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Who would be in the Japanese Justice League?

Part 1 of Warner Bros' Justice League is set to hit next month where DC's premier superhero team will have it's first big screen...
G.I. Joe Cobra Issue 1 Variant

G.I Joe should be a fighting game

Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs. Capcom, Street Fighter, Injustice, Dead or Alive and G.I Joe? You know what I'm on about right? The action figure line...
The Last Guardian

The 13 Most Frustrating Features in Games

In n3rdabl3’s podcast #16 (available on iTunes) we discussed our pet peeves in games. We’d like to think these features are universally loathed but...

Our Top 8 Favourite SourceFed Videos

Following the news that Discovery's Group Nine Media have shut down the SourceFed network, we decided to look back at some of our favourite SourceFed moments over the past few years.

Everybody hates Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Now I personally haven't played any Metroid games, but have watched my husband play the entire franchise (except Pinball, which is still on his...
Power Rangers Turbo

Here’s an Idea for a Power Rangers Turbo Movie

So, I mentioned a Power Rangers pitch. Now it's time to strap in, because it's time for another bedroom-dreamt-up fan fiction treatment pitch!

6 Things I Learned During My First Week of PUBG

Me and the entire world have been hearing a TON about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as of late, so I finally caved, jumped on to Early...

Why The Fantastic Four Reboot will Probably be Like The Amazing...

So just a couple hours prior to writing this, I went to see the Amazing Spider-man 2. This won't be a critical examination of...
EVO 2016

Why you Should be Watching EVO 2016

Since 2002,  the highest caliber of fighting games have met in Las Vegas to attend the Evolution Championship Series, or Evo. Maintaining a constant...

In Front of Every Great Photographer is a Great Camera

If there's one thing we can all agree on it's that photographs can say a thousand words. Whether it's snapshots taken whilst shopping or something you've spent a good few minutes trying to frame perfectly, every picture will have some sort of story behind it. Behind every good photograph there's usually a good photographer, but infront of that photographer is often a great Camera.
skyrim title

Opinion: Bad Voice Acting in Video Games is Good!

As someone who always appreciates a good laugh now and again, it always makes my ears prick up when I'm playing a game, no...
Blacksea Odyssey #4

Blacksea Odyssey Alpha First Impressions

I confess – this first impressions article is nearly a month late. After I wrote about Blacksea Odyssey a little while back, the team behind the game very kindly sent n3rdabl3 a link to their alpha demo, which unfortunately due to life's various bits and bobs I've been unable to try as of yet. My apologies for that, Team Blacksea Odyssey!

2014’s Rumoured New Phone Releases

Even though they might not be sitting under your Christmas tree just yet, thoughts are already turning to the shiny new phones that will be released in 2014. With competition between the major brands so high, it's a good time to be in the market for a new smartphone, and whether you're looking at pay monthly phones or pay-as-you-go, the choice will be dizzying.
Power Rangers 0

Who Could Replace the Power Rangers?

We can't be that far off a Power Rangers trailer for the movie that's coming out next year, but who could replace those Teenagers with Attitudes if they all got called away to a Peace Conference? Who could pick up those Morphers in their place?

Now, Aliens vs. X-Men is a Crossover That’d Work

We've had Batman vs. Superman, now it's probably time for X-Men vs. Aliens, but then again this is Fox, so I think the idea I'm about to share with you will probably remain a dizzy daydream.

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