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Guilty Gear xrd

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev. 2 Review

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator released back in June of 2016 to practically nothing but praise. Its gorgeous, stylised characters and backdrops, fluid combat, and...

Spellspire (PS4) Review

Imagine if you will, that all those years you spent learning all those fancy long words would finally come in useful. Imagine that those...

Disgaea 5 Complete Review

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance originally launched for PS4 way back in 2015 but the extra features make the Switch version of this game the definitive edition. It’s the one people who never played it before should play, and could even tempt back lapsed PS4 players for another whirl.
Attack on Titan Episode 33 Review

Attack on Titan – Episode 33 Review: The Hunters

The aftermath of last week's storm of an episode has brought us to a quieter place. A place filled with reflection as Mikasa, Armin and...

Dreamfall Chapters Review

Dreamfall Chapters is an emotional, nail-biting and enchanted journey with a unique plot. Though I haven’t played the two games that came before it,...

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Review

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is a pretty enjoyable ride, well mostly. When the first one came out in 2015, it proved it was a...
persona 5

Persona 5 Review

There's a lot to be said about a game which values its players time. The magical ratio of risk and reward is not always...

The Surge Review – No Vital Signs Found

I can almost guarantee that "Soulslike" is a term which is likely going to soon be used to describe this new era of "hardcore RPGs" which punish the player for the most smallest mistake. The Surge is the latest "Soulslike" game from the developers of another "hardcore RPG", Lords of the Fallen. But can it shake the Dark Souls comparison, or is it the same-old Dark with different Souls?
X-men Blue 3 textless

X-Men Blue #3 Review – Sensational Sentinels

Continuing our look at X-Men Blue as it runs, it's time for issue #3. If you haven't read my take on issue #2 then...
Attack on Titan episode 32 review

Attack on Titan – Episode 32 Review: Close Combat

After the rollercoaster of a reveal that was last week's episode, Eren and Reiner finally engaged in what can only be described as the clash...
Dark_Souls_4_2_Cv C

Dark Souls: Tales of Ember #2 Review

Dark Souls: Tales of Ember #2 yet again delivers a great expansion into the Souls universe.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review

Before I even begin, I just want to say upfront how much fun this game is. It’s fun. I mean really, really fun. This,...

Prey Review – Galaxy Fetch Quest

The sci-fi genre added a new game this May with Prey. Being shown off for the first time at E3 2016, people were glad...

Strafe Review – A Blood-Soaked Love Letter to the 90’s

Devolver Digital and Pixel Titans have created something special with Strafe... for the most part.

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