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Recommended First-Stops at EGX Rezzed

In exactly a week the Tobacco Docks in London will be awash with nerds looking to get their hands on some of the best upcoming indie and PC games coming on the market in the next year or so. However all these games can often be quite overwhelming, where do you start? Well, we've got a few suggestions.

10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make a Game from

The announcement of TellTale's Guardians of the Galaxy got our team here at n3rdabl3 thinking: "What ridiculous IPs would we want to see the developers make next?!" Well, there were too many to go through, but we did narrow it down to a Top 10 of sorts.

I Played Danganronpa VR and I Liked it

There are certain things you never knew you wanted, right up until they're thrust right in front of your face. For example, being mocked by a homicidal teddy bear while on trial for murder is not something I'd ever considered experiencing before. Turns out though, it's a blast.

Not Every Marvel Movie has to be Superheroes

We've nearly had a decade of superhero movies. Overall, most of them have been great, of course with the good you'll get some bad, and all know this has an expiry date.

Our Top 8 Favourite SourceFed Videos

Following the news that Discovery's Group Nine Media have shut down the SourceFed network, we decided to look back at some of our favourite SourceFed moments over the past few years.

Video Games as Comics, Do They Work?

You may have walked through your local bookstore and noticed something interesting in the comic section. More and more video games are getting the comic book treatment. Whether its Darksiders, Dead Space, Dark Souls, or Assassins Creed, games are getting their universes expanded.

Geo-restricted Game Betas – What do you Mean?

One of the great things about video games today is the ability to properly try a game before buying. Until recently, developers released game demos, but only after the game was already out, in an effort to drive sales.
power rangers

Hey Power Rangers, Why Not Start a Wrestling League?

I have friends who are into Wrestling and I've been swatting up so I can at least have a competent conversation with them, or at least understand why John Cena is supposed to be so awesome.

Robotics will Reduce the Danger of Zomibes

If your name is Data or R2D2 you're in luck, since I reckon awesome machines are the best way to avoid the danger of a zombie apocalypse. Think about it, your typical garden variety zombie virus is organic, if in the infected bites you and you just happen to made out of meat... You're pretty much screwed.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Conquerors of Shambala Should get a Sequel

I must say, the live-action Fullmetal Alchemist movie does look promising, but I'm still carrying emotional baggage from Dragon Ball Evolution.

7 Things I’d Love to See in Star Wars Battlefront 2

When Star Wars Battlefront launched late in 2015, it was praised for its authenticity and attention to detail. The team at DICE had painstakingly recreated environments from the original trilogy, using assets from the movies themselves. The game was Star Wars through and through, from the sound design to the iconic locations, it was in many ways what fans had hoped for.

Stardew Valley vs. Harvest Moon – A Match Made in Heaven?

While the Harvest Moon series are games that have been around for decades, Stardew Valley came onto the scene just a little over a year ago and took a lot of people by surprise.

Rez Infinite: A Love Letter

Over the years, games come and go. Beloved consoles are replaced by shiny new versions boasting flashy new graphics and updated app support. But in spite of the fast pace at which we consume this oh so special form of media, some experiences just stick with us.

5 Video Games That Feel More Like Movies

Cinematics in a video game can either be a hit or a miss; sometimes they’re too long or not well done while at other times we wish there was even more to see.

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