Jude...

YouTube for Artists Launches – Will it Help the Next ‘Big...

If you've ever spent longer than five minutes on YouTube you have probably stumbled upon someone in front of a mic or behind a guitar, these are YouTube musicians and in the last few years YouTube has become the musicians chosen platform.

DeNA and Nintendo Partnership Could Have Happened 5 Years Ago

Yesterday morning we covered the news that Nintendo and DeNA have partnered to release mobile games featuring the Nintendo characters we know and love.

Meerkat Boss Talks About Twitter Clampdown

SXSW is currently happening and with any event or festival it's a competition to be the most popular app used during the events. Meerkat the app that allows you to easily live stream via Twitter looked like it was going to be the hot app at this years SXSW, you could live stream your favourite band, various talks and any other fun stuff happening in Austin Texas.

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