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explosing kittens headder

Exploding Kittens is the Most Backed Kickstarter Campaign Ever, Hits 1000%...

Matt Inman and his cartoon, The Oatmeal, have some sort of stranglehold on the Internet in the way that no matter what they touch, it'll turn to gold. They're the King Midas of the Internet, there I said it. And their latest escapade has once again toppled over the World Wide Web, but how? With a card game about exploding kittens, of course.
Top Shot – Pink PRYNT Case & Coffee Table v.1

Instantly Print your Selfies with Prynt, a Phone Case with a...

You know what the world needs? The ability to instantly print out our stupid selfies in an instant, and that's exactly what the guys...

Classic Commodore64 and Amiga Musical Scores on Kickstarter

Chris Huelsbeck, famous and acclaimed composer of awesome video game music, has a Kickstarter in progress for a book on musical scores from classic Commodore64 and Amiga titles - including the (ever-so-slightly controversial) Great Giana Sisters.

This Bizarre Gaming Peripheral Could Literally Kill You..

What would you say if someone asked you to get hooked up to an IV while you play games that actually took the blood out of your body whenever your character on the game received damage and started bleeding out? You'd probably tell them to piss off because it sounds absolutely absurd, right? Well, apparently not, as a new Kickstarter has just launched for a gaming peripheral that does just that.
Playmute device HQ white background

Playmute Kickstarter Hopes to Banish TV Ads Forever

Advertisements, everybody hates them but they're not going to go anywhere soon as many people rely on ad revenue for their companies to thrive, so instead why not block them out with something you'd rather see instead? Playmute is a brand new Kickstarter that hopes to offer something instead of advertisements for insurance, coffee, and toilet roll by simply clapping your hands.

Tailio is a new Health Tracker.. For Your Cat! Now on...

Here at n3rdabl3 we come across a lot of weird and wonderful Kickstarter projects, this week we're looking at the Tailio for Cats from...

Kickstartme: Mutiny! A 16 Player Pirate-athon

It's gifs galore on the Mutiny! Kickstarter page, and rightly so. I mean, how else are you going to show off all that swashbuckling action? With still images? I don't think so... Mutiny! Is a chaotic pirate-themed massive multiplayer beat-em-up; think Super Smash Bros, Bomberman, or Gang Beasts, but with more swords, and sharks and pirate boats, and ridable pigs (for some reason).

LIGHTFREQ Update – New Rewards For The Final Days

Recently we brought to your attention the Kickstarter project for LIGHTFREQ "The lovechild of Phillips hue and Jambox", so here is an update on...
Digisole 2

Digitsole Launches On Kickstarter

We here at n3rdabl3 keep our eyes out for fun and interesting projects that appear on Kickstarter. The latest one that has come to...
kickstarter logo

A Kickstarter to Add a Little Light to Your Life: LightFreq

Kickstarter has had some weird and wonderful ideas, who can forget the potato salad that made $55,000. Today LightFreq have taken to the crowd-funding...
kickstarter logo

Kickstarter Accounts Face Security Threat.

Kickstarter has had the law officials involved recently when they were alerted that hackers had gained unauthorized access to the website and some customers data! Don't worry though No credit card information was accessed. As soon as Kickstarter had learned the information they strengthened their security measures...
Aura Smart Phone

Aura Smart Dock, A Kickstarter for drivers.

We've been highlighting more and more Kickstarters recently and today I want to share the Aura Smart Dock. It's the in car companion for us phone fans. Android specifically. The Aura Smart Dock is a safe way to talk, text, shoot and snap all whilst safely operating your motor vehicle...

Full 360-degree Video Camera, Bublcam Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal in Just...

On November 5 Canadian startup Bubl launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Bublcam the world's first full 360-degree camera that can not only capture full HD 360-degree video and photo's but can also live stream whatever is going on around you. Within 12 hours the Bublcam reached it's CAD$100,000 funding goal and with 31 days to go is well on the way to achieving a series of stretch goals.

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