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From Software Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Screenshot

Why Dark Souls is a Modern Masterpiece

Dark Souls, you only need to hear the title for gamers to recoil in fear or become delighted, it’s the marmite of modern games,...

Action Man is More Than Welcome as a Comic

"The Greatest Hero of Them All" is back! Action Man returned into our recent memory thanks to another IDW nostalgia-infused comic book which will tie into all the toys in the backyard event called "Revolution".
BBC News Lies

BBC's Grand Theft Auto V link Misleading and Potentially Inflammatory

"Man Stabbed 'Over Grand Theft Auto Game' " reads the shocking link. But the story itself paints a different picture.

Yes, a twenty three year old man was stabbed on his way home from the shops, where he just so happened to have bought GTA V. Yes, GTA V was stolen - but so too were his phone and his watch. So why not 'Man Stabbed 'Over his watch and his phone', which works just as well? Or how about 'Man Stabbed on Way Home from Shopping Trip?' or even not covering it at all.

Why 2000 was the Best Year for Gaming

When asked 'What is the BEST year in gaming', I stopped and listened to the years being thrown around, the arguments and reasons given...
call of duty advanced warfare 8

E3 2014: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, What I Think So...

After opening up the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was nailed into the minds of gamers around the world. Now...

Mario + ..? 6 Potential New Genres for Nintendo’s Mascot

Be honest... Who saw this coming? Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is actually an excellent game. It's also the crossover that no-one knew they needed...

Gears of War: Judgment On-Disc DLC.

I just wanted to do a short article about an issue that has surfaced about the new Gears' recently; Besides the title of the game being spelt wrong a new issue has surfaced about the new Gears of War which is that it has on-disc DLC...

Tokyo Court Rules In Favour Of Apple

Let's be honest, there's no shortage of legal battles in the tech world, commonly found at the forefront is Samsung and Apple scrapping like kids in a playground except with a hell of a lot more money than the £2.50 for lunch.
batman and robin

Bad Superhero Movies that Deserve Oscars

Earlier this week Suicide Squad won an Oscar, it was for best Make up and Hair Styling, so nothing too exciting, though I reckon there are a whole bunch of other bad superhero movies that could have a chance at an Oscar.

Josh’s idea for a Naruto movie

Because sometimes, people write fan fiction on all sorts of different websites.

Why I like Batman Gotham Knight

In the wake of DC announcing a Batman-themed anime movie which mashes up the style of Batman with the style of Afro Samurai, but what if I told you this wasn't the Dark Knights first foray in anime?

PUBG Corporation vs. Epic Games – What’s Likely to Happen?

Today (29 May) it was revealed that PUBG Corporation filed a lawsuit against Epic Games in January with the Seoul District Court in Korea. The lawsuit stems...

So I watched G-Saviour the live action Gundam movie…

So it's kind of like an early prototype for Pacific Rim...

A Noob’s Hands-On with Dark Souls 3

All right, I have something to admit - Until last week I'd never played a Souls game. Dark Souls is renowned for being one of the toughest gaming franchises, and that fact has always put me off. However, I was willing to enter Dark Souls 3 on a blank slate, to get immersed in the world which has spawned thousands of hardcore fans.
Filmmaker George Lucas meets “Star Wars”-inspired Disney characters at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

Why I’m Avoiding The Star Wars Weekend.

You either know what the Star Wars Weekend is, or you don't and if you do know what it is just sit there and don't say a word whilst I explain it to all the other padawan's. The Star Wars Weekend is held at Walt Disney World Orlando every year and is an event that causes a Galaxy Far, Far Away to come a lot closer. Providing you live in America. It's several weekends dedicated to the super franchise that is Star Wars and has been going on for a while now. There's special shows and events, new merchandise, guest appearances and a chance to see a bunch of Star Wars fans filled with glee even more so than just being at Disney World. Lovely...

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