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From Kickstarter to IndieGoGo, find all of the latest news and features on video game, tech, and nerdy crowdfunding campaigns n3rdabl3 finds interesting.

Stardew Valley Review – An Indie Harvest Moon

I've tried playing Harvest Moon games or Rune Factory games in the past, but I've always had trouble getting into them. I don't hate the concept, but there's just something about them that's made it difficult for me to really get invested. However, there's something about Stardew Valley really had me hooked.

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch is Looking for Your...

You have no idea what that is, do you? That's alright, I didn't either until a few days ago, when I retweeted an announcement about the project because it sounded interesting. The developers then followed me and actually started a conversation about what brought my attention to their project. I love social developers like that!

Lookout Call of Duty, Battalion 1944 has been Successfully Funded

The Kickstarter campaign for Bulkhead Interactive's upcoming World War II shooter, Battalion 1944, has ended, securing a total of £317,281 through 10,0096 backers meaning that the game has been fully funded for a console and PC release, plus a handful of stretch goals.

Kickstarter Project LMcable is Bringing Lightning and microUSB Together

In the market of cell phone accessories, there's a very large chasm of third party charging cables - some really good, some really, really bad.

OSSIC X Kickstarter Finally Launches, The Worlds Most Advanced 3D Audio...

For the past month or so, OSSIC have been teasing their upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the OSSIC X headphones, the first headphones to offer 3D Audio which is calibrated specifically to its user, and as an audiophile, I'm absolutely pumped.

New Kickstarter, Kamibot, Blends Paper Craft with Coding Lessons

If you're a regular reader of n3rdabl3, you'll know that I'm ad advocate for coding to be taught at a young age, our future generations should be able to have some understanding of how today's tech works, and teaching them how they're designed and how they work on a coding level is definitely the way forward. But there's one problem. Staring at lines of code isn't the most exciting thing to do. Fortunately, there's a new Kickstarter campaign which hopes to make coding fun by combining it with a programmable robot and paper craft!

StoryStarter is a Family-driven Crowdfunding Service For Your Personal Biography

Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe, are a number of crowdfunding services with the sole purpose to raise money for your ideas or your personal goals. But what about if you wanted help creating a personal biography to celebrate someone you loved? Unfortunately all the money in the world wouldn't helo you with that one, fortunately, a new crowdfunding service, StoryStarter, hopes to do just that.

Battalion 1944 Hits Kickstarter, Hopes to Reignite the WWII Shooter

I've been saying for some time that the shooter genre has become too obsessed with modern warfare, and as of late, futuristic warfare. Gone are the days of proper authentic World War II shooters. Fortunately one Kickstarter campaign gives me hope. It's called Battalion 1944, from Derby-based developers Bulkhead Interactive, and hopes to reignite the WWII shooter.

Be the Envy of your Colleagues at Lunch Time with the...

Packed lunches are boring, let's be honest here. Whether it's a half-dry sandwhich that you made the night before, or a bland, tasteless pasta salad, lunch time isn't exactly the most thrilling times of the day. Fortunately, a new lunch-based Kickstarter campaign hopes to spice up lunch time and have you the envy of your colleagues, it's called the Prepd Pack, and it's set to revolutionise the packed lunch.

I Need this Levitating Air Bonsai in my Office

A new Kickstarter campaign has just smashed through its initial $80,000 funding goal and it's one that I must definitely have in my office, right now. SOMEONE HAND ME MY MAGNETS.
GRIP Combat Racer Interview Caged Element

GRIP – Combat Racing to Make a Triumphant Return?

We may have been waiting for over fifteen years, but at last, combat racing is making a triumphant return next month with the public release of GRIP on Steam Early Access. Or at least, that is what David Perryman, Producer of GRIP tells us.

Linked To The Wall – A Pretty Kickass Kickstarter

So here’s a cool idea for those of us with old games that we hold on to for sentimental reasons. There’s a Kickstarter going on for a company called Linked To The Wall.
Kurv Guitar

Kurv is a Guitar that Doesn’t Even Needs Strings…

Air Guitars, probably the biggest joke in the music world. We all know how to play them, its requires little skill, but it does require style. Something that I must admit, I don't have, I look more like a dad trying to impress the kids at a party. Though, I doubt I look any better when I play a real guitar... Anyway, for those of you like me, with little style but some musical skills, what if that air guitar could actually play music? Introducing Kurv, and new Kickstarter campaign where your air guitar can actually make a sound.
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9 Percent of Crowdfunding Projects Don’t Deliver says Kickstarter

For the most part, crowdfunding is a fantastic way for creatives to get their idea off the ground, be it a band wanting to crowdfund an album, a developer wanting a video game funded, or a tech startup wanting their product to become a reality, among other things. But sometimes, despite a project hitting their funding goals, they don't always deliver.

Imagination Technologies Ci40 Board Gets Successfully Crowdfunded

Imagination Technologies (ImgTech) revealed yesterday that the Kickstarter for their next generation development kit, the Creator Ci40 has now been fully funded with two weeks left to go, and that they're pushing for some pretty awesome stretch goals.

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