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Since When Did Advertising Become So Childish?

One thing I've noticed recently is how advertising - more specifically mobile advertising - is getting down right childish and adolescent? I've noticed it a lot before, during, and after the Galaxy S IV event, certain other phone companies have been launching advertising campaigns that don't really say much other than "mine's better than yours" - Have we gone back into primary school or something?
Budget pieces of Tech

Third-Party Products, A Cheap Solid Tech Alternative or a Monetary Black-Hole?

As a student and a lover of tech I often find myself in an awkward situation of wanting or needing new bits and pieces of technology however I just can't scrape together the funds to make purchasing products possible, luckily the internet is full of cheap alternatives but are these cheap "knock-offs" a viable alternative to higher priced products or a short term fix that doesn't work out in the long term?...
Microsoft Surface

Surface RT, four months on…

It’s been around four months now since Microsoft released the first product in their Surface family of PCs, the Surface RT tablet. Surface RT is a Tegra 3 powered tablet running Windows RT - a version of Windows 8 built for computers with ARM processors. If you’re not familiar with Surface RT you can read my original review here. So, four months on, what’s changed?
hacking article

Cheaters and Hackers in online gaming, Stop it!

I just want to do a short article of what is going on in the gaming community and yes I know that this subject has been in the opinion of plays for years but let me ask you something, if you are a PSN member or an Xbox Live member do you feel like a valued customer? Do you think that the enforcement teams do enough to stop this hackers and cheaters?

Have Video Games Started to Exclude Newcomers?

Take a look at the most popular games of this year and last year, you'll all notice that they're sequels to previous games of the same title. FarCry 3, Black Ops 2, HALO 4, Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3, Crysis 3, Resident Evil 6, Assassin's Creed III; they're all sequels, or a part of an existing title that require some knowledge of the previous to play the campaign. This got me thinking, are video games excluding newcomers?
Tiny Tiger

My Top 5 Favourite Video Game Bad Guys!

I play a lot of video games, and I'm very indecisive with regards to things like favourite moments, characters, weapons etc. But I'm proud to share with you my official top 5 video game bad guys of all time!

Free-to-Play Is It The Way to Go?

It's been reported that Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli aims to have Crytek fully commit to working on and releasing only AAA Free-to-Play titles within two to five years. The idea sounds great to me, with games like Crysis and Far Cry being such huge successes. I wouldn't mind playing the next instalment of Far Cry for free - who wouldn't?
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Should Steam Allow Users to “Re-Sell” Games After Completion?

Destructiod reported the other day that Valve is being sued by The Federation of German Consumer Organizations over Steam's terms of service stating it's refusal...

How To Run a Successful Kickstarter Campaign.

First off, I'd like to point out that this is just an opinion piece from someone who often browses Kickstarter as a consumer. Most...
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Tumblr Pin Feature Removed. I say “Good Riddance!”

The joy of browsing Tumblr was a short lived thing for me. Just like the few years I spent obsessing over how many Myspace...
Ubuntu Desktop Convergence

Could the Ubuntu Phone Be A Possible Contender Amongst iOS and...

It's quite clear that there's two dominating smartphone operating systems in the market currently and that's Apples iOS, and Google's Android operating system. Both of which...

The Best Robin for the Dark Knight Trilogy

So Christopher Nolan's trilogy has come to a triumphant end. So like with everything geek it'll probably be a while before a generally consensus...
Borderlands 2 Season Pass

The Season Pass, Are They Really Necessary?

Over the past few months I've began to notice the sudden influx of a certain phrase when it comes to video games and their...

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