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Comics of 2015: Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1

So we continue the countdown of what I reckon were the best comic books I've read this year with a Green Lantern comic. This week, we shall talk about Green Lantern The Darkseid War one shot. Which I thought was rather good.
HP: Quidditch World Cup

#ThrowbackThursday – Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

Yo yo! It's that time of the week again, #ThrowBackThursday is here once more. And today it's a childhood special. So Grab your wand and broom you young wizard and witches, because we're going back to Hogwarts! Harry Potter was a massive part of a lot of peoples lives whether it was the books, the films or the mediocre tie-in games, Harry and Co. were very much present in a lot of childhood's...
final round

Who to Watch at Final Round 20

Long running Fighting Game Tournament Final Round kicks off this weekend. And yes, the number "20" does indeed indicate that the series has gone on for 20 years! Orchestrated by community veteran Larry "Shin Blanka" Dixon and his dedicated team, the event will be running over 16 games and doubles up as the first Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event.

Interview: How The Crew 2 Hopes to Become the most Diverse...

The Crew 2 is Ubisoft's second attempt at bringing a massive immersive, yet grounded open world to the racing video game scene following 2014's...

Who Could Replace the Thunderbird Pilots?

Imagine this, Grandma Tracy has given food poisoning to all of the Thunderbirds pilots, so they have to call in some in some friends to pick up the slack. But who could it be? Who could save the world in such late fashion?

Is the Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga Cursed? It is for...

Have you ever noticed odd coincidences in your life? I've noticed an odd Dragon Ball Z one in mine. Every time I attempt to make my way through the Buu saga, life tends to get rather cross and intervene.
dragon ball z 1

My Top 5 Nerdy Martial Arts Moves to Geek your Way...

Listen closely Daniel San, it's time to check out the top 5 geeky martial art moves you can use in your next ultimate showdown with your arch nemesis for the fate of the world and in some cases, the universe.

Where to Begin with Kingdom Hearts

So you've seen the flashy trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 and maybe you've always been meaning to get into the series. But now there...

How Price Ranges Saved FIFA Ultimate Team

I was 16 when FIFA 15 was first released, slap bang in the middle of the FIFA demographic. Like many gamers my age, I...
overwatch league

A Big Question for Overwatch League

Though several issues lay unresolved for Overwatch League (OWL) investors and team organisers, the problem that has many players and consumers scratching their heads is a cultural one.

How To Keep Gaming History Alive

Video games haven't been about that long in the grand scheme of things. They've only existed for about 60 years and they've only been...

LEGO Dimensions: An Interview With Arthur Parsons

At the recent London press event for LEGO Dimensions to celebrate the release of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them story pack,...

Why Power Rangers Beast Morphers Should Appear in Shattered Grid

Summer is on the way and Shattered Grid, the Power Rangers comics mega event, is in full swing with Power Rangers from all different eras popping up.

[Round-up] So you’ve decided to delete Instagram?

The news that Facebook has acquired Instagram has probably reached everyone and their grandma by now and if you're one of those people who like to...
Invisible Bread

Featured Artist | Justin Boyd – Invisible Bread

Here's the first post of something I hope becomes a regular thing. I'm a big fan of digital art, street art, web comics, and...

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