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UK Bans Large Electronic Devices on Some Flights, Including Nintendo Switch

Following the US' decision to ban larger electronic devices being brought on-board flights from a select few countries, the UK, America's younger brother who's always following along trying to be "cool", is also following suit.
SourceFed Hosts 2017

Discovery’s Group Nine Media Shuts Down SourceFed in Huge Shift

Yesterday evening we heard the sad news that Discovery-backed Group Nine Media has shut down SourceFed, SourceFed NERD, and People Be Like, in a fairly dramatic shift.

The ALL Controller – ALL For One, Maybe One For All?

Third party controllers. Yeah, that. There’s no need to even explain the phrase because you’ve already probably started to scream, run to the hills or call an exorcist. But hold up, the ALL Controller is trying to change the way we feel, maybe fear, the dreaded 3PC - I think I’ve just made 3PC up...

Adblock Plus Parent Company Announces Members of Acceptable Ads Committee

Last year we sat down with Adblock Plus to discuss the future of ad blocking and what their plans for the future may be. One of those plans was to put together an independent committee for their Acceptable Ads initiative, and now, Adblock Plus parent company, eyeo, has announced the first members of the Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC).

Scorpio Delivers, Even For Xbox One Gamers

It's been known for a while now that the next Xbox console, known as Project Scorpio, will host 4K gameplay. Loads of players already started worrying: "do you need to upgrade your television as well to be able to play the newest games once the Xbox Scorpio hits the shelves?" According to several trusted sources, you don't.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Can be Used With Your PC, Mac and...

The Nintendo Switch has been out for a few days now which means that players are finally getting to grips with the console and its controllers. As well as discovering problems with the Joy-Cons, like the syncing issue, players are also finding interesting new ways to use them.

Facebook is Testing Reactions within Messenger

Facebook is apparently testing a new feature within Messenger, a react feature just like the one the company rolled out last year. However this time they'll be unleashing the thumbs down option onto folk.

Spotify Hits 50 Million Paid Subscriber Milestone

With the rise of music subscription services like Apple Music and Tidal, many wondered whether Spotify's stranglehold on the industry would let up. According to a tweet from the latest company, that grip is tighter than ever.

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Unveiled

NVIDIA has unveiled their newest graphical card monster during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti promises to perform significantly better than the Titan X and also outperforms the regular 1080. The catch? There's none, since the Ti will be available for a much lower price.

YouTube Launches TV Streaming Service, YouTube TV

YouTube has this week announced YouTube TV, a brand new TV streaming service which takes direct aim at cable TV providers by offering major TV networks for a fairly reasonable monthly price.

LG Goes Back to Basics with the LG G6

At the Mobile World Congress this week LG unveiled their latest flagship phone, the LG G6. In the past the company has offered many bells and whistles with their devices, however this time around the company has gone back to basics.

Zenimax Want to Halt Sales of the Oculus Rift

Earlier this year a three year court battle between Bethesda's parent company, Zenimax, and Facebook-owned VR company, Oculus VR, finally came to an end with the court ruling in favour of Zenimax. Now, the company is looking to halt sales of the Oculus Rift completely.

Google Home is Coming to the UK this Spring

Google has announced that their smart speaker, Google Home, is set to land in the UK this Spring.

The New Nokia 3310 is a Disappointment

Let's face it, those of us who grew up in the nineties have fond memories of the Nokia 3310. So to hear that HMD Global were to bring back the famously indestructible phone complete with the Nokia license, we were likely pretty excited.

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