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the indie fix 2

The Indie Fix: Project Explosion

Project Explosion is a neat little game that shows off a polished physics engine and some well animated explosions. The ride might be short, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great time.

Interview: Super Evil Megacorp on Vainglory and the Past Year

Mobile MOBA game Vainglory celebrated its first year anniversary earlier this year, and what a year it has been. A game which hoped to break the mould when it comes to mobile games has not only done that, but it's smashed it to smithereens with the insane success this core multiplayer game has brought to mobile.

Another Facebook Hoax has Helped me Weed Out the Idiots…

I'm sorry for being so blunt, but it's true. Over the past couple of days I've noticed an increasing number of Facebook users sharing something which is utterly ridiculous. Apparently if you share it, Facebook won't charge you £5.99 (yep, GBP) to make your posts private.
DW – Four Doctors 2b

Comic Book Review: Doctor Who – The Four Doctors

The Doctor has encountered a huge threat to existence, this time, it's going to need more than one Doctor to make things right, but who could be pulling the strings of evil this time?

n3rdabl3 Forecast

Welcome to the n3rdabl3 forecast, a round up of the next few week's biggest releases in the world of video games, movies and comic books.

n3 Retro Gift Guide 2017: Nintendo Handhelds

Ah, the holidays: the time of year when you're making up a list (and maybe checking it twice) for yourself and for your friends...

Top 5 Moments In Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

Captain America: Civil War is definitely a VERY highly anticipated film this year. The third instalment in the Captain America franchise will show fan-favourites going head-to-head in what can be summed as "Team Iron Man vs Team Captain America" - basically, it's a superhero showdown of epic proportions. And now, fans have been treated to the second official - and we've got the best moments picked out for you!

So What Could Nintendo’s ‘Codename NX’ Really Be?

Earlier today Nintendo revealed that they were in fact working on a new "dedicated video game system," soon after they revealed a partnership between Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA, in order to bring Nintendo IP and characters to mobile.
Trust: The Cause of Identity Theft

Infographic | Trust: The Cause of Identity Theft

There is nothing wrong with trusting in itself and as long as the person receiving that trust is in fact trustworthy; however, trust the...

6 Iconic Weapons in Video Games

Games get popular for various things like a great story, top-notch graphics, a kick-ass soundtrack or a really fun battle system. And sometimes, games...
Video Game Documentaries

Two Video Game Documentaries You HAVE To Watch.

There's a few things I love in life and that's Video Games, Music, and Movies. Video Games and Music come hand in hand with some amazing sound tracks coming from some truly great games, what you don't hear about very often are video game documentaries, there's a fair few out there, but I'm going to write about just two.

Celtic Heroes Interview, Creating a Massive MMORPG in your Pocket

Celtic Heroes is an ambitious idea that executes itself really well to cater for both the casual mobile gamer and those who can burn...
Iron man armours

Iron Man armour Tony Stark should have

Iron Man has a lot of armours. But there are a lot of bad guys out their and that one size fits all armour can't always win the day.

Cue armours like the Hulkbuster armour, a huge suit designed for battle the Hulk.

So here's a couple ideas I had for armours Iron Man could have a use for.
n3rdabl3 at evo 2017

n3rdabl3’s Evo 2017 Wrap Up – Part 1: The Floor

The Evolution Championship Series (hereby referred to as Evo) is the largest, most prestigious fighting game tournament in the world, as the commercials would...

Will Buying Google Glass Make me a Wanker?

'I can't believe you used our conversation as a feature for n3rdabl3,' she says. 'Why?' I ask. 'That's wholly in character for me. I'm...

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