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The latest interviews by n3rdabl3 with various game developers, industry veterans, actors and actresses, and more.
habbo hotel

Interview: 15 Years of Habbo Hotel

In the year 2000 a little online chat experienced launched which personally changed my life, that experience was Habbo Hotel, and now it's turning 15 years old. We caught up with Sulake, the creator of the teen-focussed MMO to talk about some of the changes over the years.

Big Cake Games Interview: Developing Cold Horizon

Last week, we let you know about an upcoming indie title, Cold Horizon. I'm pretty excited by this game - I love the painterly, hand-drawn style, and I found the story quite compelling. Earlier today, developer Big Cake Games released a new teaser trailer, and to coincide with that, I spoke to the team about the game, their inspiration and biggest challenges.

TINT Interview: “People Trust People More Than They Trust Brands”

TINT, a global technologies platform that collects, moderates, and curates social content from across various different social mediums, which can be displayed just about anywhere, has officially launched in Europe. Originally based in San-Francisco, the company has around 45,000 clients globally, and will run regional operations from London, lead by the recently appointed European Director, Stuart Thompson. We recently spoke with Thompson about the TINT platform and the movie into Europe, and he explained a little more about what the company hopes to achieve.
Idol Hands Logo

Idol Hands Interview: Play God and Wreak Havoc

This week I had the pleasure to try out Idol Hands. The game, made by Pocket Games and Green Man Gaming, is a strategy...
Block N Load_Screen_08

Interview: Jagex Talks Block N Load, Ace of Spaces, and the...

Jagex are probably best known for their free-to-play, browser based RPG, RuneScape, but more recently they announced Block N Load, a multiplayer shooter that pits teams of five against eachother in a genre bending game that blends fast paced first person shooter and melee action with a sort of block building tower defence game. Block N Load entered closed beta earlier this month and we caught up with Vice President of Block N Load, David Solari, to chat about the game, and how they took the concept of Ace of Spaces and turned it on its head.

Celtic Heroes Interview, Creating a Massive MMORPG in your Pocket

Celtic Heroes is an ambitious idea that executes itself really well to cater for both the casual mobile gamer and those who can burn...
Hollywood Music in Media Awards

Interview: Winifred Phillips, Composer of Award Winning Song for LittleBigPlanet 3

The Hollywood Music in Media Awards were recently announced, and we spoke to Winifred Phillips, who was the winner for Best Song for a...

Interview: Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm, An Anderson Legacy.

It's been almost 2 years since Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson sadly passed away. When I spoke to his son, Jamie after his passing he...

Interview: What Is Boogio? We Ask the Co-founder and CEO of...

We here at n3rdabl3 are always interested in new technology. Recently we had a chance to talk to Jose Torres the co founder and CEO...

Interview: Phase App Hopes to Match you With Other Players for...

Here are n3rdabl3 we are always looking for new great apps and inventions that are available. We were recently able to talk with Ryan Cooke from Phase a new app that will help gamers come together for multiplayer games including the recently released Destiny which offers massive raids which require you to join up to five friends who also own the game. But what if you don't have five friends? Well Phase is the answer.

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