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4 Reasons Why Terra Mystica: Gaia Project is an Upgrade

Gaia Project is the newly released "spiritual successor" to Terra Mystica. The designers did not hide the fact that it was going to be a new and improved version of their highly ranked original game. They made "Terra Mystica" in space and the hype has been very real. Now that it's out, just how improved is it? Short answer? Tons. Long answer?

Predicted Trends of 2016

2015 was a fantastic year for gaming, technology and all things nerdy. We saw the much loved Star Wars franchise re-imagined, re-invigorated and re-packaged...
From Software Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Screenshot

Why Dark Souls is a Modern Masterpiece

Dark Souls, you only need to hear the title for gamers to recoil in fear or become delighted, it’s the marmite of modern games,...
call of duty advanced warfare 8

E3 2014: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, What I Think So...

After opening up the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was nailed into the minds of gamers around the world. Now...
rez infinite 2

Rez Infinite: A Love Letter

Over the years, games come and go. Beloved consoles are replaced by shiny new versions boasting flashy new graphics and updated app support. But in spite of the fast pace at which we consume this oh so special form of media, some experiences just stick with us.
oculus rift

Does VR have a Future or is it a Fad?

So unless you live under a rock you'll be aware there are several Virtual Reality headsets currently in development among many companies in the gaming industry. We have the flagship Oculus Rift who have partnered with Microsoft, Sony's Project Morpheus, Valve is also making SteamVR with HTC, and also Starbreeze's appropriately named StarVR. These are all new VR headsets that have been announced in the past few years and could be a new way of experiencing games in the future. Or perhaps it could be another tombstone in the graveyard of failed peripherals, like Kinect or Playstation Move or anything else that was supposed to enhance the gaming experience.
Crytek Logo

Crytek’s Trouble Might Be Their Own Doing

There’s rumours currently circulating around the internet that Crytek might not be in such a hot position. You know the usual lines of an over-abundance of people, projects and games just failing to capture any momentum - critical or commercial - and an engine that is seemingly underused.

Six New Worlds That Could Premiere in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for a while now, and it has been teased that in 2018, they will finally be getting it. A couple trailers have already come out, which show off new moves, attacks, summons, characters, and even a couple new worlds in the form of Toy Story, Big Hero 6, and Tangled levels.
the witness 4

The Witness Pre-Orders Go Live… Hey Look at the Price

Something odd happened yesterday... Pre-orders for Jonathan Blow's upcoming indie puzzler, The Witness, launched and while that in itself isn't unusual, all of the headlines reporting the news had a keen focus on the price... but why?

Why I like Batman Gotham Knight

In the wake of DC announcing a Batman-themed anime movie which mashes up the style of Batman with the style of Afro Samurai, but what if I told you this wasn't the Dark Knights first foray in anime?

Opinion: How Google’s Inbox Made me Care Even Less About my...

As soon as Google announced Inbox, it's brand new service which supposedly works in tandem with Gmail, I popped an email over to [email protected] to request an invite. It wasn't long before I received a reply and hopped right into organising my emails like never before. There was only one problem. Inbox actually made me realise how much I don't care for my personal email accounts..

Five Rangers I want to see in Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid is going to see every Power Ranger since the early 90s team up to fight a bigger threat. So imagine an Avengers movie but with more robots and primary colours.

Year in Review: Games I Wish I’d Played in 2016

2016 was a cracking year for videogames - I only wish I had time to play all of them. Here are a few I've failed to find time to appreciate.
Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 17

What Did We Learn From The Last Jedi Teaser?

The Last Jedi trailer came out earlier today during the panel at Star Wars Celebration. And justifiably everyone has lost their shit. But...

Opinion: Destiny 2’s Newest DLC is a Giant Disappointment and why...

Honestly, I have found it hard to convince myself that purchasing the Warmind expansion for Destiny 2 would be worth while. After the steaming...

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