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The Dark Knight

How the Dark Knight Rises Made Batman Games Popular Again

For many children, the character Batman is a part of their earliest memories. They watched the television cartoon on Saturday mornings, poured over Batman comics and watched the...
Fiber Optics

I Spent Six Months with 1Gbps Fibre and it was Fantastic,...

Around 15 years ago the ability to have 1Mbps Broadband was a luxury which allowed us to browse the world wide web with ease. As the Internet has evolved, so has our need for speedier Broadband. Now, fibre optic broadband is the big thing and while some companies offering 100Mbps, other companies have their sights set on something a little faster: 1000Mbps.
The Indie Fix

The Indie Fix | Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition

Welcome back to The Indie Fix! This week we're taking a look at the critically acclaimed RPG Baldurs Gate...

A Brief History of Ultimate Venom

Yes, it's Venom to the extreme!!!! No, just kidding. Whenever you see the word of Ultimate in front of a Marvel characters name it usually means their part of a shared continuity called the Ultimate universe.
luigi bumble v

Will Luigi’s Bumble V Kart Be Your New Car?

Have you ever found yourself with a silly amount of money and thought "the best thing I could possibly buy with this ridiculous amount of money is a life size Luigi bumble V kart", no? Oh..

n3rdabl3’s Holiday Gift Guide: For the sports n3rd

Doing some last minute Christmas shopping for a fitness-crazed loved one? Whether you need some simple stocking fillers or are still looking for that main piece to put under the tree the gifts on this Christmas gift guide are sure to please any sporty n3rd!

Why I’m NOT hyped About The New Halloween Reboot

Don't worry, society is not rebooting the cultural event that happens at the end of October... I'm talking about the latest addition to the slasher franchise and why I'm really not that hyped.

Infographic | Smartphone Users by the Numbers

2012 has been a big year for Smartphones with the release of Android Jelly Bean, the iPhone 5, and Windows Mobile 8. The growth...

Are Traditional Comics Dead?

The transition has been occurring for quite some time, but with the hype in superhero media, specifically in the Avengers movies and with the latest Captain America: Civil War movie, the digital comic has come back to center stage. And where I have no qualms with the digital delivery system, I do have some reservations on whether or not Marvel and DC should shift its attentions to digital first and print second. As both Marvel and DC comics move their artistry to a digital format, it is undoubtable that other companies will follow suite. This new paradigm for the comic book industry raises the question “Are traditional comics dead?”

Connecticon XVII: A Retrospective on Childhood Horror

Connecticon, although originally conceived as an anime convention, is now a catch-all for all types of media and nerdy goodness for fans to enjoy....

War: Never Been So Much Fun – The Best War Games...

War is a subject that many developers deem to be a perfect prospect for the basis of an exciting game. I can't argue that...

Futurama has the Best Christmas Special Ever

I have mixed feelings about Christmas, but I sure do love Futurama. A bit of Bender and Zoidberg tends to help make any situation...

Pokmon Red, Blue, and Yellow Play Completely Differently to Later Titles

If you haven't heard, Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow have launched on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console as downloadable titles. These games are completely unchanged from their original releases on the Gameboy but The Pokémon Company have adapted the games so that you can wirelessly trade and battle between different copies of the game. Nintendo has even announced that you will be able to send your Pokemon into the 7th generation when Pokémon Sun and Moon come out!

Pokémon Duel is Overly Complicated, but it Doesn’t have to be

Pokémon Duel stealth launched on the App Store last week and surprised many Pokémon fans, however, unlike Pokémon Go, Duel isn't quite getting the same 1,000 degree reception, but why?

What to Expect from E3 2015

This year's event is probably going to be the longest one, at least for announcements, with Bethesda kicking off the show early on Sunday evening (or early Monday morning for us UK folk) and media briefings stretching out until Tuesday afternoon (or Tuesday evening for us). So we've decided to take a look at all things E3 this year to hopefully offer you some insight as to what to expect during this week-long event.

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