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True Detective: A Season Summary

This post contains True Detective spoilers. If you haven’t watched the series yet, then what the hell are you doing here? Go. Watch. It. Then come back here and read this, because it contains spoilers, and I’d hate to spoil something this great for you.

Capcom Shunts ‘Oldies’ Into an Early Grave To Sell Resident Evil...

Capcom have obviously aimed their new White Paper at investors, outlining their plans for the series and why they should throw money at the rapidly flagging franchise of 'survival horror' games. Unfortunately they seem to be sticking a middle finger up to long time Resi fans while doing so... Not exactly the first time Capcom have alienated their fan-base.

Should I Go Back To – Skyrim?

It's that time of year again, the pre-E3 games drought is upon us and there's barely a game release to keep us going in this time of dire need. Okay, perhaps that's something of a stretch, there are titles coming and no doubt most of us have one game from the past three months peering over our shoulder.

Resident Evil: Survival Horror to Horrific Survival

After a whole fortnight of playing Resident Evil games, I decided to put my thoughts down on the progression of the franchise. This is merely my opinion and after speaking to friends and family alike, most are in the same frame of mind when it comes to the changes in the series.

‘Gwen’ is Gwen Stacey Coming Back to Spider-man?

The Gwen Stacey thing is a weird one. It's mostly weird because of comics and the studio system. One of the things people really like about the Amazing Spider-man reboot movies, was Emma Stones portrayal of Gwen Stacey. Stone portrayed the character really well and was a fairly bad ass love interest. The issue with this of course is that Gwen dies in the comics and this scenario has been emulated in the films.
The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts

What Happened to The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts?

One thing I've learned from reading RSS feeds of pretty much every mainstream gaming website is that as soon as a game's release date is upon us a review post goes live. For some reason that didn't happen with Activisions latest game The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts. It's not that review copies weren't sent out because I received word from Activision that there was high demand for the game - so what happened?

Can the Indies save the PS Vita?

It's coming up on two years since the release of the PS Vita and on the whole, as a Vita owner myself, its been quite lacklustre in its content. Ragnarok Odyssey was naff. Resistance: Burning Skies was fun but after one play through and with so-so multiplayer it lost appeal quickly. Rayman Origins was an incredible port but sadly not large enough to make it a killer app. WipeOut was great fun especially upon the arrival of the crossing with PS3 to bring the tracks from HD and Fury onto our tiny little screens. Even Soul Sacrifice which was tipped as being the Monster Hunter for the Vita was amazingly good but didn't garner enough interest to emulate the success of the PSP, the DS or even the Gameboy before it.

Opinion: Music in Music Games; Are we not Tired of the...

With this year seeing the return of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the musical video game genre is back on the rise, and while Rock Band seems to be sticking with the same formula allowing for backwards compatibility, Guitar Hero is heading down the innovative route hoping to woo players with a new control system and overall concept. All this is well and good for fans of either franchise, but there's just one thing that's ticking me off a little. I'm getting sick of the same old songs being added to the games.
Where are the dinosaurs

Where Have all the Dinosaur Games Gone?

Dinosaurs have been exciting the minds of people around the world over a century, perhaps closer to  millennia if you prescribe to the theory...
apple music

Opinion: Apple Music Will Succeed Regardless Whether it’s Good or not

The thing about Apple products is that they have some sort of heavenly aura about them. No matter what the product is; even if it's a slight improvement over a last generation device, or overall offers little in the way of innovation, the crown will come flocking. Look at the Apple Watch for example. The device is hardly anything to write home about, in fact for what it is it's largely overpriced in comparison to what other smartwatch manufacturers have to offer, even for the basic model. But for some reason people went bat-shit crazy over the device.

musicMagpie – Recycling Your Old CD’s, Games, and Gadgets for Cash!

There are many services out there for people to recycle games and gadgets some are brick and mortar stores like Cash Converters, others are online services like musicMagpie. I've dealt with both of these services but this particular post is going to be about my experience with musicMagpie.
flappy bird ios

I Hate Flappy Bird, But I Can’t Stop Playing It.

It's rare that a game so frustrating will have me wanting to stop work and play it over and over again just to get even more frustrated and close to throwing my phone through the wall. Currently that game is Flappy Bird, a game that seems to have shot to the top of every app store out of nowhere and is filling our social feeds with peoples impossible scores.
Ubuntu Desktop Convergence

Could the Ubuntu Phone Be A Possible Contender Amongst iOS and...

It's quite clear that there's two dominating smartphone operating systems in the market currently and that's Apples iOS, and Google's Android operating system. Both of which...
Adam Sessler

An Open Letter to Adam Sessler

My slightly creepy, but honest letter to Adam Sessler.
Grand Theft Auto 5

Opinion: Moral Panic Prevails as Grand Theft Auto 5 is Pulled...

Last week I was browsing my Facebook feed and I noticed a friend had posted about a Change.org petition calling for Target to remove...

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