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Awesome Con - Jason David Frank banner

Awesome-Con 2017: Interview with Jason David Frank

Our next interview in our series of interviews from Awesome-Con 2017 is with Jason David Frank. Jason is most widely known for playing Tommy...
dragon shield mmpr pwoer rangers

4 Power Rangers Who Should Wield the Dragon Shield

The Dragon Shield is the coolest bit of bling a Power Ranger canon, it's like a belt in wrestling, or the Infinity comic in Marvel Comics.

E3 2017 Preview & Predictions: Nintendo

E3 gets closer and closer every day and we're back with another preview to help you with the wait. This week we're jumping into...
Greninja Saga Runback 2017 n3rdabl3

Smash Tour: May 19-21 ~ Greninja Saga, Runback 2017, and the...

After the spectacular event that was Royal Flush, it's time for a stellar weekend for Smash for Wii U, some showcases of regional talent...
Spider Verse 2

Spider-man in WWE? He’s Gonna Need a Partner

Here's an interesting thought. If we mash up the WWE Universe with Marvel, you've got the greatest battle in the multiverse ever, but how would these Spider-men fair in wrestling?
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: oQo

Welcome to The Indie Fix, where we delve into the exciting world of indie gaming to have a gander at promising works in progress,...
Awesome Con - Greg Capullo banner

Awesome-Con 2017: Interview with Greg Capullo

Awesome-Con is coming up next month and n3rdabl3.com will be covering the event when it's time but leading up to the convention we will...

E3 2017 Preview & Predictions: PlayStation

The road to E3 2017 rolls on this week as we visit Sony's plan for the PlayStation family. Taking their normal time slot on Monday night, Sony looks to follow the big announcements from Microsoft that we'll have had over 24 hours to let sink in.

Smash Tour: May 12-14 ~ Royal Flush, The Dawg Pound 2,...

Another week, another suite of Super Smash Bros. tournaments. Interestingly enough, this is a week with a small amount of large events, with instead...

Marvel Need to Keep The Ultimate Fantastic Four

When will we see The Fantastic Four make their return to the pages of Marvel Comics? It's probably only a matter of time, but what version will see?

Three Genres that could Refresh the Harry Potter Series

Grab your wand and explore my magic ideas for what Warner Bros can do next with the Harry Potter universe in the wake of the news that even more movies are in the works.

The Portrayal of War in Video Games

As gamers, we have always had an unhealthy obsession with war. On one hand, war is full of tragedy, violence and atrocity. On the other it's an action packed, strategic and dynamic subject rife for exploration via game mechanics. The simple act of firing a weapon is made extremely satisfying in games and warrants the need for something to shoot at.
Bridgetown Blitz Glitch 3 n3rdabl3

Smash Tour: May 5-7 ~ Bridgetown Blitz, Glitch 3, and more!

If you're a cool and attractive person in 2017, then you must clearly follow Super Smash Bros. Esports. It can be tough too, as...
Iron Fist

Iron Fist Would Suck in an MMA Tournament

It's kind of clear that Iron Fist in the weakest link in Marvels Netflix TV series. So maybe it's time for Danny Rand to...

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