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The O – A Smart Tracker with Style, Launches on Kickstarter

I'll be honest, I've had my eyes on The O way before it launched on Kickstarter thanks to the wonderful team behind the project saying hello to us on Twitter. We managed to get an early look at the design and heard about the general idea behind The O too, and since then we've been eager to hear more and for it to finally launch on Kickstarter, and here it is.

Kickstartme: Mutiny! A 16 Player Pirate-athon

It's gifs galore on the Mutiny! Kickstarter page, and rightly so. I mean, how else are you going to show off all that swashbuckling action? With still images? I don't think so... Mutiny! Is a chaotic pirate-themed massive multiplayer beat-em-up; think Super Smash Bros, Bomberman, or Gang Beasts, but with more swords, and sharks and pirate boats, and ridable pigs (for some reason).

Lookout Call of Duty, Battalion 1944 has been Successfully Funded

The Kickstarter campaign for Bulkhead Interactive's upcoming World War II shooter, Battalion 1944, has ended, securing a total of £317,281 through 10,0096 backers meaning that the game has been fully funded for a console and PC release, plus a handful of stretch goals.

The TouchJet WAVE Turns any TV into a Touch Screen

Don't you just hate that when you want to watch something on your TV, you have to find the remote, pick up the archaic device, and choose the channel you want to watch. How bad is that? Fortunately TouchJet are back with a completely new device which turns your TV into a touch screen, just like your smartphone or tablet.
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Kickstarter Accounts Face Security Threat.

Kickstarter has had the law officials involved recently when they were alerted that hackers had gained unauthorized access to the website and some customers data! Don't worry though No credit card information was accessed. As soon as Kickstarter had learned the information they strengthened their security measures...
White and Wood Front

Beacon, the Little Cube that Could Improve Your Quality of Life

Today the Kickstarter campaign for Beacon has launched offering consumers the chance to grab something that could potentially change their quality of life.
ToeJam & Earlvideo

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove Funks Up Kickstarter

It's time to get funking excited, as the creators of the original ToeJam & Earl are back with a brand new title, ToeJam & Earl:...

Kickstarter Project LMcable is Bringing Lightning and microUSB Together

In the market of cell phone accessories, there's a very large chasm of third party charging cables - some really good, some really, really bad.

E3 2015: Shenmue 3 Secures $2 Million Funding on Kickstarter

Sony wanted to blow players' minds with various unexpected reveals, the first was The Last Guardian, the second was the existence of Shenmue 3 and that, if fans wanted it enough, it would be coming to PC and PlayStation 4. During the announcement, Sony revealed that it would need to be funded first and they were looking for $2 million on Kickstarter. Well, just 9 hours later, Shenmue 3 passed the $2 million mark.
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Aumeo Tailors EQ to your Unique Hearing Pattern

Let's face it, sometimes music that should sound great, just doesn't. This causes us to fiddle with EQ settings to make sure we hear the sound exactly how we think we should be hearing it. But sound engineers work tirelessly on sorting out the EQ and mix of songs before they're released so they sound how they should sound, so fiddling with the EQ on your sound system just ruins that hard work. That's something Aumeo hopes to fix.

Be the Envy of your Colleagues at Lunch Time with the...

Packed lunches are boring, let's be honest here. Whether it's a half-dry sandwhich that you made the night before, or a bland, tasteless pasta salad, lunch time isn't exactly the most thrilling times of the day. Fortunately, a new lunch-based Kickstarter campaign hopes to spice up lunch time and have you the envy of your colleagues, it's called the Prepd Pack, and it's set to revolutionise the packed lunch.
cheese posties

Cheese Toasties in your Letterbox? Cheese Posties has your Back

Food, we love it. Food without any effort, we love that even more. So why not head to Kickstarter and pledge some money to Cheese Posties, a new campaign which hopes to bring the deliciousness of cheese toasties to your door.
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nexpaq is Like Project Ara, but in a Phone Case

Google's Project Ara could be the future of smartphones offering the ability to swap out modules to instantly upgrade your smartphone without the need to purchase a new device or renew to a more expensive contract. But Project Ara is still a little while away from being a reality and the company behind nexpaq know that, so they're hoping to develop a phone case which offers the modulation of Project Ara, in a much more accessible capacity.
WowWee Lumi banks left

Say “Hello!” to Lumi, a Gaming and Entertainment Drone

Have you ever wanted a drone that would fly itself? How about one that has a gaming in mind? If that sound interesting to...
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FLI Charge Brings Wireless Charging to Almost Any USB-Powered Device

FLI Charge is a brand new IndieGoGo campaign which hopes to bring wireless charging to the masses, and it's one step closer as it managed to smash its campaign goal in just two days.

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