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Who Else Could be a Match for Resident Evils STARS?

They may not have done brilliantly against the might of the nefarious Umbrella Corps, but could Racoon City's elite police force be a match for other villains?
dick wilde

I Talked Dick Wilde and Virtual Reality With the Head of...

Last month, Bolverk Games released their swamp-based VR shooter Dick Wilde. The game came out as a launch title for the PSVR AIM controller...
smash tour smashadelphia omega road to shine rivals

Smash Tour: June 23-25 ~ SMASHADELPHIA, Road to Shine: Rivals, and...

  Moving on from CEO, the Summer of Smash ends June with two Regionals on the East Coast; from Philly to Long Island there are...

Awesome-Con 2017: Interview with Kel Mitchell

Our final interview from Awesome-Con includes the man who loves Orange Soda, Kel Mitchell. Kel, who is most popularly known for playing Kel on...

Five Surprisingly Standout Games from E3 2017

With E3 well and truly behind us, we've decided to look back and remind everyone of some of the more surprising yet standout games from the event.

WWE’s Stardust Could Make an Epic Comicbook Villain

A comic book villain is a complex thing. Without a good one, a hero sometimes can't be considered as great. I mean think about it, if Batman didn't have his iconic rogue gallery, would we have our Dark Knight?

The Best and Worst of E3 2017

So there we have it, E3 2017 is done for and we've got a whole host of new games to look forward to over the next 12 months. But with everything that was announced, what stood out the most and which titles really didn't need to wait until E3.

Dragon Ball Z vs Terminator Anyone?

Come with me if you want to read yet another dumb idea that I'm not ready to call fan fiction. This time let's pit the colourful cast of Dragon Ball Z against a more sinister man of steel.

Smash Tour: June 16-19 ~ CEO and DreamHack Summer 2017

It's that time of year again: Community Effort Orlando, more popularly known as CEO, is the largest FGC event this side of EVO; and...

What is Spider-man’s new Costume Capable of?

It's a new Spider-man so of course, we get a new costume. Though what can Tom Hollands Spider-man costume do? Can it do more than a spider can?
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: Yurei Station

This week the Indie Fix features Yurei Station, a creepy but beautiful point and click ghost story from Atelier Sentô.

Awesome-Con 2017: Interview with Stan Lee

Awesome-Con is kicking off this Friday but until we get there we still have more interviews to share with you from guests of the...

Goku vs Irredeemable Too Violent to Work?

A fight to the death or the end of reality?

Why not Merge Tron into the Marvel Universe?

I'm not a huge fan of waste, that's why I see the Tron franchise as an uneaten piece of dessert or a piece of paper that needs drawing on... It needs to be used for something.

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