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Das Keyboard’s Latest Mechanical Keyboard Connects to the Cloud

Das Keyboard has launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign for the Das Keyboard 5Q, and while it may look like any ordinary mechanical keyboard, it comes with some cloud-connected features.

Smartphone Gimbal, Vimble S, Launches on Kickstarter

While you'll often find me drooling over the DJI Osmo Mobile, you'll likely never find one in my hands. I just can't quite justify paying almost £300 for a fancy selfie stick. However, in comes the Vimble S, a new smartphone gimbal that's just launched on Kickstarter which costs just $179 (around £150).
Aumeo 12video

Aumeo Tailors EQ to your Unique Hearing Pattern

Let's face it, sometimes music that should sound great, just doesn't. This causes us to fiddle with EQ settings to make sure we hear the sound exactly how we think we should be hearing it. But sound engineers work tirelessly on sorting out the EQ and mix of songs before they're released so they sound how they should sound, so fiddling with the EQ on your sound system just ruins that hard work. That's something Aumeo hopes to fix.

D4 Developer SWERY Announces “Debt Repayment Life Simulation RPG” The...

SWERY, mostly known for oddball detective game Deadly Premonition and episodic adventure game D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die has started a crowdfunding campaign on...

Blackwake, a Naval Combat FPS Made by Two People

Blackwake is a work-in-progress game in a grossly underrepresented genre - FPS naval combat. As the game's Kickstarter page and trailer show, everything the genre entails are well accounted for already - sea dogs getting blown away by cannonfire (complete with some glorious ragdolls), ships crashing into other ships, galleons battling on the high seas, the works. If the sheer number of glorious moments shown in the game's Kickstarter trailer above taken from a bunch of different Twitch streams is anything to go by, the game's looking like a right laugh already.

The Pepsi Phone is Real, you Just Can’t buy it.

Apparently China is all over that Pepsi hype. Forget Coca-Cola, Pepsi is where it's at, and I'm totally fine with that. However, I'm not totally fine with the inability to get my hands on the Pepsi Phone.

Kickstarter Project LMcable is Bringing Lightning and microUSB Together

In the market of cell phone accessories, there's a very large chasm of third party charging cables - some really good, some really, really bad.
kickstarter logo

Kickstarter UK has Raised Over £25 Million for Games Alone

Kickstarter has been a fantastic platform for many people to have their ideas made into reality thanks to the every day user pledging money to aid production, but how much of that money has helped UK campaigns? Well according to some new statistics, Kickstarter has raised over £25 million for game campaigns alone.

We Happy Few – Don’t Forget to Take Your Joy!

The main premise seems to be that you, as the main character, are what is referred to as a “Downer”. What is a Downer? A Downer is someone who refuses to take the government prescribed happy pills (called “Joy”) that keep everyone blissfully doped up and unaware of anything going on around them of any consequence. You are a stubborn Downer, and your goal is to escape the city.

LIGHTFREQ Update – New Rewards For The Final Days

Recently we brought to your attention the Kickstarter project for LIGHTFREQ "The lovechild of Phillips hue and Jambox", so here is an update on...
Dawn of the Devs by Underdog Studioes

Dawn of the Devs Pays Homage to Several Grand Industry Leaders

In a delightfully light-hearted display of reverence and parody, Dawn of the Devs brings many industry leaders from behind the keyboard to onto the screen.

Castlevania Successor, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Secures Funding

Igarashi, the creator of exploratory adventure game, Symphony of the Night and Dawn of Sorrow, to name a few, recently revealed another Castlevania style game on Kickstarter titled Bloodstained. The game is set to capture the classic feel of Igarashi's previous titles as well as offering a little bit of a modern twist, and seeing how Konami have no real interest in releasing another title such as this, players were pretty keen to let Igarashi know they wanted another game. That's probably why the Kickstarter for Bloodstained reached twice its funding goal in 24 hours.
black nexpaq case with modules

nexpaq is Like Project Ara, but in a Phone Case

Google's Project Ara could be the future of smartphones offering the ability to swap out modules to instantly upgrade your smartphone without the need to purchase a new device or renew to a more expensive contract. But Project Ara is still a little while away from being a reality and the company behind nexpaq know that, so they're hoping to develop a phone case which offers the modulation of Project Ara, in a much more accessible capacity.

Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter Hits Almost £1m

The spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie launched on Kickstarter yesterday and after just 40 minutes the game had reached its £175,000 goal and now we're almost at the 24 hour mark and already the game is teetering ever closer to the one million pound mark.
sensible soccer

Sensible Soccer is Getting a Modern Remake

Forget FIFA and PES, there's a new football-based rivalry on the block and that's between the recently announced Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival and the just-announced Sensible Soccer reboot.

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