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Amazon Trademark Suggests Amazon Go Stores Coming to the UK

Amazon has filed a number of trademarks in the UK to suggest that its bringing is cashier-less stores to Britain and beyond.

Micro Drone Carbon Brings Affordable Access to FPV Drone Racing

Extreme Fliers have announced that following the success of the Micro Drone 3.0 IndieGoGo campaign, all drones have been shipped to backers. Now, they're looking to introduce a new product onto the market, The Micro Drone Carbon Fibre Racing Kit.

The MP3 is Dead?

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, the German institute behind MP3s, has officially retired the well-known and widely used audio format.
scorpio headset

First Official Project Scorpio Headset Revealed

Coming in time for Christmas the LS35X wireless gaming headset from Lucidsound is the first officially licensed Project Scorpio headset. Lucidsound has also revealed...

Twitch Studios: What This Could Mean for You

Twitch is not only the single biggest video game live-streaming network in the business, but is looking to become THE online mecca for production and hosting of events online.

WhatsApp’s Status has More Users than Snapchat…

Apparently more people are using WhatsApp's Status feature, which is basically Snapchat Stories for WhatsApp, than they are Snapchat itself.

Microsoft’s Latest Surface is a Direct Competitor to Google’s Pixel

During Microsoft's Surface keynote, the company announced "The Surface Laptop" a high-end notebook that runs the company's latest version of Windows, Windows 10 S. The...

HP and Acer Unveil the First Windows 10 S Computers

HP and Acer are the first two companies to announce laptops running Windows 10 S, Microsoft's attempt at muscling in on Google's Chrome OS market, but they're a little underwhelming
windows 10 s acer

Windows 10 S is Microsoft’s Chrome OS Competitor

During Microsoft's Surface event, the company unveiled Windows 10 S, Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS, a slimmed-down version of Windows capable of running on low-end hardware.

Trust in Technology Sector to Handle Data Responsibly is at Rock...

Only six percent of the public trust businesses in the technology sector to handle their personal data responsibly. Research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing showed that trust in the industry is much lower than other sectors such as financial services (34 percent) and healthcare (25 percent).
facebook spaces

Facebook Launches Beta of Spaces

Facebook has announced that it has launched its Virtual Reality hang-out platform, Spaces, into Beta on Oculus Rift to allow anyone hang out in virtual reality.

Strange Parts Creates iPhone 6S From Scratch in China

Ever wondered whether its possible to build your own iPhone from scratch? Well, one YouTube creator by the name of Strange Parts took the...

Learn to Make Games with PolygonCollege, Achieve C&G Diplomas

The PolygonCollege has launched and they're hoping to offer prospective game developers a step onto the game dev ladder with a series of courses aimed at providing qualifications needed to get ahead of the... ahem... game.

Latest Humble Book Bundle will have you Learning to Code

Humble Bundle and No Starch Press have partnered together to launch the Humble Book Bundle: Python. This collection of eBooks will have you learning to code from the basics to the more expert levels of the Python language.

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