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Everybody hates Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Now I personally haven't played any Metroid games, but have watched my husband play the entire franchise (except Pinball, which is still on his...

Tips, Tricks, and Must Have Apps for your New Chromebook.

So you're now the owner of a brand new Chromebook, a seemingly simple device that allows you to browse the web with ease, access all of your Google accounts at the click of a mouse, and not much else, right? Wrong. The Chromebook, if understood correctly, can be a fairly powerful device. In order to help you understand your Chromebook a little better and gain the most from your web-OS based device here are a few helpful hints as well as some apps that'll get you using your Chromebook to it's full potential.
Overwatch cover

Overwatch – Diversity and Sexualisation, a sign of better things to...

Blizzcon 2014 saw the announcement of Blizzard's first new intellectual property in 17 years; Overwatch a team based first person shooter. During the games Pixar-like cinematic and gameplay trailer we met a diverse range of characters from a chirpy British test pilot who can teleport all over the place, an Indian scientist who can build turrets and portals, an Egyptian with a flying suit of armour spewing rockets and a bespectacled Gorilla. All female...apart from the Gorilla...

My Experience on the GTA Online Vespucci Beach Party

Grand Theft Auto Online is always full of characters, it could be a single crazed gun man killing everyone on the map. It could be a bunch of players minding their own business, just having fun. It could be two people running around Los Santos, one in tiny shorts whilst the other looks on in disbelief, the possibilities are endless...
Chromebook Range

Microsoft’s anti-Chromebook ads miss the point of Google’s lightweight laptops

You may have seen some Microsoft adverts floating around the web recently that essentially laugh off Google Chromebooks, which are lightweight, and often budget, laptops that supposedly only work with an internet connection. Being a recent owner of a Chromebook these adverts seriously irritate me, not because Chromebooks are flawless, because they're not, but because what the adverts focus on aren't strictly true and Microsoft miss the chance to genuinely highlight the drawbacks of the Chromebook range and the Chrome OS that it runs...
nintendo splatoon

Splatoon Global Testfire was a Disaster, but was it an Accident?

On Saturday, May 22 at 11PM UK time, the world gathered together to play the final open beta test session for Nintendo's upcoming multiplayer shooter, Splatoon. The previous Testfire had three separate sessions each at times best suited for different regions, but this one was set at a time so many could jump on at the same time. It was a way for Nintendo to really stress test their server, but it all went a little pear shaped.. but was that Nintendo's intention?

Android M.. What Dessert Could it be This Time?

Ever since Android 1.6 Google has been naming their Android builds after delicious sweet treats. It began with 'C' with the delicious Cupcake, going through the alphabet up until last year when Android Lollipop was unveiled. Now however with word that at Google I/O this year Google will be discussing Android M, we've taken a few guesses here at n3 to decide what Google might be thinking of next.

If Top Gear Became a Little Bit Geekier

So more Top Gear news has surfaced, some taking it better than others... So How about we geek it all up then? Taking something like Top Gear and just making it plain geeky.
Project CARS

Is it Really too Soon for Project CARS 2?

Yesterday Slightly Mad Studios revealed that Project CARS 2 was now in development opening up their World of Mass Development portal once again for players to pledge to the creation of the game.

My thoughts on the Power Rangers comics

So if you haven't noticed, The Power Rangers are celebrating a 20 year anniversary and being 'slightly' interested the fandom of The Power Rangers I've noticed that the general criticism of the series is that it isn't mature enough. Of course you should expect this from a show that's aimed at kids and a show that is arguably made on a strict budget will not take creative risks.

Opinion: Why is Hatred Spawning Debates on Morals in Games?

The basis of the game is that you'll play a man who has had a breakdown of sorts, is sick of 'humanity' and decides to pick up a small arsenal and head out onto the streets to enact scenes of extreme violence with no ethics or morals involved. The character doesn't care who he kills, murdering anyone and everyone in his path, including civilians and police.

Do Games Need More Licenced Music?

It's few and far between that I notice a truly great soundtrack while playing my favourite games. Yes, we have some spectacular orchestral pieces from some of the top talent in the industry, but some games are missing the chance to add something a little extra to the experience. By that, I mean licenced tracks from top selling artists, or even up and coming bands that need a bit of exposure.
Phonebloks in-hand

Phonebloks may be the last smartphone you ever buy.

What if you could combine what you loved about every smartphone, customize the features you love, and upgrade to your infinite desire, without ever having to get an entirely new phone...
Nerd Rage

Nerd Rage – How Quickly we Become Sith

Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering...

Opinion: Are Last-gen Consoles on their Death Beds?

Let's face it, the previous generation seems to be coming to an end. Ubisoft have said they will no longer be developing games for PS3 or Xbox 360 (apart from the casual Just Dance series), and Call of Duty: Black Ops III will not be coming to last gen either, as far as we know right now. Could this be the beginning of the end for the PS3 and the Xbox 360? Firstly, let's look at the statistics.

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