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oculus rift

Does VR have a Future or is it a Fad?

So unless you live under a rock you'll be aware there are several Virtual Reality headsets currently in development among many companies in the gaming industry. We have the flagship Oculus Rift who have partnered with Microsoft, Sony's Project Morpheus, Valve is also making SteamVR with HTC, and also Starbreeze's appropriately named StarVR. These are all new VR headsets that have been announced in the past few years and could be a new way of experiencing games in the future. Or perhaps it could be another tombstone in the graveyard of failed peripherals, like Kinect or Playstation Move or anything else that was supposed to enhance the gaming experience.

What the Hell is Going on with Social Media?

I have no problems with the Tweeter. It's with the Tweet. The whole situation around the tweet. The attitude towards Tweets by those in the fame game.

Shut up About the EE Power Bar “Hidden” Charge…

This weekend my Twitter and Facebook feeds were awash with people complaining to one of the UK's biggest networks, EE, over the supposed "hidden" charge and contract that users were getting into when they acquired their "free" portable battery charger.
Project CARS

Is it Really too Soon for Project CARS 2?

Yesterday Slightly Mad Studios revealed that Project CARS 2 was now in development opening up their World of Mass Development portal once again for players to pledge to the creation of the game.

Everybody hates Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Now I personally haven't played any Metroid games, but have watched my husband play the entire franchise (except Pinball, which is still on his...

If Top Gear Became a Little Bit Geekier

So more Top Gear news has surfaced, some taking it better than others... So How about we geek it all up then? Taking something like Top Gear and just making it plain geeky.

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