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Stargate Universe

Four Things That Could Fix Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe was the third live-action TV show in the franchise's history and it could be argued that its lukewarm reception lead to the show and franchise being put on ice. When I say ice, I mean literally in terms of storytelling. Though before we get to that, we need to go back the beginning.

Opinion: PUBG – Literally the Worst?

So. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a pretty hot topic right now. Everyone's talking about the game for all kinds of reasons, good and...

Why we Support Replacing the ‘Mona Lisa’ with a Still From...

We know this sounds like heresy. It's important to honor art history and the Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings the Western world has to offer. But isn't it time for a little change?

Why I like Batman Gotham Knight

In the wake of DC announcing a Batman-themed anime movie which mashes up the style of Batman with the style of Afro Samurai, but what if I told you this wasn't the Dark Knights first foray in anime?

Five Rangers I want to see in Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid is going to see every Power Ranger since the early 90s team up to fight a bigger threat. So imagine an Avengers movie but with more robots and primary colours.

Six New Worlds That Could Premiere in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for a while now, and it has been teased that in 2018, they will finally be getting it. A couple trailers have already come out, which show off new moves, attacks, summons, characters, and even a couple new worlds in the form of Toy Story, Big Hero 6, and Tangled levels.

4 Reasons Why Terra Mystica: Gaia Project is an Upgrade

Gaia Project is the newly released "spiritual successor" to Terra Mystica. The designers did not hide the fact that it was going to be a new and improved version of their highly ranked original game. They made "Terra Mystica" in space and the hype has been very real. Now that it's out, just how improved is it? Short answer? Tons. Long answer?

5 Characters I’d like to see the Spider-verse Movie

Fingers crossed these Spider-folks sling into the movie next year!

Fortnite’s 50 versus 50 Battle Royale Has a Problem…

Fortnite publisher and developer Epic Games has done a pretty good job so far of offering a casual battle royale game which, admittedly, is more fun than some of the other big hitters out there. They've also managed to leverage some of Fortnite's mechanics to create a pretty stand-out experience.

Why From’s Newest Teaser Is Most Likely Bloodborne 2

During the pre-show at the 2017 Game Awards last night, From Software released a 20 second teaser trailer for a new upcoming game. Within...

Round Two For Smash Bros. Melee?

A little over a month ago it was discovered that Gamecube controller support had come to the Nintendo Switch. Fans around the world rejoiced with...

Our Top 3 Games from BGG.CON 2017

BGG.CON is currently underway and there are a ton of weird and wonderful board games available to all attendees. But if you can't see...

Opinion: Xbox One X and PS4 Pro – Who the F*ck...

With the release of Microsoft's Xbox One X rapidly approaching, reviews or "previews" are developing, and it makes you ask the question "just who...

A Glowing Example of Why Pre-Order Betas are Terrible

Once again Activision continued its trend of encouraging players to pre-order Call of Duty by offering guaranteed access to a beta ahead of the...

Entering a Pokémon TCG Tournament for the First Time

In just two days the next Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon expansion is set to hit store shelves and last month we had a...

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