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Tales of the Neon Sea Announced, Kickstarter Begins

Palm Pioneer and publisher Zodiac Interactive have this week launched the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming point-and-click detective game, Tales of Neon Sea.

POGs are Making a Comeback… As a Mobile Game

Any kid from the 90s will likely remember POGs, those little cardboard disks which were the cause for many an argument as one person takes an entire collection because they played "for keeps". Now, it looks like they're making a comeback, but for the 21st Century.

Feel the Force and Support the Vader: A Star Wars Theory...

The Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming Darth Vader-focused fan film, Vader: A Star Wars Theory has gone live with the creator looking for a little over £600,000 to make it happen.
Hell Let Loose Screenshot

100-Player WW2 MMO, Hell Let Loose, Launches on Kickstarter

Developer Black Matter has this week launched the Kickstarter campaign for their massive World War 2 shooter, Hell Let Loose, which will see upto 100 players battling it out across the battlefield.

Smash Bros. Inspired “Indie Pogo” Kickstarter Launched

A Kickstarter campaign for Indie Pogo has just launched. The game is set up as a Super Smash Bros. style game for indies. Developer...

The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game Smashes Funding Goal

Cyanide & Happiness, the hugely popular comic strips created by Explosm are to be turned into a video game, thanks to a new campaign on...

D4 Developer SWERY Announces “Debt Repayment Life Simulation RPG” The...

SWERY, mostly known for oddball detective game Deadly Premonition and episodic adventure game D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die has started a crowdfunding campaign on...

Kickstarter Gold Brings Back Classic Campaigns with a Twist

Kickstarter has unveiled Kickstarter Gold a new limited initiative that will bring back 60 of the most memorable creators in Kickstarter history, back once...
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The #LiveFree Backpack is a Must-Have for any Travelling Techie

UK company KNOMO has launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign for #LiveFree, a "24/7 backpack" that'll keep not only you, but your gadgets juiced up, too.

SwitchCharge Fixes Two Major Problems with the Nintendo Switch

Available on IndieGoGo, the SwitchCharge hopes to fix two big problems with the Nintendo Switch, the terrible battery life, and the flimsy kickstand.
White and Wood Front

Beacon, the Little Cube that Could Improve Your Quality of Life

Today the Kickstarter campaign for Beacon has launched offering consumers the chance to grab something that could potentially change their quality of life.
Orb - Transparent

The Orb is like Philips Hue on Steroids

With the rise of the smart home many companies are hoping to offer cutting edge tech which often comes with a clunky hub you'll need to shove into a wall outlet at some point. There's nothing really stylish about smart home tech, sure your room can glow purple whenever you start watching Netflix, but it's hardly a center piece to wrap up a room.

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5. What is it? Why Should you care?

Currently sitting at a tasty 12,267 backers pledging $5,643,130 - a cheeky 5643% - Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 isn't going to break records, it's going to shatter them and grind the fragments into powder.

Smartphone Gimbal, Vimble S, Launches on Kickstarter

While you'll often find me drooling over the DJI Osmo Mobile, you'll likely never find one in my hands. I just can't quite justify paying almost £300 for a fancy selfie stick. However, in comes the Vimble S, a new smartphone gimbal that's just launched on Kickstarter which costs just $179 (around £150).

Actywell’s New Headphones Pick the Music Based on your Heart Rate

Deciding what music to listen to when you go about your day is usually the hardest part other than actually getting up and doing the thing you're supposed to do. So what if your headphones could do that hard work for you based entirely on your own heart beat? Well, the Actywell ONE headphones can do just that.

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