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From Kickstarter to IndieGoGo, find all of the latest news and features on video game, tech, and nerdy crowdfunding campaigns n3rdabl3 finds interesting.

The Pepsi Phone is Real, you Just Can’t buy it.

Apparently China is all over that Pepsi hype. Forget Coca-Cola, Pepsi is where it's at, and I'm totally fine with that. However, I'm not totally fine with the inability to get my hands on the Pepsi Phone.
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Fnatic Launches Fnatic Gear IndieGoGo Campaign

For those of you who actively follow the eSports scene, you'll likely have heard of Fnatic, one of Europe's most prominent and successful eSports teams, and if you're a fan of Fnatic, then today is a good day as you'll soon be able to play like the pros using Fnatic Gear, a new line of gaming products from the eSport team, which launched on IndieGoGo today.

The Banner Saga: Warbands Secures Funding in just 30 Minutes

The Banner Saga: Warbands launched on Kickstarter yesterday and is a tabletop miniature board game based on the hit indie title The Banner Saga, and after just 30 minutes it secured its funding goal of $50,000.
sensible soccer

Sensible Soccer is Getting a Modern Remake

Forget FIFA and PES, there's a new football-based rivalry on the block and that's between the recently announced Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival and the just-announced Sensible Soccer reboot.

mod-3 Refreshes their RADIUS Case with the ALT, on Kickstarter Now

Two years ago, mod-3 launched a Kickstarter for an incredibly minimal iPhone case which offers optimal protection with less of the bulk of traditional phone cases. It was incredibly well received and has also found itself with a slew of imitators. So they're back with a new case called the Alt, and it's a refreshing take on their original RADIUS design.
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BeeLine, a Smart Navigational System for Cyclists Launches on Kickstarter

Though the idea of satellite navigation isn't unique any more, there's still a lot to be done for navigating while on foot and on bicycles. Sure, Apple and Google Maps offer ways to show you where to go, but all of them require either to hold a phone, or to own an expensive smartwatch. Fortunately, BeeLine is the best of both worlds and is looking for funding on Kickstarter.
anchors in the drift

Scribblenauts Developer is Looking for $500K for its Next Game

5th Cell, the developer behind the anything is possible puzzle game, Scribblenauts, has revealed that they're seeking funding for their next game, Anchors in the Drift, a free-to-play action role playing game. To do this, they've not headed to the usual places, instead they've gone to Fig, the new video-game focused crowdfunding site from Double Fine.
Strategic Board Game Rivals: Masters of the Deep Gets Funded

Strategic Board Game Rivals: Masters of the Deep Gets Funded

After cancelling the initial campaign, earlier this month Chase Layman and the team behind Rivals: Masters of the Deep relaunched the Kickstarter campaign for their tabletop strategic war game, now with fan-requested features included.
Scatter – Angle

Modular Smartwatch BLOCKS Secures Funding in a few Hours

Smartwatches are available in all shapes and sizes but when it comes to features, it's essentially a one-size fits-all affair. Because of this, squeezing a bunch of features in one tiny device can mean that some things are omitted, be it battery life, or on-board memory, but what if you could combat that issue? Well Blocks, a new modular Smartwatch which launched on Kickstarter yesterday, hopes to do just that.

GoPro stabilizer Aetho Aeon surges over Indiegogo goal

Aetho promises to make "video worth watching" through stabilization made simple, while also trying to make an aesthetically pleasing and uncomplicated product for film makers new and old.
allison road

Terrifying PT Tribute, Allison Road, Launches on Kickstarter

Although we're all just about coming to terms with the idea that P.T. or Silent Hills will never happen, UK-based studio, Lilith, is still hanging on, so much so that they've made Allison Road, a successor of sorts to Konami's game that'll never happen.

A Fighting Game… From the Creator of My Little Pony???

You read that right. Them's Fightin' Herds is a fighting game being crowdfunded by My Little Pony and Super Best Friends Forever creator Lauren Faust,...

The O – A Smart Tracker with Style, Launches on Kickstarter

I'll be honest, I've had my eyes on The O way before it launched on Kickstarter thanks to the wonderful team behind the project saying hello to us on Twitter. We managed to get an early look at the design and heard about the general idea behind The O too, and since then we've been eager to hear more and for it to finally launch on Kickstarter, and here it is.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Hits Kickstarter Goal in just 12 Hours

It seems games and Kickstarters go hand-in-hand. People love the idea of being part of a game's development, so it comes as no surprise that the sequel to Divinity: Original Sin has already hit the set funding goal.
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Butterfleye Smart Security Cam Smashes IndieGoGo Goal

Butterfleye looks like a mouthful to pronounce, but it's ridiculously simple, it's just Butterfly with a silly spelling. Much like the name, Butterfleye is also ridiculously simple in terms of usability. Not only is it a high quality security camera, but its installation is effortless, and with its built-in memory, there's no need to pay monthly fees to ensure your home is safe.

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