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Find the latest comic book news from n3rdabl3 here, covering the likes of Marvel, DC, Titan Comics, Dark Horse, and more.

Mary Jane is About to Troll a TON of Marvel Comics!

Well this is pretty friggin exciting.. Mary Jane Watson is getting a superhero facelift! This June local comic shops will be getting a series...

Dark Souls: Tales of Ember #1 Due April, Interior Art Revealed

Prepare to visit the Dark Souls Universe once again in the newly announced series Tales of Ember!

Little Nightmares is Getting a Mini Comic Series

Bandai Namco and Titan Comics have partnered together to make a mini comic series based on the upcoming shadowy adventure game, Little Nightmares.

Overwatch: First Strike Graphic Novel Cancelled

The first full-length graphic novel for Overwatch titled Overwatch: First Strike has been canceled. The announcement was made on the official Overwatch forums by lead...

Inhumans Movie Kind of Going Ahead, as Well a TV Series?

The Avengers are gearing up for a space war and we're now getting an Inhumans TV show and movie? Okay then.


Getting your tux ready, Spidey is renewing his vows!
Power Rangers/ Justice League

Holy morphin Batman! Power Rangers are meeting the Justice League!

It just keeps getting better for Power Ranger fans.

Scalebound is Getting its Own Comic Book Series and Book of...

Despite Microsoft pushing the release of Platinum Games' upcoming action RPG Scalebound, into 2017, players will soon be able to jump into the world and lore of Scalebound with the release of a new comic book series as well as its own book of lore.

Ben Affleck Reveals Footage of Deathstroke on Twitter

Ben Affleck has taken to Twitter to reveal some footage of Deathstroke and remind us that Justice League and a new Batman movie is on the way.

New Iron Man Will Have a New Name: Ironheart

In the upcoming Iron Man series, we've learned that Tony Stark would be stepping down as Iron Man handing the reigns to a new hero, Riri Williams, a young science prodigy who created her own Iron man suit. But there was one big question, will Williams still hold the Iron Man mantle, despite not actually being a man?
dark souls crop

Dark Souls is Getting Another Comic Series, Dark Souls: Winter’s Spite

Titan Comics has announced another brand new Dark Souls comic series. This four part series is from the same creative team behind the first sell-out series, writer George Mann and artist Alan Quah.

Dark Horse and Blizzard Partner for new Overwatch Graphic Novel

Are you simply obsessed with Blizzard's latest multiplayer shooter, Overwatch, and you want to learn even more about the diverse cast of characters? Fear not, Blizzard has you covered with a new announcement out of Comic-Con.

Marvel Unveil New Invincible Iron Man… a 15-Year Old Girl

Following Marvel making the new Thor female, it seems another one of Marvel's Avengers will be getting the female treatment, this time it's Iron Man...

Dishonored set to get Tie-in Comics and Novels

Ahead of the first gameplay reveal of Dishonored 2 at this years E3 there has been some more Dishonored related news.

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