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How I Think Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Came About…

So, I've just gotten in from watching Batman vs. Superman. I've been trying very hard to avoid reviews and spoilers. I've seen the rating it has on Rotten Tomatoes, but that's about it.

Overview of the Rusty Lake Series

Point and click adventure games are a rather strange creature still lingering on the great stage of the modern games industry.  By all rights, they should be condemned to the mausoleum of dead genres, alongside text adventures, religious educational games, and pornographic Tetris reskins.

PlayStation E3 2018 Preview and Predictions

We're 13 days from Sony's PlayStation E3 2018 conference and in years past Sony has put on jam-packed events, which I don't expect to be...
power rangers movie poster crop

Let’s Widely Speculate About The Power Rangers Movie

The upcoming Power Rangers flick has a release date and all of the new Power Rangers are on their swanky looking new Zords, so now is the time for wide crazy fan theories about the upcoming movie.

Nintendo. Are They Failing?

Nintendo have had almost a year's head start in the next-gen console race but some people seem to think that they are not going to make it to 2014 due to sparse software line up (which is picking up slowly but surely) and lack of third party support. Take a look at the next gen line up of games for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, they're releasing games that you have already played or own on the 360 or PS3 (exactly what the Wii U did last year) but with a couple of exclusives and games that are out on the 360 and PlayStation 3 already.

The Folks Behind Suicide Squad Should have Done a Young Justice...

Will it be strike three for Warner Brothers with the Suicide Squad? Let's face it, Man of Steel was a bit of a swing and a miss and Batman vs. Superman joined the same list, and logic would sadly dictate that the Suicide Squad will be too.
fantastic four

One Way we Could Save the Fantastic Four

"Strike 3 and you're out" is something I would never like to say to The Thing because I just like keeping my face intact... Though the baseball gag does sum up The Fantastic Four franchise.

5 Characters I’d like to see the Spider-verse Movie

Fingers crossed these Spider-folks sling into the movie next year!

Is It Time To Worry About Red Dead Redemption 2’s Release?

It's not a surprise nowadays to see a game get delayed, even pushed back multiple times. We should almost consider any release date these...

Recommended First-Stops at EGX Rezzed

In exactly a week the Tobacco Docks in London will be awash with nerds looking to get their hands on some of the best upcoming indie and PC games coming on the market in the next year or so. However all these games can often be quite overwhelming, where do you start? Well, we've got a few suggestions.

So How Could Sony Create their own Superhero?

Following on from my last post, how would Sony go around creating their own superhero property? Well based on the current conventions of blockbusters and a little-educated guessing, I think I could piece together a rough idea of how that could go.
apple music

Music Streaming Service Exclusives Aren’t Doing the Industry any Favours

Now music streaming services are becoming increasingly popular, thanks in-part to the launch of Apple Music as well as Spotify's free tier, there's evidence that music piracy is on the decline. But a new trend has begun in the past week or so, and that trend is artists launching, or planning to launch, their next big albums exclusive to certain streaming services, something I personally believe isn't going to do the industry any favours.

Opinion: Assassin’s Creed – Where I Want to go Next

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has become one of Ubisoft’s most successful series' to date. With settings ranging from a crusade ravaged Jerusalem to A...

My Thoughts on the iPhone 5C

Since the rumours began circulating hinting at a "cheaper" iPhone the Apple fanboy that I thought I had buried deep inside of me started thumping on the coffin. The reason I fell out of love with Apple was due to the blatant disregard for their older handsets, sure they kept them updated for as long as possible but these updates made the older handsets sluggish and impossible to use.

The day my iPhone 3G fell face first on the most uneven driveway I've ever seen was a brilliant day for me, it gave me the chance to try something new this is when I went over to Android and remained there ever since but there's always been an Apple shaped void, be it a small one, it's always been there. Now Apple have announced the iPhone 5C is it the handset I've been looking for?

Opinion: Either Nintendo have Something Wrong with Their Amiibo Production Line,...

There's something fishy about the way Nintendo are handling the release of their NFC Amiibo figures. Not only have they launched with a ridiculously small product line with many stores having to cancel pre-orders due to stock shortages, but an almost silly amount of figures have come with incorrect hands, defects, missing limbs, and more. Because of that, this question has been playing on my mind since launch: Has Nintendo seriously underestimated the demand for Amiibo causing them to rush production, or are Nintendo marketing geniuses purposely launching little stock to create overwhelming demand, and are they purposely releasing defective figures purposely to make the news when one of them sells on eBay for thousands?

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