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Could the PlayStation 4 Charge Us to Play Used Games?

When Sony confirmed that the next generation PlayStation will in fact play used games everyone joined together and celebrated a victory. What wasn't confirmed however was whether Sony will be adding DRM for used games.
Nerd Rage

Nerd Rage – How Quickly we Become Sith

Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering...

If video game violence makes kids violent…

Then Mario inspired a whole generation of kids to become plumbers. They saw plumbers in action. They played as plumbers. They lived, ate and leapt over sentient cacti as plumbers. They were told that if you become a plumber, you get to rescue the Princess and save the day, unless you're the younger brother in which case you do all the work whilst your tubby older brother, who's got to be like, one more of mamma's bologneses away from a major heart attack, screws the princess and tells you that you're adopted. Man, Mario was a dick...

Take a Super Look at Superman

So you might have guessed why I’m writing this article at this specific time. It could have something to do with Superman returning the big screen and what is hinted as being the start of the Justice League film continuity. It might have something to do with the initial good things people are hearing about the production so far. Or maybe it has something to do with it being the 75th anniversary of the character?
robot avengers

The Robot Avengers

Superheroes can be robots. But what if one day all robot kind had to band together to face a threat like no other? Or what if one day the Avengers were off world and someone needed to take their place?
Strip image

Why Some Comics Probably Don’t Get Their Pages Turned

It's pretty safe to say in the world of comic book publishing the superhero genre is pretty much on top. Of course their are tonnes of tried and tested genres; Horror (Creepy), Science Fiction (Transformers) and War (G.I Joe). One genre got me thinking about why maybe these genres aren't celebrating the almost blanket success of the superhero genre.

The North Korean Crisis: How it could affect our video games…

'Danger on the Korean Peninsula', 'nuclear war immanent', 'be ready for war'. These are just a few examples of headlines that have been at the...
Injustice: Gods Among Us

We Can’t Leave Injustice Up To Fate! Characters I Think Should...

So the Injustice: Gods Among Us release is closer than The Flash on the tale of a super villain. So before we let that event pass us in a Flash it's time for a list of characters that I think should be in the game or be considered for DLC.

OUYA? No thanks. 3 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Getting The...

From the moment the OUYA was announced and hit the crowd funding site Kickstater I felt that this was to good to be true. Sure, it’s nothing ground breaking or anything new but it’s a nice little product to fill a (small) gap in the market.

Gears of War: Judgment On-Disc DLC.

I just wanted to do a short article about an issue that has surfaced about the new Gears' recently; Besides the title of the game being spelt wrong a new issue has surfaced about the new Gears of War which is that it has on-disc DLC...
The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts

What Happened to The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts?

One thing I've learned from reading RSS feeds of pretty much every mainstream gaming website is that as soon as a game's release date is upon us a review post goes live. For some reason that didn't happen with Activisions latest game The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts. It's not that review copies weren't sent out because I received word from Activision that there was high demand for the game - so what happened?

musicMagpie – Recycling Your Old CD’s, Games, and Gadgets for Cash!

There are many services out there for people to recycle games and gadgets some are brick and mortar stores like Cash Converters, others are online services like musicMagpie. I've dealt with both of these services but this particular post is going to be about my experience with musicMagpie.
iPhone Page

Since When Did Advertising Become So Childish?

One thing I've noticed recently is how advertising - more specifically mobile advertising - is getting down right childish and adolescent? I've noticed it a lot before, during, and after the Galaxy S IV event, certain other phone companies have been launching advertising campaigns that don't really say much other than "mine's better than yours" - Have we gone back into primary school or something?
Budget pieces of Tech

Third-Party Products, A Cheap Solid Tech Alternative or a Monetary Black-Hole?

As a student and a lover of tech I often find myself in an awkward situation of wanting or needing new bits and pieces of technology however I just can't scrape together the funds to make purchasing products possible, luckily the internet is full of cheap alternatives but are these cheap "knock-offs" a viable alternative to higher priced products or a short term fix that doesn't work out in the long term?...
Microsoft Surface

Surface RT, four months on…

It’s been around four months now since Microsoft released the first product in their Surface family of PCs, the Surface RT tablet. Surface RT is a Tegra 3 powered tablet running Windows RT - a version of Windows 8 built for computers with ARM processors. If you’re not familiar with Surface RT you can read my original review here. So, four months on, what’s changed?

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