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The #LiveFree Backpack is a Must-Have for any Travelling Techie

UK company KNOMO has launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign for #LiveFree, a "24/7 backpack" that'll keep not only you, but your gadgets juiced up, too.

SwitchCharge Fixes Two Major Problems with the Nintendo Switch

Available on IndieGoGo, the SwitchCharge hopes to fix two big problems with the Nintendo Switch, the terrible battery life, and the flimsy kickstand.
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Beacon, the Little Cube that Could Improve Your Quality of Life

Today the Kickstarter campaign for Beacon has launched offering consumers the chance to grab something that could potentially change their quality of life.

Actywell’s New Headphones Pick the Music Based on your Heart Rate

Deciding what music to listen to when you go about your day is usually the hardest part other than actually getting up and doing the thing you're supposed to do. So what if your headphones could do that hard work for you based entirely on your own heart beat? Well, the Actywell ONE headphones can do just that.
Dawn of the Devs by Underdog Studioes

Dawn of the Devs Pays Homage to Several Grand Industry Leaders

In a delightfully light-hearted display of reverence and parody, Dawn of the Devs brings many industry leaders from behind the keyboard to onto the screen.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched for System Shock Reboot

Not satisfied with just remastering the 1994 classic, System Shock, developers Night Dive Studios have decided to completely remake the game and are asking for players' help via Kickstarter to make it happen.
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FLI Charge Brings Wireless Charging to Almost Any USB-Powered Device

FLI Charge is a brand new IndieGoGo campaign which hopes to bring wireless charging to the masses, and it's one step closer as it managed to smash its campaign goal in just two days.
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TrackR Partners with Ekster to Create Trackable Smart Wallets

Thanks to TrackR, those prone to losing their keys and other belongings are no longer doing so thanks to their range of trackers which can be used on keys, wallets, and even pets. But TrackR's new partnership hopes to go one further than something you put in wallets, and instead are creating a fully traceable wallet.
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This War of Mine Board Game Launches on Kickstarter, Secures Funding...

Another video game-based board game has launched on Kickstarter and has secured funding almost instantly. This War of Mine: The Board Game launched on the crowdfunding service and managed to achieve its initial goal of £40,000 in just a few hours.
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Say “Hello!” to Lumi, a Gaming and Entertainment Drone

Have you ever wanted a drone that would fly itself? How about one that has a gaming in mind? If that sound interesting to...

Use Your Body to Create Music, Art, and Play Video Games...

A brand new Kickstarter has launched today for a unique wearable called the XTH Sense, an open-source sensor which turns the human body into a creative tool, whether it's to create music and art, or even as a controller for virtual reality.
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Codeybot Teaches both Kids and Adults about Coding!

Makeblock has this week launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign for Codeybot, a brand new interactive robot which teaches kids and adults how to program, plus there's the added fun of shooting lasers, playing music, drawing faces, and much more.
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Balluga is a Smart Bed Set to Give you the Best...

With the home quickly becoming smarter, with thermostats that learn your habits, lights which can be switched on via our smartphones, and a whole series of Internet connected appliances, the one place the term "smart" has been missing, is the bedroom. But not any more thanks to Balluga, a brand new Kickstarter campaign for a smart bed that hopes to give you the best nights sleep ever.

Stardew Valley Review – An Indie Harvest Moon

I've tried playing Harvest Moon games or Rune Factory games in the past, but I've always had trouble getting into them. I don't hate the concept, but there's just something about them that's made it difficult for me to really get invested. However, there's something about Stardew Valley really had me hooked.

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch is Looking for Your...

You have no idea what that is, do you? That's alright, I didn't either until a few days ago, when I retweeted an announcement about the project because it sounded interesting. The developers then followed me and actually started a conversation about what brought my attention to their project. I love social developers like that!

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