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WWE’s Stardust Could Make an Epic Comicbook Villain

A comic book villain is a complex thing. Without a good one, a hero sometimes can't be considered as great. I mean think about it, if Batman didn't have his iconic rogue gallery, would we have our Dark Knight?

The Best and Worst of E3 2017

So there we have it, E3 2017 is done for and we've got a whole host of new games to look forward to over the next 12 months. But with everything that was announced, what stood out the most and which titles really didn't need to wait until E3.

What is Spider-man’s new Costume Capable of?

It's a new Spider-man so of course, we get a new costume. Though what can Tom Hollands Spider-man costume do? Can it do more than a spider can?

E3 2017 Preview and Predictions: EA

We've made it, we're two days away from kicking off E3 2017 and all of n3rdabl3's coverage of the event. We're ending with EA, who is the publisher with the first press conference of E3 on June 10. Again, visit n3rdabl3.com for the duration of E3 to see all the news from the weekend plus visit twitch.tv/n3rdabl3 and join us for all of the press conferences as we live stream them and chat with you guys. Also, pre and post show analysis for every conference, it'll be fun.
The Division screen

What’s Next for The Division?

Tom Clancy's The Division released just over a year ago and after a shakey start it has been improved a hundred fold with a series of fantastic expansions and additions to enhance the experience.

E3 2017 Preview and Predictions: Ubisoft

Nine days to go until we officially kick off E3 2017 and I'm glad I'm writing this article after Ubisoft announced Far Cry 5....

A Power Ranger Could Join the Justice League

Some people say the DC movies need a little more colour and what's more colourful than a Power Ranger? Well maybe rainbow Batman stands...

E3 2017 Preview & Predictions: Bethesda

We're two and half weeks from E3 and games are starting to pop up all over the place. Whether they're an announcement from the...
dragon shield mmpr pwoer rangers

4 Power Rangers Who Should Wield the Dragon Shield

The Dragon Shield is the coolest bit of bling a Power Ranger canon, it's like a belt in wrestling, or the Infinity comic in Marvel Comics.

E3 2017 Preview & Predictions: Nintendo

E3 gets closer and closer every day and we're back with another preview to help you with the wait. This week we're jumping into...
Spider Verse 2

Spider-man in WWE? He’s Gonna Need a Partner

Here's an interesting thought. If we mash up the WWE Universe with Marvel, you've got the greatest battle in the multiverse ever, but how would these Spider-men fair in wrestling?

E3 2017 Preview & Predictions: PlayStation

The road to E3 2017 rolls on this week as we visit Sony's plan for the PlayStation family. Taking their normal time slot on Monday night, Sony looks to follow the big announcements from Microsoft that we'll have had over 24 hours to let sink in.

The Portrayal of War in Video Games

As gamers, we have always had an unhealthy obsession with war. On one hand, war is full of tragedy, violence and atrocity. On the other it's an action packed, strategic and dynamic subject rife for exploration via game mechanics. The simple act of firing a weapon is made extremely satisfying in games and warrants the need for something to shoot at.
Games E3 Microsoft

E3 2017 Preview & Predictions: Xbox

It's the first week of May which means we're officially on the road to E3 2017. It's one of the most exciting times as...

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