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Talking Animals in Film and TV: The Good and The Bad

I love films. I love animals. I love movies with animals. So why not have a little ‘best of the animal films’ session. Watching...

Overview of the Rusty Lake Series

Point and click adventure games are a rather strange creature still lingering on the great stage of the modern games industry.  By all rights, they should be condemned to the mausoleum of dead genres, alongside text adventures, religious educational games, and pornographic Tetris reskins.

Including Diversity in Amazon’s Middle Earth Series

With Amazon’s new Middle Earth based television series on the distant horizon of at least 2020, a question that pervades online discussion on the...

RWX 2018: Impressive For Any Era

From September 8 through September 9, Retro World Expo (RWX 2018) ran for its fourth year in Hartford, Connecticut, attracting about 5000 attendees altogether. This...

What a Live-Action ‘Rugrats’ Movie Could Look Like

Recently, we heard the official confirmation that original Nicktoons Rugrats is being revived as a series. It makes sense: it ran for 14 years, it had a couple of spin-offs, and it even had theatrically-released movies.

Why I’m NOT hyped About The New Halloween Reboot

Don't worry, society is not rebooting the cultural event that happens at the end of October... I'm talking about the latest addition to the slasher franchise and why I'm really not that hyped.

Sony’s Stance on Cross-Network Play is all About Business

Sony's stance on cross-network play has received a fair bit of backlash as of late, especially recently when players discovered that Epic Games accounts previously linked to PSN accounts could not access Fortnite on Nintendo Switch.

Everything Else at E3 2018 – Predictions

E3 press conferences kick off this Saturday. Exciting, isn't it? Well, I'm excited. I left a lot of third party titles off my previous predictions...

Nintendo E3 2018 Preview and Predictions

Thankfully, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company went ahead and announced their plans for the Switch games already so they didn't ruin this article immediately like...

PUBG Corporation vs. Epic Games – What’s Likely to Happen?

Today (29 May) it was revealed that PUBG Corporation filed a lawsuit against Epic Games in January with the Seoul District Court in Korea. The lawsuit stems...

PlayStation E3 2018 Preview and Predictions

We're 13 days from Sony's PlayStation E3 2018 conference and in years past Sony has put on jam-packed events, which I don't expect to be...

Xbox E3 2018 Preview and Predictions

When you compare the Xbox press conferences to PlayStation and Nintendo, I think most people would put Xbox in third for the last few years. While they have had some great shows and big announcements, they've always seemed to be less flashy or immediately exciting and fan pleasing.

EA E3 2018 Preview and Predictions

EA will have the first press conference of E3 2018, as they have had in years past and just like last year, I think we know a good bit of what they'll have for us at the show with some surprises. The bulk of this conference will be centered around Battlefield V and Anthem, plus the sports games sprinkled in. Maybe some loot boxes, too.

Ubisoft E3 2018 Preview and Predictions

I've loved a lot of what Ubisoft has done over the last few years and I personally think they've been killing it with just about every title they pump out. Even when they have missteps, Ubisoft has shown it can recover and turn lemons into lemonade. Except for For Honor, that was one lemon no one bothered salvaging.

Bethesda E3 2018 Preview and Predictions

It's E3 season! Which means it's time to look at the major publishers and speculate what they'll have for us at the big show. Each week leading up to E3 I will have two preview and prediction articles for you that compile different rumors and news across the internet to make worthwhile guesses on what we will see at each press conference and more.

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