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Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are 4K ready, but does it...

Both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that their next generation consoles are in fact 4K ready. For those of you unsure what 4K actually means; It's the latest resolution in high-definition televisions. The current 4K resolutions are anything from 3840 × 2160 to 4096 × 3112, this is sometimes also known as Ultra HD.

I recently read an article on Stuff.tv titled Sony PS4 vs Xbox One: the 4K war begins and though it provides a positive argument as to why it should matter; to me personally it doesn't. I'm happy with my 1080p HD TV which doesn't actually put out any HD TV, the reason for this? I'm not the biggest HD fan, it makes my eyes sting, and it just doesn't make that much difference to me.

Shut up About the EE Power Bar “Hidden” Charge…

This weekend my Twitter and Facebook feeds were awash with people complaining to one of the UK's biggest networks, EE, over the supposed "hidden" charge and contract that users were getting into when they acquired their "free" portable battery charger.
broken controller

Why I’m on the Verge of Giving Up Gaming for Good

As a gamer of the Atari and Commodore generation, I find it increasingly difficult to maintain my interest in gaming. Yes, this may be another rant that will be classed as self-entitlement from the subset of new gamers that are used to and accepting of the concept of day one DLC, pre-order content and 'rewards' for ploughing cash into online stores, mobile devices and basically, gambling away your money in the hope that the game you purchase might just be worth it all.
save the children

The Humble Weekly Bundle: Do Not Support PewDiePie, Support the Charity.

It appears that the Humble Indie Bundle people have brought back PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) to host the most recent weekly bundle, which goes to support Save the Children. Felix utilises his astonishing 25 million subscriber base to try bring in crazy figures and sales, all of which goes to the charity.

Activision is Going Old School, and I’m Not Complaining

With a new Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on the horizon, this year looks to be a fantastic year for Activision releases. It seems they've taken a look back a decade or so to see what was doing well, and just like fashion trends, are hoping to bring it around once more to not only capture a new audience, but to hopefully spark some nostaliga in fans of the publishers series from well over a decade ago, and for once I'm actually pretty excited by an older series making a return.

Who Should Play Captain Marvel?

With Captain Marvel announced and names up in the air over the leading role and the director, who may or may not be Angelina...

Parallel Politics

How to fix the UK General election with comics!

Android M.. What Dessert Could it be This Time?

Ever since Android 1.6 Google has been naming their Android builds after delicious sweet treats. It began with 'C' with the delicious Cupcake, going through the alphabet up until last year when Android Lollipop was unveiled. Now however with word that at Google I/O this year Google will be discussing Android M, we've taken a few guesses here at n3 to decide what Google might be thinking of next.

Sony PS Vita vs. Nintendo 3DS XL Which One Should you...

If you're looking for a decent hand-held gaming system this Christmas but are unsure whether to grab Nintendo's 3DS XL or Sony's PS Vita then this (hopefully) non-biased article will help you decide which one to ask Santa for this Christmas.

So What Could Nintendo’s ‘Codename NX’ Really Be?

Earlier today Nintendo revealed that they were in fact working on a new "dedicated video game system," soon after they revealed a partnership between Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA, in order to bring Nintendo IP and characters to mobile.
nintendo splatoon

Splatoon Global Testfire was a Disaster, but was it an Accident?

On Saturday, May 22 at 11PM UK time, the world gathered together to play the final open beta test session for Nintendo's upcoming multiplayer shooter, Splatoon. The previous Testfire had three separate sessions each at times best suited for different regions, but this one was set at a time so many could jump on at the same time. It was a way for Nintendo to really stress test their server, but it all went a little pear shaped.. but was that Nintendo's intention?
apple music

Opinion: Apple Music Will Succeed Regardless Whether it’s Good or not

The thing about Apple products is that they have some sort of heavenly aura about them. No matter what the product is; even if it's a slight improvement over a last generation device, or overall offers little in the way of innovation, the crown will come flocking. Look at the Apple Watch for example. The device is hardly anything to write home about, in fact for what it is it's largely overpriced in comparison to what other smartwatch manufacturers have to offer, even for the basic model. But for some reason people went bat-shit crazy over the device.
LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds, is it a Minecraft Killer? Probably Not.

A few days ago Warner Bros. Interactive and LEGO announced and subsequently released LEGO Worlds on Steam as an Early Access title and it's immediately apparent this was released as a competitor and rival to the insanely popular Minecraft has taken the world by storm over the last few years. The big question a lot of people are asking is, will LEGO Worlds kill Minecraft?

Opinion: Are Last-gen Consoles on their Death Beds?

Let's face it, the previous generation seems to be coming to an end. Ubisoft have said they will no longer be developing games for PS3 or Xbox 360 (apart from the casual Just Dance series), and Call of Duty: Black Ops III will not be coming to last gen either, as far as we know right now. Could this be the beginning of the end for the PS3 and the Xbox 360? Firstly, let's look at the statistics.

Someone Please Explain Jem and the Holograms to me?

Maybe it is lazy journalism, but I've decided. Anyone who can explain Jem and The Holograms to me, shall impress for life. Why do I ask this? Well, the trailer for the movie has come out, and it's a little.. odd. I'm guessing the cartoon that came out in the 80's was like Voltron in the UK and just wasn't that popular for whatever reason.

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