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ksafe feature

kSafe, the Connected Safe that Keeps you Motivated, Launches on Kickstarter

When I originally heard about kSafe, I was offered the pitch that the safe could be used to keep you more active, help you complete goals, or in some cases keep things away from people for a certain amount of time. The reason for this is because the kSafe is more than just a safe that you can lock and unlock with your smartphone, the kSafe can give you the biggest challenge of your life.
Boy and Girl Building Above view

Bloxels Puts Video Game Design in your Hands..

Bloxels is a brand new Kickstarter from Pixel Press that puts you, the player, in control of the game and level design. Primarily a mobile game experience at its core, Bloxels blends both custom level design and mobile gameplay, with a physical toy to play with. You see, Bloxels isn't just any old game with a level creator, Bloxels is a platform to open up a world of possibilities for not just one video game, but for millions in the future.
Holus angle

Holus Makes R2D2’s Holograms a Reality

We've all seen Star Wars at some point in our lives and we all know about R2D2's ability to display little hologram messages to people, but this sort of technology has always been a thing of science fiction. Holograms are still even today a technology which is used to reference future technology advancements. But not any more as Holus hopes to bring hologram technology into your homes for various applications.
Droplet and hub jpeg

Droplet, a Smart Task-fuelled Button Heads to Kickstarter

The pitch for Droplet came into us at pretty poor timing, you see Amazon had just unveiled Amazon Dash, a sticky Internet-connected button that allows you to re-order specific products you're running particularly low on, but I was assured that while Droplet and Amazon Dash have their similarities, Droplet has much, much more to offer, and it's true.
Aumeo 12video

Aumeo Tailors EQ to your Unique Hearing Pattern

Let's face it, sometimes music that should sound great, just doesn't. This causes us to fiddle with EQ settings to make sure we hear the sound exactly how we think we should be hearing it. But sound engineers work tirelessly on sorting out the EQ and mix of songs before they're released so they sound how they should sound, so fiddling with the EQ on your sound system just ruins that hard work. That's something Aumeo hopes to fix.
black nexpaq case with modules

nexpaq is Like Project Ara, but in a Phone Case

Google's Project Ara could be the future of smartphones offering the ability to swap out modules to instantly upgrade your smartphone without the need to purchase a new device or renew to a more expensive contract. But Project Ara is still a little while away from being a reality and the company behind nexpaq know that, so they're hoping to develop a phone case which offers the modulation of Project Ara, in a much more accessible capacity.

Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter Hits Almost £1m

The spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie launched on Kickstarter yesterday and after just 40 minutes the game had reached its £175,000 goal and now we're almost at the 24 hour mark and already the game is teetering ever closer to the one million pound mark.
Dennis Hopper

Want to be on the Big Screen at Cannes? One Minute...

Usually to be tossed on the big screen at Cannes Film Festival, you usually need to have something phenomenal to show off. That's still the case, but CURB have built a giant screen on the top of the Grand Hotel in the centre of the Cannes seafront and is offering you the chance to get your one minute of fame at one of the most prestigious film festivals in Europe. Of course, this isn't the same screen showing workds from Jaco Van Dormael, Takashi Miike, Jeremy Saulnier and Sarunas Bartas, but one this Kickstarter campaign hopes to build.

We Happy Few – Don’t Forget to Take Your Joy!

The main premise seems to be that you, as the main character, are what is referred to as a “Downer”. What is a Downer? A Downer is someone who refuses to take the government prescribed happy pills (called “Joy”) that keep everyone blissfully doped up and unaware of anything going on around them of any consequence. You are a stubborn Downer, and your goal is to escape the city.

The Next Crysis Game Could be in Board Game Form..

If you've been eagerly awaiting news on a new Crysis game, don't hold your breath. While it seems unlikely that Crytek will be developing a new Crysis game any time soon, this might be the next best thing, a table top board game based in the world of Crysis. You will however need to help it secure funding.

Perception is a Blind First Person Horror Title from BioShock Devs

We've all probably had those dreams where you're struggling to see and the world around you just seems bizarre and unrecognisable. Well The Deep End, a new studio comprised of ex-Irrational Games developers hopes to make those nightmares a reality with Perception, a new game that's landed on Kickstarter and is seeking funding for this psychological horror.

Castlevania Successor, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Secures Funding

Igarashi, the creator of exploratory adventure game, Symphony of the Night and Dawn of Sorrow, to name a few, recently revealed another Castlevania style game on Kickstarter titled Bloodstained. The game is set to capture the classic feel of Igarashi's previous titles as well as offering a little bit of a modern twist, and seeing how Konami have no real interest in releasing another title such as this, players were pretty keen to let Igarashi know they wanted another game. That's probably why the Kickstarter for Bloodstained reached twice its funding goal in 24 hours.
road racer hills

Infinite Hill Climber Road Racer Hills Heads to IndieGoGo

Road Racer Hills has been in development for some time, and while the developers have almost completed, their self-funded efforts now need your help to make the game a polished reality. Road Racer Hills is a 3D hill-climbing title similar to games like Trials and more, but instead of trying to clamber your way over obstacles, the main objective is to get as far as you possibly can without running out of fuel and crashing.

The O – A Smart Tracker with Style, Launches on Kickstarter

I'll be honest, I've had my eyes on The O way before it launched on Kickstarter thanks to the wonderful team behind the project saying hello to us on Twitter. We managed to get an early look at the design and heard about the general idea behind The O too, and since then we've been eager to hear more and for it to finally launch on Kickstarter, and here it is.
The 13th Doll

The 13th Doll Officially Comes to Kickstarter

In a never-before seen deal, Attic Door Productions' The 13th Doll - a fan-game that pays tribute to Trilobyte Inc.'s classic 90s horror puzzle game The 7th Guest - has been given permission by the original game's developers to be made into a full-fledged official release. Responding to this, Attic Door Productions have taken to Kickstarter with the newly resurrected Trilobyte's blessing in tow.

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