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Apex Legends Bloodhound Screenshot

Apex Legends: Bans, Leaks and Gameplay Tweaks

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Apex Legends, the prodigious battle royale title reached 25 million players in its first week...
Apex Legends Character Still

Apex Legends’ Playerbase Champions 25 Million Users After One Week

Apex Legends has continued its meteoric rise up the battle royale food chain, hitting 25 million players just one week after its release. From...

Rocket League Cross Party Play Bridges the Gap Ahead of Season...

As Rocket League’s ninth competitive season draws to a close, Psyonix has started their huge spring clean as February welcomes the beginning of Season...
Minecraft Snapshot 19w03c

Minecraft’s Latest Snapshot Calls for Players to Roll Up Their Greensleeves

Mojang continues to impress with their latest Minecraft sneak peek in Snapshot 19w03c that introduces new farming mechanics. The introduction of campfires, exploration features and...

Minecraft Snapshot 19w02a Adds Campfires, Lecterns, and More!

As the new year gets up and running, Minecraft developer Mojang has delivered on their promise with the first intriguing snapshot of 2019. Though short and...
Minecraft Artwork

Mojang Release The Last Minecraft Village And Pillage Snapshot

With Christmas rapidly approaching, Mojang have given the Minecraft community an exciting taste of what is to come in the New Year as they released their last major snapshot of 2018.

Mojang Details Latest Minecraft Village and Pillage Snapshot

While many of us are still diving into Minecraft's Aquatic Update, Notch's little helpers have been working round the clock to make the up and coming Village and Pillage update into the best post-Christmas present to date.

Minecraft Developer Talk Reveals Village and Pillage Update Details

Minecraft, Mojang's crown jewel continues to refine itself with an all-new update that looks poised to get 2019 going in style. With a series of...

No Man’s Sky’s Abyss Update Brings a New Lease of Life...

If you’re like me, having more games than you can shake a stick at doesn’t really cut it, you can have everything but still find nothing to play. I have come across this issue more times than I can count and it often ends with me buying a cheap indie game to simply fill time before I ultimately go back to Rocket League.

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