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Monster Hunter: World – Tips on Rathian Hunting

Everyone remembers their first, right? For me it was Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, entering zone 2 which is usually full of Apotonths going...

Why The Naruto Anbu are Some of my Favourite Ninjas

Ninjas have been cool for a long time, they've made their coolness known in movies comics books, games and loads of over different ways. In terms of movies, you've got a whole bunch of them backflipping around and kicking butts, a cool example is, of course, Christopher Nolan's Batman.
Unity Logo

Interview: Unity Technologies on the Future of Unity

Recently, Unity Technologies released a tech demo, "Book of the Dead", for their latest engine update Unity 2018. Needless to say, this demo was beyond impressive and an exciting tease for what lies in store for video games in the future, more specifically in terms of their graphical fidelity.

Four Ways to Fix Power Rangers Time Force

When I first came up with this article format, it was more about fixing stuff that had potential but it somehow went wrong, but if I'm honest, I don't have a huge problem with Power Rangers Time Force.

Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far (Part 3) – Let’s Get...

We're finally nearing the end of our Kingdom Hearts journey but let's take a little break here to talk about DiZ, at least before...

Why Power Rangers Wild Force Lost Me As A Viewer

As you grow up, things change. You get taller and your voice gets deeper and one day, you just won't watch Saturday morning kids TV anymore. Yes, it'll happen to you too and you won't realise until much later on. Though if you're like me, who remembers the names of most Power Rangers, you will remember that fateful day.

Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far (Part 385/2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our Kingdom Hearts plot summary. First off, let's look at Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days. From here on I'll be...

The “True Story” Behind Horror Movie ‘Winchester’

On Feb 2, the new horror movie Winchester will be in theatres. Trailers and other promotional material have been pushing the fact that Winchester has been adapted from a true story--but what exactly is that true story?
Stargate Universe

Four Things That Could Fix Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe was the third live-action TV show in the franchise's history and it could be argued that its lukewarm reception lead to the show and franchise being put on ice. When I say ice, I mean literally in terms of storytelling. Though before we get to that, we need to go back the beginning.

Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far (Part 1) – Where It...

The next chapter in the Kingdom Hearts saga will be coming soon, probably. We can expect to see it some time this year so...

Opinion: PUBG – Literally the Worst?

So. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a pretty hot topic right now. Everyone's talking about the game for all kinds of reasons, good and...
Doctor Who

What got me into Doctor Who

Doctor Who is due go through a huge change this year since they decided to cast the new Doctor as someone who has longer hair than usual.

Why we Support Replacing the ‘Mona Lisa’ with a Still From...

We know this sounds like heresy. It's important to honor art history and the Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings the Western world has to offer. But isn't it time for a little change?

5 Nerdy Soap Opera Storyline Ideas

Did you know Soap Operas have gained their names because American daytime dramas we're mainly sponsored by soap companies? That's right, and since then they've been totally ridiculous a silly parody of real life.
Monster Hunter World Dragon

Monster Hunter: World – What Are The Elder Dragons?

The most recent Monster Hunter: World trailer showcases a number of Elder Dragons we'll be encountering throughout the game. To say these beasts are large is an understatement. It will take everything you've got to take down one of these god-like creatures.

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