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n3rdabl3 is full of music lovers and here you'll find the latest features on music, from instruments to bands, album reviews, and more.
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Music Corner: Celebrating 40 Years of Boss Effects Pedals

I received my first instrument back in 2002. It was a Tanglewood Fender P-style bass guitar that'd been some how hidden from me until Christmas morning. Music has always been a big part of my life and learning to play an instrument was just an extension of of that love, however not everyone in my household was a fan of me plucking the low-end.

Music Corner: An Endless Sporadic – Magic Machine (Album Review)

Upon hearing "Sky Run" by An Endless Sporadic, I've wanted to tell the world about my new discovery: a band which somehow manages to squeeze in almost every instrument imaginable into their one album, including "Hand­Hammered Lasagna Warming Trays".

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