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the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix – Spike

For this week's Indie Fix, I played the very charming and endearing, Spike. First thing to say about this game is that is just stunning. No exaggeration, it's stunning.

Who are The Inhumans? Here’s what you Need to Know

Marvels Royal Space Family is about to make its first live action debut, but if you find yourself saying, "who are The Inhumans?" Don't worry we've got you covered.
n3rdabl3 at Heir 4 nottingham super smash bros. melee

Join us at Heir 4 Next Week

From August 17-21, Smashers the world-over will descend upon Nottingham for Europe's ultimate Melee experience; and we're going to help bring the experience to you!
super smash con 2017 smashbox 4

Smash Tour: August 11-13 ~ Super Smash Con 2017, SmashBox 4

More than a tournament; this week sees the return of Super Smash Con, the aptly named Nintendo Fan Convention all about Super Smash Bros., and...
the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: Chillin ‘N Killin

Welcome to this weeks Indie Fix! This week I found a hidden gem that I think has some serious potential. Enter Chillin 'N Killin. It's...

5 Interesting Facts about the Spider-Man Comics

Swinging some knowledge over to you!

Micro Transactions in Shadow of War? You Messed up Warner Bros.!

By now I'm sure everyone has heard about Warner Bros.' decision to include micro-transactions in their new upcoming AAA Title, Shadow of War. The issue...

Splatoon 2: Tips and Tricks

Splatoon 2 is a very simple and easy to play game but that doesn't mean it can't be quite complex as well. Focusing primarily...

Smash.gg Raises $11 Million in Funding

Smash.gg has announced this week that they just reached a new milestone... $11 Million in funding! Smash.gg was founded in 2015. They are THE open...
Smash Tour Low Tier City 5 Smash Factor 6

Smash Tour: August 4-6 ~ Low Tier City 5, Smash Factor...

If last week was the North with Get On My Level 2017 and Defend the North, this week is about going down South with Low Tier City...

Why There’s so Much Toxicity in Overwatch’s Competitive Queue

Underneath Overwatch’s cartoony facade lies something sinister. It corrupts the hearts of good men and women, leaving them nigh-unrecognisable. This phenomenon has many names:...

The Indie Fix: Ravager

Ravager is an upcoming 2D platformer created by indie developer Horse Beverages Studio that is set to be released sometime in 2017. Just this...

How to Make Spider-man 3 a Good Movie

Spider-man movies seem to be good again and that's is indeed something to be happy about, though what could've been done to fix Spider-man...

5 Things you May Not Know about the Power Rangers Comics

The Power Rangers are back, keeping their domain on TV and attacking the big screen as well, though what do you know about their time in comics?
n3rdabl3 at evo 2017

n3rdabl3’s Evo 2017 Wrap Up – Part 1: The Floor

The Evolution Championship Series (hereby referred to as Evo) is the largest, most prestigious fighting game tournament in the world, as the commercials would...

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